The Wrong Type of Obsession

15 Lightning Strikes

15: Lightning Strikes


For two weeks, Bailey narrowly skirted Tyler, avoiding him as much as possible.

The first reason?

He was tired of the way Tyler used and targeted people. His brother needed to grow up and stop bullying.

The second reason was because of the craving. He buried himself in everything he could to avoid the pull. But it was painful.


Every time he thought of his brother his cock throbbed and he found jerking off did nothing but piss him off. Whenever they were in the same room, a heat built that tried to drive Bailey mad. Though Tyler seemed oblivious to it, Matt noticed. The youngest made smart comments, but mostly tried to keep out of the way.

School gave him some of the release he needed. Being away from the house, away from Tyler just a few hours helped alleviate part of the crazy desire. If this is what Tyler had been going through since he was thirteen then no wonder Tyler was half insane. It was almost like he was a dog in perpetual heat.

A few of the girls in the school seem to approach him more often. He noticed the obvious flirting but kept his distance. Just because he broke up with Felicia didn’t mean he wanted another girlfriend, especially since Tyler would hound them…especially since Tyler was all he could think about…

That night was another Friday game and Bailey would be playing their high school’s regional rival, South Parkridge High. As Bailey sat in the sports room listening to his coach go through the plays, he wondered if Laura still attended that school.

“So?” George grabbed his attention after the lecture. He slid a nutrition bar over the table toward Bailey giving a not so subtle hint to eat it.

“So?” Bailey frowned taking the damn bar. Why was George his mother lately? Feeding him like a caretaker…

“Are you coming to tomorrow’s party?”

“I promised Molly, so yeah.”

“Cool. Felicia will be there. I noticed you two have been…kind of…awkward.”

“Yeah.” Awkward meant, him avoiding eye contact and barely speaking when she tried to talk. The girl seemed too friendly for having just been dumped.

“You should get another girl. Want me to set you up? Or I could get Molly to do it?”

“I’m married,” Bailey said holding up his football. “All I need.”

“Right. Tell that to little MVP when he decides it’s mating season.”

Bailey groaned peeling back the foil wrapper. “Yeah, I’ve tried.”

George laughed.

“But it wouldn’t be fair to her or any girl I date, just for sex.”

George nodded and said, “Wise words. But celibacy? Glad I found the love of my life early.”

“Glad you did, too.” Love…Tyler’s image flashed in his mind and he winced. Of course he loved his brother, but not like that. Never like that. So his mind dictated. Now if only his dick would fall in line.

They took the field and played a dominant first half. The second half would have been just as punishing for the visiting team, if it weren’t for the rain. He hated the potential slip and slide that could result in broken ankles if the cleats didn’t dig in good. Then the lightning struck.

“Cancellation… you bitches just postponed a splendid ass kicking.” George taunted the other team while rain pelted them on their helmets.

Another of his teammates added, “But if you’d like you can go ahead and hand over your mercy card so that you can skip the ugly defeat.”

“Enough guys, get off the field.” Bailey ordered ignoring the puffed up chests of the other team.

His team began to do just that, when someone on the visiting team said, “You wouldn’t be so cocky if you didn’t have your golden boy bitch doing all the work. I heard the pussy cried when his girl broke up with him. Wasn’t shit in the sheets. Limp dick mother fucker.”

Bailey stopped shocked. He’d never been called that to his face…other names, but not that. While the insult pissed him off, he wasn’t about to rise to the bait.

However, the whole team turned ready to destroy the other. Not on his watch. Bailey shouted in a booming voice. “I said off the field.

The boys jumped and nodded heading for the showers.

“Look at the well trained pussies go.” Some of the South Parkridge team laughed.

“You wouldn’t need to talk shit, if you had brought your A game.” Bailey shouted back. “Next time, pack that and bring it with you.” His team howled and whooped as they disappeared into the lockers.

He got ready to go and went to the truck only to find no Tyler. He knew his brother would have left a message via someone or text if he got a ride home. While Tyler could drive the boy refused to get his licence…wait… Was that on purpose so that he could be alone with Bailey? He shook the speculation from his head and went to find his brother. The guy must be in the school somewhere. While most of the school was locked down at night, only the sports center remained open.

He went to the sports building and searched each room to find voices drawing him to the weight room where the smell of old sweat hit him. He walked in and noticed that Tyler was sitting on a bench and a pretty girl with short brown hair straddled his lap.

“So how is it going with that boyfriend of yours?” She asked cuddling up to him, kissing his lips. Bailey’s fists balled at the sight.

“It could be better. But I won’t complain,” Tyler answered.

“Come on, Tyler, it’s been years. Why continue to pursue it when you have so many willing to do so much for you?” She purred rocking her hips against him. Tyler’s large hands held the girl’s hips still.

Bailey wanted to rip her away from him.

Tyler laughed a deep heady sound. “Love doesn’t work that way, sweetie.”

“I know, but I hate seeing you so broken up over him. Let me come home with you tonight.” She wiggled her hips leaning down to kiss him again. “Let me help you forget the cocktease.”

Cocktease? Everyone was throwing shit his way tonight. And was this how Tyler reeled in his victims? He spun a story about a lover who he couldn’t have but wanted desperately and they sought to comfort his wounded heart. And everyone ate up that bullshit?

“It’s tempting,” Tyler said as the girl nuzzled his neck.


Bailey cleared this throat and the girl jumped back and onto the floor, straightening her clothes. Tyler didn’t look the least bit phased as he lounged lazily.

“Ready? Or am I leaving you?” Bailey asked his tone harsh and his gaze hard.

“Coming,” He turned to the girl. “Thanks for the offer, but maybe some other time.” He leaned in and kissed the girl, slow and sensually, while his eyes stared at Bailey.

Bailey’s nostrils flared, his hands clenching so hard his stubby nails bite into his palms. Son of a bitch. Tyler knew exactly what he was doing. And it was working.

The girl bounced as if recharged and hugged Tyler then ran toward Bailey, to get to the exit. “Hi, MVP.”

“Hey,” he said before the girl disappeared behind the door. He so wanted to trip the girl…

His eyes stayed on Tyler and that sinful look on his face. Damn he was too sexy for his own good.

Bailey licked his lips.

Tyler responded by slowly licking his own.

Not here. Not here…not ever…

Bailey turned and left.


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