The Wrong Type of Obsession

13 New Day

13: New Day

The next morning, Bailey found his bed empty and strangely cold. Though he should be relieved his brother had left, his mind and heart couldn’t agree. His body warmed at the thought of Tyler’s slick skin against his.

He stamped down any of those thoughts before they took over. All he had to do was think about Felicia, Tyler’s games and the heat turned to ice. The smell of bacon brought his body up. He sat on the edge of the bed and ran his hands over his head hoping he could put the pieces of his life back together.

Maybe it was time to call dad. While their father was nearly always away on work, if Bailey called, the man would come. And when his father came around, problems seemed to disappear. Maybe it was the nature of the guy’s job.

The door opened and Bailey looked up to see Tyler in the doorframe. He never thought he’d find the hard lines of a guy’s body sexy, but Tyler’s oozed sex.

His attempt to keep his cock under control vanished and he instantly sported wood. Shit, where were his pajama pants? That’s right, Tyler put him to bed without them.

Tyler, with excitement flickering over his face, walked the few steps to close the distance, and dropped to his knees.

Bailey tried to back up. “Ty, let’s not-“

His brother’s mouth closed around his erection without hesitation.

Bailey moaned and gently fisted the silken curls urging the mouth to continue. Yeah, he wanted to protest, but how could he when it felt so good.

What was he worried about anyway? There was no harm in a little carnal lust. Right? Just a blow job, right?

“Yes… that tongue…” He grunted when he felt the slight brush of teeth. The nibble of the underside of his flesh undid him. He came right on Tyler’s face. And the sight was hot. Tyler licked up what his long tongue could reach before standing to point his erection at Bailey.

Wide-eyed, Bailey just stared half mortified at the thing in his face and yet hypnotized. Tyler didn’t say anything, didn’t make any demands, he just wrapped his hand around the length and began to slowly slide up and down the flesh. Slow and steady. His hips slightly rocked forward toward Bailey’s mouth.

Bailey licked his lips involuntarily, watching, completely captivated. The heady musk of Tyler’s scent intoxicated him. Right before his eyes, barely inches away, his brother was jerking off, and it was sexy as hell. Bailey opened his mouth and let his tongue roll out the red carpet. Tyler teased him with just the tip. The taste dripping from the end was slightly sweet and something else — odd, but heady, and welcome. He licked again. When Tyler moaned, it urged him to do it again. And again. And again. Ropes of thick whitish liquid shot over his vision and shocked Bailey. He stood and wiped his face. Reality crashed back into place.

“Shit, Ty, what are we doing? What?” He began pacing and still wiping his face.

“I’m loving my brother. What are you doing?”

“Losing my fucking mind…” Bailey murmured. He stopped pacing and glared at that sexy smirk. “This is not brotherly love.”

“Never said it was. Call you it what you want. Love. Infatuation. Lust. Obsession. Possession. I don’t give a damn. I know what I want. And while I can wait until you come around. I won’t let anything stop it.” Tyler’s long legs reached him in two strides. “I won’t let you stop it.” He grabbed the back of Bailey’s neck and pulled him into a kiss of tongues that had Bailey’s eyes rolling to the back of his head. He tasted himself on Tyler and the thought made him hard again.

He pulled back, panting. “How…how do you make me so hard for you?”

“Now…” Tyler trailed kisses to Bailey’s ear. “Now you know what I’ve suffered since I was thirteen. All I have to do is think of you and I’m ready to fuck everyone and everything. It was always you I saw. Always you I wanted. Welcome home brother.” His voice in his ear sent heat from his cheeks to his toes. Everything tingled with lust. Tyler gripped their cocks together and only pumped a few times before Bailey lost it again. He fell into Tyler in a open mouth kiss.

Tears fell. Yes, he was home. And it was hell. His weakness to the pleasure would kill him and yet, he wanted more.

Bailey broke away. “Why me?”

“You’re so damn sexy.” Tyler kissed his lower lip. “You are like… everything… And everyone who looks at you, who gets to be in your presence knows how special you are.” He nibbled along his jaw. “I want that for myself. I hate sharing. But I will, just a little. Just enough to keep the world off our back.” He wrapped his arms around Bailey’s naked waist. “I want the rest. Your heart. Your soul. Your body,” his hooded gaze captured Bailey, “inside of me. Owning me. Possessing me.” Each word teased his lips. “Claim me, Bay. Take me.”

