The Wrong Type of Obsession

17 Molly’s Party

17: Molly’s Party


Saturday morning, Bailey woke with Tyler’s head on his chest and his semi-erect cock pressed into his hip. Bailey scooted out from under Tyler only to crawl down the bed so that his mouth lined up with his brother’s cock. His hot breath fanned over the wide head. The thing twitched and grew. He teased the soft skin of the mushroom tip with his tongue. A bead formed at the crown. Being bold, Bailey flicked the bead and smacked his lips at the taste. Then he lowered his head and sucked the warm crown into his mouth.

Tyler moaned slightly. Bailey looked up to see the sleeping face angelically enjoying his dreams.

Bailey sucked, nursing on the tip until he got used to it, then slowly working his way down the length, relaxing his jaw.

“Oh, Bay…” Tyler moaned reaching down blindly.

When Bailey sucked harder, tongue stroking the underside of his cock, Tyler’s eyes flutter open.


Bailey sucked again and Tyler’s head shot down to look at him with wide beautiful eyes.

“Bay?” Tyler said with a smile.

He nodded, bobbing his head. Tyler bucked, grabbing Bailey’s head. “Oh, what a…way to wake up…” Tyler shot into Bailey’s mouth and he nearly choked on the invading liquid.

He coughed pulling back so not to bite his brother.

“Sorry, Bay.”

“You’re good,” Bailey crawled up Tyler’s body and kiss him. “How’s your body feel?”

“Last night…” Tyler moaned with absolute pleasure.

“Uh huh, now answer the question.”

“Ass hurts,” he said lazily.

Bailey laughed. “Going to Molly’s party tonight?”

Tyler shook his head no. “Might not even make it out of bed.”

“Okay, don’t antagonize Matt.”

“Fine.” He leaned over and kissed Bailey. “Can I tell him you fucked me?”

“No.” Bailey scowled. Though the youngest brother said he didn’t care, Bailey wanted to keep them between each other. “You can keep a secret can’t you?”

Tyler laughed. “Oh, yeah.” He licked his lips. “For the right price.”

“Name it.”

“Every night, I want you in my ass.”

Bailey groaned looked down at his weeping cock. “What about the mornings?”

“Oh, yeah, I can do that.” They kissed tongues mingling.

Bailey finally pulled away from Tyler or more like pried himself away. Leaving Tyler was like leaving a lifeline. It was painful. He had always loved his brothers but the feeling he had formed for Tyler…was it more? Had to be?

Shit! Am I falling…?

But it was too late now, because it was rooted. One night of forbidden sex and he was hooked like a damn fish. No, he didn’t mind being fried or grilled at that moment.

Bailey did his morning run and got back to his room to find Tyler was sleep again. He chuckled knowing how much of a morning person he wasn’t. As he stared down at that long hard body, his own body grew hard. But he ignored it and prepared for the day. As much as he wanted in that ass again, he wanted his brother healthy and painfree.

That night at the party in Molly’s family’s mega mansion, Bailey hung around the football team as they laughed and drank in the game room. Molly’s dad was cool enough to buy beer. Unfortunately for the guys, Bailey was a stickler for keeping them out of trouble. Each player got no more than one. He wouldn’t have anyone getting arrested or suspended when they had championships to think about.

“Hey, MVP,” A voice slithered up his spine and he turned to find Natalia from the track team leaning on his arm.

Bailey pulled away from her. Just having her around him made his skin crawl. “Natalia.”

“Why so unfriendly?” She licked her pink glossy lips.

“You’re trouble.”

She laughed an irritating choppy sound. Her big blue eyes moved into his visual range, trying to block the room from his view. She reached around his neck, and he stood to shake her off. Instead long thin legs curled around his waist holding on.

The room erupted in cat calls and roars. “Get it, MVP!”

“Off!” He demanded.

She laughed slinking her arms around his chest. “But you’re so big and safe.”

When he looked around for George to help pull her off of him, he noticed Felicia standing across the room with wide condemning eyes. He saw her lips say, “I knew it.” Before she turned away, eyes filled with tears.

What the hell? If they weren’t already broken up, this would have done the trick. At first, anger rolled in him, then danger. If Tyler found out, Natalia would be another victim.

He called three of his team members to pull her off him and they did immediately.

She pouted and stormed off. “You’re so freakin’ boring.” She whined.

“Dude, I can’t believe you gave up free tail.” One of his players said before Bailey smacked him on the back of the head.

“Be respectful or you’re benched next game.”

Wide-eyed, the player nodded. “Just joking MVP, just joking.”

The rest of the night he listened to music as he longed to be at home holding his brother. Fucking him. Damn he had it bad. Was it just lust? Sex? The sex… Shit, it was so addictive.

Close to midnight, Molly came by to check on him with George following dutifully.

“Hey, Bailey, we got some guys here I don’t recognize,” She sat on the sofa next to him. “They are outside by the pool. Do you know them? George says they seemed familiar, but he couldn’t place them. I don’t want any troublemakers and some of them have been a little rough with our girls.”

Bailey turned his head to the open door leading to the backyard around the pool. He recognized them alright. He never played a game without remembering faces.

