The Wrong Type of Obsession

14 Distraction

14: Distraction

Monday, after school in the sports building, instead of practice Coach had music and food to celebrate last Friday’s victory. Bailey would’ve preferred practice. But he kept his mouth shut and sat in a large classroom staring down at the soda can in his hand. Down the hall the music thumped and pulsed. Laughter echoed from somewhere. While he should’ve joined his team and the other sports teams that came, he didn’t have the heart. He had been avoiding Tyler and kept to himself most of the time. When Matt came back from his benefit Sunday night, Bailey welcomed him before he barred himself in his room after a long five hour walk around the neighborhood.

He didn’t want Matt prying, so he alienated both his brothers. It felt oddly lonely, but safe.

How the hell was he supposed to live his life? How could he face his brothers anymore if he couldn’t even look himself in the mirror for all the shit he’s done to his brother, Felicia, Laura…


His head lifted to see the most beautiful girl in the school standing in the doorway. With chocolate hair curled over her shoulders in large spirals and brilliant green eyes sparkling in his direction, Bailey felt his mood lighten. Her purple tee fitted perfectly over generous breasts. Those cut-off shorts showed off long smooth creamy legs that waltzed into the room and right up to where Bailey sat on the teacher’s desk. The girl looked and walked like a supermodel, full of confidence. And if it wasn’t for her curves that made men stare, she probably would be a supermodel with her Amazon height.

Molly was not only the tallest, prettiest girl in school, she was the richest. Her father owned half of Michigan and more.

She stopped, leaned in to him, and their foreheads met.

“Mmmm, you smell good, Molly.” He enjoyed the light scent of Dolce she sported. He remembered when George bought it for her. He smiled thinking of George. George would kill for this woman.

“So talk to me, my favorite stud, what’s got you bluesy?” She wrapped her arm around his shoulder while she moved to sit beside him.

Everything seems to be falling apart…slipping through my grasps… He thought before he said, “I’m just tired.” He answered.

“Try again, and this time, remember George tells me everything.”

He chuckled.

She nudged him with her shoulder. “So…How about I get you started? Something about how you feel bad about Felicia and how what happened to Laura almost happened to her… Stop me if I’m wrong.”

Bailey’s grip tightened on the can in his hand, not saying anything.

“Felicia came crying to my house yesterday,” Molly said. “She’s really worried. Scared. And I think your brother rocked her world.”

“Tell her to keep away from my brother.” He warned, before he could stop the possessiveness from escaping.

“Well now…” She leaned over and stared up into his face, her curls swaying as those green eyes searched for something. “Are you mad because she slept with him? Or that your brother took advantage? Are you protecting her? Or him? Or… Your self?”

He blew out a long tired breath, finally meeting her gaze. As much as he wanted to confide in someone, Molly wasn’t that person. Instead he said, “Why is it that the things I’m good at come so easy…but relationships…emotions…I suck at.” He groaned. “I feel like I could have avoided…stopped…” He wanted to say “him” but would that give too much away?

She laughed. “You try too hard to set a good example for everyone, especially your brothers. Yet, when you make a mistake that everyone sees and may judge you for, you cave.” She wrapped her arms around one of his and laid her head on his shoulder. “When is the last time you just let go and stopped trying to lead, Mr. Captain Big Brother?”

He frowned. Not understanding.

“You dated Felicia because she was responsible. The ideal girl. But what do you want?”

Tyler’s image flashed in his mind.

“I bet you want some bad girl…”

Thoughts of Tyler’s wicked smile taunted him.

“Maybe a real freak, who doesn’t take no for an answer…”

He imagined Tyler licking his lips and Bailey’s cock.

“Or even better, a girl you can’t intimidate and who knows how to take charge. Who barges into your life and takes some of the burden from you.”

He remembered Friday night, and how Tyler took care of him.

He groaned.

“Felicia is cute. Sweet. A good girl. The kind of girl you would want for your brothers. But you, my domineering quarterback, needs something more.”

He chuckled and looked over at her. “So in other words, I need you. If I was to take you from George, he’d kill me wouldn’t he?”

“Yes, he would. So you’ll have to find someone else nearly as good as me, cause they don’t make ’em better than Molly.” She kissed his nose. “Now let’s go dance.”

She pulled him out the room and into the hall where guys were flirting and girls giggled. They walked into a large room to found girls grinding on one another on the dance floor and guys watching from the sideline.

“I swear…” Molly groaned. “You’d think this was a strip club. Hey, DJ!” She yelled over to the boy by the ipod attached to large speakers. “I need some dance music.”

And the beat picked up when the song switched. The music pulsed and bass thumped. Molly began to dance like she was born for it. Bailey just stood there not really wanting to dance. He tried to sneak away, but when he turned he found two girls dancing behind him. When he turned again to find several of the team had closed in around him fencing him in he laughed and began to bob to the music knowing he wasn’t going anywhere. It was a conspiracy and they were all in on it. No matter how he tried to edge away, another body blocked him, dancing up against him.