And dammit he was hard again.

Bailey shook his head and pried Tyler off of him. That couldn’t happen. Hell, he just licked his brother’s cock. No way. He couldn’t do more. Too much…too much…

“What’s for breakfast?” he asked grabbing a pair of shorts from his drawer.

“I had mine and it was delicious.”

Bailey froze. Tyler didn’t mean…No… He looked back to see Tyler staring straight at Bailey’s ass.

“Motherfucker…” And he went from hard to painfully hard. “This has got to stop.” Bailey walked to the bathroom to take a cold shower.

He heard Tyler’s laughter and cursed his brother up, down, and sideways.

After cleaning up and finding his composure, thirty minutes had passed and breakfast was officially brunch. He rewarmed the french toast and bacon. While he ate, he did his homework.

The rest of the day was spent ignoring Tyler prancing around naked and trying to watch television.

George called late that afternoon. Bailey gave the guy a watered down version of what happened.

“She ambushed you before a game? Shit, that girl’s got balls. Anybody who knows you knows not to get between you and a game, the football, or the field.”

“I still shouldn’t have snapped like I did, but… I think it was for the best. You know I suck at relationships.”

“Yeah. And communication. Girls like that shit, so before you get another, you might want to look up what that means.”

Bailey chuckled. “Thanks for the advice.”

“That’s free. By the way, Molly said if you need a pity fuck she’s ready and eager.”

Bailey laughed. He loved Molly. “Your girlfriend is awesome.”

“That’s why I love her. But I swear if you ever touch her, I’ll break all the bones in your body.”

“I know. Glad I’m the only one she hits on like that.”

“If Braylon Edwards or Cristiano Ronaldo were accessible they wouldn’t be safe from her advances. So I’m lucky it’s just you.”

Bailey snorted. Molly. The sports freak. “You know with her dad’s connections, that could happen.”

“Bitch, don’t give her ideas!”

Bailey laughed.

“Look, don’t worry about Felicia, I’ll get Molly to look after her. They’re friends. And Molly knows you well enough to know your first love is sports.”

“Thanks, George.”


He hung up the phone, tossed it on his bed, and put on a t-shirt and his running shoes. He needed a clear head. He was on his way out the door when he felt Tyler coming up behind him.

“Where are you going?” He asked grabbing his keys from the bowl at the entrance.

“I want to run with you.” His brother bent down to tie his shoes.

“Since when?” he asked beginning the stretches.

“Since it’s not early in the evil morning.”

“Oh, is that the reason you stopped.”

“That and watching you sweat makes me want to hump your leg,” Tyler said standing straight. His face showed no hint of amusement or teasing as he began to stretch as well. “Plus the smell of you hot and sweaty nearly makes me-“

“Shut up.” He groaned running out the door leaving his brother behind. While Bailey was fast and could leave Tyler in his dust, he found a quick enough pace that both of them could run together. The pace was a little slower than his usual, but not much that it annoyed him. At the slower speed, he just ran longer. When they got back home, an hour had passed and Tyler panted clearly not used to the exertion. They stood at the end of the driveway catching their breath.

“If you’re going to be playing soccer in the spring I suggest you start getting in shape now.”

Tyler nodded wiping his shirt over his face. Those glistening abs caught Bailey’s attention before he tore his eyes to the street to pretend to observe the neighborhood. He noticed Tyler’s head jerk and lean sideways to look past Bailey toward the house. Bailey turned to find Felicia sitting on the porch watching them, hugging her knees. She smiled weakly and rose a hand to wave.

“Oh, boy.” He muttered before he walked through the grass to the steps. He stayed on the paved path leading from the porch to the driveway and stood watching those eyes smile sadly.

“Hey,” He spoke first.


“If you called I left my phone in the house.”

“No. I figured it I called you might ignore me… I was pretty stupid.”

“And George says I suck at communication.” He shrugged.

“Yeah, you do.” She chuckled before she abruptly looked down at the ground.

“Hey, Felicia,” Tyler said from behind him.

“H-Hi Tyler.” She didn’t look up at all. And damn, why did it piss him off so fucking much that she didn’t want to acknowledge his brother.

“I’m going in,” Tyler said, “Need something to drink, Felicia?”

She shook her head no.

“Okay, if you need me call.”

His mock concern for her, almost made Bailey laugh. Instead he just watched Felicia.

“I’ll be okay.” She nearly whispered.