“South Parkridge High,” he said standing, and the volume in the room dimmed.

“Get off me, fucker!” He heard Natalia’s voice rise. The whole girl’s track team was out the back door in a flash and jumping in to save their teammate.

“Damn, that’s what I call girl power,” Someone behind him said.

Molly gasped. “Oh damn! Not a fight.” When a feminine scream ripped through the air, Molly went from panicked to pissed. “What the fuck!” Before she could storm out there with the growing crowd, George grabbed her around her waist and hauled her on his lap, holding the angry hissing woman.

“Mitch!” George yelled to the running back. “Call the cops.”

“Ray Valley inside!” Bailey began shouting orders. Several of the girls came inside half carrying a cursing violent Natalia. Bailey was so wrapped up in making sure the alcohol had been put away, he didn’t notice Felicia saddle up to him and clutching him for comfort. Instinctively, Bailey wrapped the girl in his arms as he continued to give orders, “Get those doors closed. Make sure the rest of our school is inside.” He rubbed the girl’s back, before someone cursed.

A window shattered.

Shouts and yells rose.

Chaos erupted as the football and basketball teams helped to hold back the students from going back outside and engaging in a fight.

It wasn’t much longer before sirens were heard. Molly snapped out of her rage and screamed, “Hide the alcohol!”

“Already done, sweetcheeks.” George laughed kissing her. “You were so busy trying to rip my skin off, you didn’t hear Bailey give the order.”

“Whatever.” She stood cool and calm as if she’d never been ready to kill. She went over to Bailey and took Felicia from him. When he finally noticed, he frowned down at the girl confused. Felicia blushed walking away with Molly.

He looked over at George who was like a mirror to Bailey’s confusion.

“Should I worry?” George asked lifting a hairy red eyebrow.

“I’ll handle it,” Bailey said, because if he didn’t, Tyler would.

Though South Parkridge were long gone by the time the police showed up, Bailey and everyone else gave their account of what happened and who the guys were.

“Bailey,” The town sheriff shook his hand. The man made it a point to attend everyone of Bailey’s games for the past three years, so to say the sheriff was a big fan was an understatement.

“Sheriff.” Bailey greeted.

“I know you guys are rivals.” The sheriff began. “But have you guys ever had this kind of trouble from them before?”

“No, sir, this is a first.”

“Shame. Molly wants to press charges. I know you’d rather kick their…butts on the field, but I think this was the right call. There’s no telling what they would do next.”

Bailey sighed. With half of the football team on suspension, their game might be postponed indefinitely. Or worse, the league might hand them the game with an automatic victory. He hated those.

“Not my call.” Bailey shrugged. “Plus, those guys need to pay for breaking some of the windows and whatever else they destroyed.”

“My fucking car.” One of the basketball players growled.

“Language.” The sheriff warned before he turned back to Bailey. “Get home safe. Alright kids, let’s wrap this party up and call it a night.” The sheriff ordered.

Bailey said goodnight to George and Molly before heading to his car.

“Bailey!” Felicia’s voice stopped him. He groaned before turning around.

“What?” He said looking down at that beautiful face and raven hair.

“I was hoping we could talk.”

She all but accused him of fucking Natalia hours ago. Then she clung to him like she still dated him… What the hell was going on?

“No talking, Felicia.”


“We’re over, Felicia.” He turned to leave.

“Why her and not me?” Felicia screamed. “Do I need to be a little more slutty or something?”

Several people in the yard turned to stare.

Bailey paused. Was Felicia drunk? That would explain the odd behavior. He pulled his phone from his pocket and called Molly.

“Hey sexy.” She answered.

“Come get Felicia.”

Molly cursed, hung up, and could be seen running from the house seconds later.

“Tell me, Bailey! What do I have to do to make you love me again?”

“Licia!” Molly called, trying to grab the girl.

“No! No! I want to speak.” She tried to shake Molly off. “I need him back. Please, Bailey, forgive me! Forgive me, I never meant to sleep with-” Bailey rushed the girl, grabbed her around her waist and covered her mouth.

But the damage was done. Even though they didn’t know who she slept with, they knew she had cheated on Bailey.

“Oh, shit.” Molly groaned.

He wanted to scream at the unfairness. He didn’t want Felicia to be tormented because of this. But what could he do? How could he save her from this?

“She’s drunk. She didn’t mean it.” He heard over his shoulder and found Tyler walking up the driveway with three other guys. Friends of his from soccer.

“Take her.” Bailey practically pushed Felicia into Molly’s arms, knowing Tyler was watching. He didn’t need the time bomb to explode. The fact he was defending Felicia was a good sign. It was a good sign, right?

Tyler walked up to Felicia and ruffled her hair, “Why is it so quiet? Is the party over already?”

Molly sighed, “Unfortunately. South Parkridge High came through and crashed.”

“Oh, well,” He pouted. “Can I just get one dance?” He asked as he waved to Natalia. Natalia instantly brightened making Bailey want to punch something.

Molly laughed, because they all knew the party was back on.

Bailey wasn’t in the mood. Tyler turned to him and mouthed, “I got this.” He winked.

Bailey’s heart skipped. Damn heart.


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