The Wrong Type of Obsession

16 SUV

16: SUV


Bailey ran through the rain until he got to the V and sat behind the wheel wishing he had been the one Tyler kissed. For weeks, he had craved that kiss. Those lips, that tongue.

The passenger side door opened and broke him from his fantasy. But did nothing to still the heat. If anything it grew the moment he laid eyes on the soaking wet Tyler. His brother climbed in and shut the SUV. Black t-shirt clinging to his skin and did he see the guy’s nipples poking through?

Shit, why was that hot?

Gritting his teeth, he started the car. They rode in silence for the first ten minutes until Tyler’s hand smoothed over Bailey’s jeans caressing his thigh.

“Fuck, I’m driving.” He gasped.

That hand gently kneaded the bulge in his pants.

“Fuck, Tyler, stop.”

“I just wanted to check to see if you are as hard as I am right now.” When Tyler’s hand retreated, he hoped that was the end of it.

But then Tyler moaned.

Bailey took his eyes off the road just a second to see Tyler had his cock out and was pumping into his hand… hips and ass fulling engaged.

Bailey had to turn his eyes away to keep them on the road. His grip tightened on the steering wheel. His foot hit the gas harder as he prayed they both made it home safe in the rain. No longer able to take the moans and slick sliding sounds any longer, Bailey pulled over, unzipped his pants, and took out his cock.

“Suck it.” He commanded.

Tyler grinned before unbuckling and bending over, angling his ass in the air.

Bailey’s leg jerked at the initial contact with Tyler’s willing mouth — like warm liquid velvet lapping him. He bucked upward, wanting more of the tongue bathing him. Up and down, Tyler’s head moved faster, and faster, until he stopped.


“Slide your chair back,” Tyler said huskily.

Mindlessly, he did what he was told until the chair went no further. In the dark of the car, he barely registered Tyler taking off his pants before long legs came around and straddled his waist.

“Seriously?” Bailey gawked wondering how the hell Tyler had fit in the space. The guy was almost as big as him.

Then the back of the seat moved and Bailey was nearly on his back. His seat belt unbuckled and slid home.

“Ty…” He was cut off by a kiss that stole his words and senses. Tyler’s tongue explored his mouth, his tongue, claiming him with lewd strokes.

He heard a pop and click before he felt something wet against his cock. Tyler was rubbing something on his dick.

“W-what are you…”

“Shhhhh…” Tyler stroking a slippery liquid on him that felt all kinds of slick and sinful.

He groaned.

With his hand on Bailey’s cock, Tyler shifted again.

Lightning illuminated the vehicle allowing Bailey to see enough to know what was happening.

“Ty!” He tried to stop him. He pushed at the body above him and struggled but the space was confining and Tyler had Bailey’s cock at his mercy. Bailey froze at the first tight squeeze. The ring of flesh that gripped around the tip of Bailey’s dick nearly made him cream. Shock stilled them both. Tyler’s ass…he was in… Holy shit… Tyler never moved further. Bailey saw the look on his brother’s face when lightning flashed again.

Tyler’s mouth lay open eyes closed tight, but no sound came out.

“Ty, breathe.” He commanded taking control where Tyler had lost it.

Tyler nodded. And pushed down.

“No! Oh shi-” Bailey came, hips trembling.

Tyler moaned. “It hurts.”

“Get off, Tyler,” Bailey ordered hoarsely trying to keep the regret and self-loathing from choking him. How… Why did he allow this to happen? He should have avoided it. Yet he let his desires and wants take over his better judgement. “Shit!”

“You’re so big.”


He felt a heavenly ripple around the tip of his cock that brought the beast alive with hunger. The internal turmoil melted away as moist flesh hugged his sensitive cock.

“Ty.” He moaned.

“Oh, Bailey, you’re huge…”

“Let’s stop for today… ok?”

“No,” Ty shook his head childishly, “I want this…need this…”


His brother inched lower before his body jerked in pain.

“Is this…” Bailey panted “…your first time?”

Tyler nodded, tears dripped on Bailey’s face. The thought that Tyler never, ever did this with someone else, drove him nuts and cast away all remaining doubts. His brother had given him something that Bailey could never replace. That need to take care of Tyler like he always did, the need to care for his brothers no matter what, raged like a starving savage.

Tyler needed him. And he needed to give whatever his brother needed.

Bailey raised his hips slightly, sliding deeper inside the tight warmth.

Tyler grunted.

Bailey lifted his head slightly and murmured, “Look at me, little brother.”

Tyler’s watery gold eyes shifted to stare into his.

“Hold on to me.”

Tyler wrapped his arms around his neck.

He reached around and palmed Tyler’s warm round ass, and slowly, pushed the mounds down. Tyler grunted.

Bailey moaned. The snug hot embrace around his dick, sucked him in.

“So tight…oh…oh shit…” He moaned before be slid deeper, inch by slow tormenting inch, pausing when Tyler stopped breathing.

“Breathe, Ty. Come on, sexy, breathe.”

“I tried to prepare…I did. Big…” Tyler whimpered. “You’re so…”

Didn’t Tyler realize he was making it worse by telling him how big he was? His ego made him want to pound into Tyler like a caveman, but the desire to take care of his brother won over. His hands slid up and down Tyler’s back, as he occasional kissed his brother’s chin, wet with tears.