He glanced up at Tyler to see the bastard wink at him. He actually winked. Now it was Bailey’s turn to hid his embarrassment as he looked toward the street. That son of a bitch.

“I… I see you and Tyler went running. I thought you ran alone.”

“After the game yesterday, Tyler’s been keeping an eye on me. Making sure I don’t over do it…” ...with my dick down his throat…

“Yeah, I heard about that.” She swept her hair off her shoulders. “A friend of mine said that you seemed to regret it… is… is that true?”

Well didn’t she sound hopeful. “I did. Up until I smelled your perfume on Tyler last night.”

He watched the color drain from her face as tears welled up in her eyes. He was a bitch for bringing it up after orchestrating it, but he needed to make a clean break.

“Did he tell you? I didn’t mean to… I was…I was… I was stupid. I swear I didn’t mean for it to happen. He promised he wouldn’t tell. I was so sad and… He held me… I cried… and…and he held me…” She cried hugging herself. “I never…never…”

Now he really felt like a sick fuck.

“Once I realized what I had done, I knew… I… Please…Please forgive me.”

No way was he telling her he forgave her because it was his plan for Tyler to seduce her. No way in the world was he going to tell her he forgave her simply because the morning before his brother had given him the best blowjobs ever. No way could he tell her he forgave her because his mind was filled with another. No way could he tell her that he forgave her because in the end, she had just been all the things the Tyler accused him of wanting: a pretty piece of fuckable arm candy who was smart and loyal.

Sometimes he hated his brother. But at that moment he hated himself so much more.

He let Felicia cry as he berated himself. He called Tyler sick and twisted, but he was just as sick, just as twisted. So what if his brother fucked the whole world. So what if he was obsessed with Bailey. In the end, Bailey was fucking girls he didn’t even love. He ruined one girl’s life. But was not about to ruin another’s.

“Look at me, Felicia.” He called to her. “Look at me.”

Her flushed tear soaked face rose to his.

“I’m not worth it. Hell, I don’t even know what you see in me. You’re beautiful. Most of the guys in the athletics department tell me how lucky I am. I don’t blame my brother for wanting you. But I’m too stupid to see it. I mean, look at my grades. I barely maintain a C average just so I won’t get kicked off the team and so some school somewhere will pick me up once I graduate. I eat, sleep, and dream football and running. I have little passion for anything else. I can honestly say, I love my brothers, because I raised them. Nothing much outside of those things matter to me. The only reason I have friends is because I helped take us to the Nationals three years in a row. And we won two. The only reason people know me is because some important people declared me MVP material. Other than that, what do I have to offer. A somewhat pretty face and maybe a good time in bed?”

Felicia flushed. “A great time in bed and a more than a pretty face,” she said shocking him.

“But I’m shit at talking. At keeping in touch. The only reason George hangs around me is because I’ve known him since forever. That’s it. That’s me. I have nothing else to offer. And I hate when you say you can change me.” When his voice grew harsh, she shuddered. “I may not be perfect, but it’s my decision whether to change, not yours. Let me go. Find someone better, because I’m not worth it.”

She nodded, wiping her eyes and sniffing. “You can also be cold and frightening.” She added.

He sighed. “I’m told.” They stayed silent for a moment before Bailey asked, “So you and my brother…”

“No! Hell no… I mean…” She bit her bottom lip and dropped her head a blush coloring her milky cheeks. “Not a good idea… I remember what Laura did and I don’t want to be her.”

Bailey flinched. The rumors were so far from the truth.

“The cold and frightening side of you…” She stood walked down the steps to stand in front of him she put her hand on his chest and smoothed over his shirt. “Sometimes it’s appealing. Especially that air of command.” She smiled weakly. “Made me feel… I like that. I’ll see you later.” She rose on her toes to kiss him lightly before she walked around him to go to her car parking in the driveway. He watched her pull off and stood there moments considering…she slept with Tyler. And she blushed, clearly enjoying the memory. Bailey balled his fists. She’ll see me later? Fuck that.

Something nasty crept into his soul. A need to hunt down Felicia and threaten her away from Tyler permanently before he hunted Tyler down and fucked him until the brother knew who he belonged to… Shit! I’m a sick fucking beast. He wandered into the house and closed the door leaning back against it.

Tyler sat on the living room couch typing on his laptop. “Is is over?” Tyler asked without looking up.

“Yeah.” He sighed going to the kitchen to cook dinner.


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