Soon he was laughing, dancing, and actually forgetting his troubles. When the third song came on and slowed a bit, he looked over to where Molly smiled, swinging her hips against George. He mouthed, “Thank you.”

And she winked.

Later that night, he found himself grinding on the floor with a girl from the track team. They moved together simulating sex while a slow jam played. Sweat poured down both of them. Her hands around his neck, his arms holding her hips, the motion made him nearly hard, and yet he didn’t want to stop.

She leaned in and whispered an offer he would have been tempted to take except when he looked up, he saw Tyler eyeing them. Well, shit. The guilt inside him killed his hard-on. Why the hell did he feel guilty?

Tyler, who had been missing most of the night, stood in the door staring holes in the girl holding on to Bailey. Bailey almost imaged Tyler killing the girl with that glare. But as quickly as the death stare came it went as Tyler’s features morphed into something smug. He sauntered into the room, grabbed two girls hands on the dance floor and they immediately sandwiched him. All three rocked and swayed closer to Bailey, until it was five of them grinding and swaying on the floor together.

Soon the other girl was surrounding Tyler. Three girls circled him like he were some pole and they exotic dancers.

Bailey slowly backed away and covertly made his way out the room, wanting to make sure he didn’t get too close to Tyler. Not tonight. Not with all those people around, he told himself.

He went into the guy’s locker room and found an empty bathroom stall to crash in. Taking a seat on the toilet he hunched over and covered his face. He took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of disinfectant and piss. Calm, he needed calm.

He was hot, and sweaty. And the thoughts of Tyler grinding on those girls irritated him. Where had Tyler been all night? How many girls did he fuck? Why should it matter? It didn’t. It didn’t! He slammed his hand into the metal door of the stall.

“Yo, what the hell?” Someone shouted, but Bailey ignored it as he leaned back and began to run the football plays in his head.

When he noticed the music was gone, he knew the party was over. It must have been nine PM. Coach wouldn’t let the party go longer than that. He had to be the sensible adult.

Bailey opened the stall door and stopped. Leaned back against the wall opposite the stalls stood Tyler. The boy looked him up and down, licking his full lips slow and sinfully. His hooded eyes devoured Bailey. A slow smirk curled the corner of his mouth.

Tyler pushed off the wall and walked forward, making Bailey back up unconsciously. Before he could stop himself he was back inside the stall and Tyler was pressed against him, eye to eye, breath to breath, chest to chest. Their lips barely touched as Tyler’s tongue darted out to tease Bailey. Feather light, he almost imaged the thing claiming his mouth in one of those enslaving air stealing kisses.

When Bailey leaned forward to make contact, Tyler moved just enough to keep that tormenting distance. Bailey pursued, but Tyler dodged slightly, taunting him. Their breaths mingled hovered just on the edge of touching, kissing, Bailey the snake and Tyler the snake charmer.

Driven by the heat, Bailey found himself pinning Tyler to the door. Their lips barely millimeters apart, panting each other’s air.

This is crazy… and yet he wanted so much more.

Suddenly, Tyler’s mouth reached out, caught Bailey’s bottom lip, and began to suck. Bailey nearly came in his pants. He groaned, shivering from the contact. He pounded his fist on the door beside Tyler’s head trying to find control. Who knew foreplay could nearly make him ruin his boxers?

When Tyler’s tongue slid over the lip still trapped in his mouth, Bailey jerked back. He turned away huffing.

“Ready to go?” Bailey asked bending over to keep his raging boner from exploding.

“Is that an invitation?” He felt Tyler’s hard-on rock into the crack of his ass and he shot straight up on his feet.

“We’re not doing this, Ty.” He pushed past his brother, unlocking the stall. When had Tyler locked it?

“Doing what?” Tyler asked.

“If you don’t know, neither do I,” Bailey said finding some of his control. He marched to the SUV, not looking back to make sure Tyler was following. He couldn’t look back. Because if he saw Tyler again, there was no telling what he might do to the other boy and on what surface he might do it.

The next day at school, the girl who had been grinding on Bailey, was cornered in the bathroom. It seemed that she and the rest of the girls from the track team had a disagreement and the girl was close to losing her spot on the team…Bullshit.

Furious, Bailey found Tyler at lunch and pulled him outside under the bleachers for privacy. “What the fuck, Tyler?” He growled low so no one heard.

Tyler looked shocked and innocent. “What’s wrong, Bailey?”

“Don’t fucking try it. Stop hurting and harassing people. It was just a dance.”

“To you. But she isn’t that innocent.” Tyler leaned in a bit and said low, “I’d hate for my naive brother to be baited by another pair of big pretty eyes.” He pouted. “So be careful.” His lips ghosted over Bailey’s. “Unless you want to see what I’m capable of.” The voice sounded too sweet to issue such a threat.

“You’re fucking insane.” Bailey hissed.

Tyler smiled before walking away saying, “I knew you’d understand.”


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