Eventually, Tyler’s breathing evened out and when Bailey felt the nibble on his ear he bucked his hips.

Tyler groaned, but it wasn’t the sound of pain because it was sexy as hell, nearly making Bailey’s cock spend once again.

Bailey pushed and slid Tyler on his cock fully.

Completion. Like the piece that had been missing all along finally fit into the puzzle of his life. Tyler seated on him, holding him, breathing hot and heavy in his ear, was heaven.

Something wet trickled down his neck and Bailey knew Tyler was crying harder though he tried not to make a sound.

“Ty?” Was his brother in pain? Was he regretting this? Oh, shit, no… “Ty?”

“No, don’t worry… I’m good. Great. Perfect.”

Bailey’s heart clenched. Perfect…

He began to slid out slowly. He felt the tip of his cock about to slip out of the tight warmth before he slid oh so carefully back in.

“Oh, fuck, fuck…” Husky hot curses peppered Bailey’s neck. “Yes! Oh!” Tyler moaned louder throwing his head back. “Uh…uh…that’s…”

“Was that it? The spot?” Bailey asked watching the sweat drenched body in his arms spasm.

Tyler nodded, eyes rolling and fluttering, body trembling.

That was all Bailey needed. He began to thrust up as he guided Tyler’s hips to join him. But it wasn’t long before Tyler found his strength again. With his legs straddling, one foot on the gears and the other somewhere wedged between the seat and the door, Tyler began riding Bailey, his cock bobbing between them.

“Bay…” He moaned euphoric as he rose and fell. “Oh, fuck… Oh, Bay, I had dreams…”

Bailey thrust faster with each filthy hot word Tyler babbled.

When he felt himself going over the edge and spots danced in his eyes, he grabbed Tyler’s steel hard cock and pumped.

Bailey came first and Tyler followed right behind in a long groan of pleasure that threatened to make Bailey release a third time. Ropes of white covered Bailey’s shirt but neither of them seemed to care.

They lay in the car panting, sweat drenched listening to the rain. Once they calmed, Tyler lifted his head from Bailey’s shoulder and he started at him.

“I’m yours Bay. Forever. You are the only one…” His brother’s voice cracked. “You are the only one I’ll ever love.”

Bailey took Tyler’s chin in hand and led him to his lips. They kissed, slow, and sensual. Tasting, and taking their time to enjoy the feel. Tyler groaned and laughed. “Your stamina is amazing,” he said as Bailey realized he was hard again and never once pulled out.

“Just like your appetite.” Bailey smiled.

“Only for you. It’s always been you.” Tyler’s gold eyes held so much love, Bailey felt like a fool for never realizing the depth of his feelings.

Bailey proceed to slid out, but Tyler slammed his ass down on him and began a punishing rhythm that had them both panting again.

“Wake… up with me tomorrow morning,” Bailey said out of nowhere, shocking himself.

Tyler came. And Bailey groaned his own release when the muscles of Tyler’s ass milked his dick again.

“Damn you’re tight,” Bailey said through gritted teeth.

“And sore.” Tyler nuzzled Bailey’s cheek. “But say the word and I might be able to do that again.”

“Crazy,” Bailey whispered kissing Tyler’s neck. “We got to get home.” He spoke lips trailing over warm salty skin. “You taste delicious.”

Tyler moaned. “Can we stay like this forever?”

Bailey moved to kiss his lips before he answered, “No.”

Tyler squirmed, pulling free from Bailey’s cock, and Bailey immediately felt the loss soul deep.

Damn, damn, I’m in trouble. All he wanted to do was curl around Tyler and spend the night in the car.

They straightened up in silence and drove home the same. Once they got to the house, Bailey took off his cream coated shirt and threw it in his duffel bag with the other clothes that would need to be washed. Tyler handed him his as well.

When they got inside, he found Matt at his keyboard playing jazz music. No headphones.

“Hey Matt,” Bailey greeted feeling a bit awkward.

Matt held up a hand to acknowledge them but continued what he was doing.

Tyler gripped his hand and pulled him up the stairs to the bathroom. They washed together both too sensitive to do more than that. But when he saw the whitish liquid seep from Tyler’s round ass, Bailey’s cock twitched.

“Need help cleaning that out?” Bailey asked even while reaching down and probing.

Tyler yelped. “I’m sore, be gentle.”

Bailey was.

He knelt before Tyler and slowly worked his fingers in and out until he found the spot that made Tyler’s body shiver. Bailey smiled wickedly and he rubbed that spot again.

Tyler’s legs gave and his body slumped over Bailey’s shoulder.

“I love you so much.” Tyler whimpered.

Bailey stroked that spot one more time, and Tyler came right on Bailey’s chest.

Bailey finished cleaning the boneless body up, and his own. He then ushered Tyler to Bailey’s bedroom.

They got under the sheets and curled around each other like snakes finding heat.

“Never leave me, Bay.”

Bailey didn’t reply as he kissed Tyler’s face. He knew it was too late to run. Even as he knew how wrong their relationship was, he knew, he could never be without Tyler like this. He’d tasted sin, devoured it, and it was a drug in his system that he could no longer live without. Would no longer live without.


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