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12 War Within


12: War Within

The day went by in a haze of daydream. Bailey tried not to think of the best blowjobs he had in his life that morning. Or the person who gave it to him. But the perpetual hard on he sported wouldn’t let him forget. School was the same as it always was before a game, rowdy and nearly carnival like. Every now and then he heard someone shout, “MVP!” at him.

Most valuable player, on the regional high school level, possibly the national level, and he just got a blowjob…two blowjobs that morning from his brother. Fucking fantastic. He rubbed his hands over his face as the last period bell rang signaling the end of school.

“You okay, MVP?” George asked slapping him on the back sitting down next to him in a seat just vacated by the student leaving. The giant redhead had a protein drink in one hand, shaking it vigorously.

“Yeah.” Bailey lied.

“Where is my usually cocky quarter?” George asked concerned. “You not still sick are you? You look a little off. Do I need to warn coach?”


“Sure? Even Felicia is concerned. She said you hardly talked to her today, and blew her off last night. And barely ate your lunch. And-“


“Drink.” He slammed the bottle down on the desk in front of Bailey and leaned in. “I don’t need you passing out on the field. I don’t want to have to carry your scrawny ass to the infirmary. And I sure as hell don’t want to explain to your brothers why I didn’t look after you. While yeah, Tyler is creepy, I don’t doubt Matty boy would blink an eye as he skinned me alive.”

Bailey laughed, picking up the drink and unscrewing the cap. “Matt wouldn’t do that. He’s a good kid.”

“Yep, sweet and understanding. Until you fuck with his brothers. Now drink.”

Bailey turned up the bottle, chugging. He gave the empty bottle to George.

“Better?” George asked.

“I guess.” Bailey shrugged.

“Better be, we got an undefeated streak to maintain. And Mitchell seems damn hot to get the party started. He’s already rallied the rest of the troops. All we need is the cherry on top.” He smacked Bailey’s shoulder. “So let’s go cherry.”

It would be a few hours before the game, but Ray Valley High had a tradition of communing together before each home game to clear all doubts and fears as the players laughed and joked together over sports drinks and power bars. No heavier food was allowed until after the game.

An hour into the celebration, the door to the sports room opened and Tyler walked through the door with his backpack on, looking as superior and gorgeous as he always did in jeans and a fitted t-shirt. The room quieted as some of the guy’s checked his younger brother out like they were ready to strip and eat him.

And that pissed Bailey off. A protective instinct rose sharply and he had to fight the urge to begin knocking heads together. He blinked dropping his head to his gear at his feet. “What’s up, Ty?” He asked his cleats instead of his brother.

“Got a minute?” His brother asked in reply.

He wanted to say no, but then George and the rest of the team would know something was up. Bailey never turned down his brother openly. So instead he got up from his seat, looked slightly past the boy into the hallway so not to make eye contact and made his way to the door. The walk seemed to take forever. Bailey swore he felt Tyler’s very presences under his skin.

Tyler continued walking, clearly not wanting them to be in earshot of the team. He stopped just outside of a classroom. Tyler nodded into the room, and Bailey pushed passed him to go inside.

Inside, Felicia was standing there. She looked nervous as hell as she shifted from foot to foot and her hands rubbed together.

“What’s going on?” Bailey asked concerned.

“I…I asked him to call you here, because I knew you wouldn’t come if it wasn’t your brother.”

She…what? His temper spiked only for a second before he pushed it down. He hated when Tyler used people but he absolutely loathed for other people to use his brother.

She must have noticed the look on his face because she dipped her head in fear. “I’m sorry Bailey, but I don’t know what to do. I care about you so much, and yet, it feels like…like you’re shutting me out. I want…” She began to cry and Bailey folded his arms over his chest to keep from going to her.

“Tyler, you can leave.”

“No,” she said quickly.

“No?” Bailey tried to understand this fear he was sensing from her.

“You’re angry.”

“Damn right I am. Right before a game, Felicia? You pull this shit?” He threw his hands in the air and she flinched like he would hit her. “And stop flinching. I’ve never hit a woman, and I never will.”

“You’re bigger than her and stronger. Plus, Bay, you’re intimidating to everyone.”

“You shut up!” He spun to point at Tyler. “And you.” He turned back to Felicia. “If you’re so scared of me and so comfortable with Tyler, go out with him. I’m done. I can’t take your insecurities anymore. I can’t fucking do this before a game.”

“No, Bailey, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m just worried. Please!” She cried when Bailey walked out. Tyler followed and Bailey stopped short just outside the door. “Stay with her.”

“What?” Tyler asked dumbfounded.

Bailey looked over at his brother, their eyes meeting as a silent communication passed between them. “Stay with her.” He ordered.

Tyler stared into his face, searching. Then he nodded fully understanding. “You got it.” When the door to the classroom reopened, he heard Felicia’s crying before it closed again.

If anyone could get Felicia over their breakup it was Tyler. He almost hated the idea of subjecting his brother to it, except Tyler fully deserved whatever punishment Bailey dished. No one could ruin a person’s life and come out clean. Tyler was about to learn how dirty he could get.

He buried himself in the game to ignore the self-disgust. All he saw was the endzone and Mitchell. The way he was feeling he could play both offense and defense. A few times he even ran the ball himself when he saw no openings. And the speed, the wind of running down the fifty yard line was glorious. He ate the wind, and blew both teams in his dust.

At the end, when the score told the other team to kiss their ass and go home Bailey let his team shout and sing in victory as he sat on the bench with a towel over his head. He could have played or ran the rest of the night just to get away from his fucked up life.

“Why are you so down, MVP?” He heard George drop down next to him. The bench shook. “You were like a one man band out there tonight.” The guy nudged him with his shoulder.

Bailey just sat there absorbing all the sounds in the stadium. Cheers, shouts, and chants of, “Bailey! Bailey!” or “Forty-three!” His number. Even his team began a chant of, “MVP! MVP!” It all blended together.


His breathing began to shorten, as he realized he couldn’t handle it all. “I need…” He closed his eyes and forced himself to focus. Breathe.

“Hey! Coach!” He heard a shout.

“Someone get sports med.”


Bailey continued to force air in his lungs as spots formed into his vision. The towel was dragged off his head.

Then he saw a familiar face. Beautiful gold eyes, full lips, and kissable cheekbones.



His head had been tilted back and the stadium lights haloed Tyler in a warm glow. Just the sight of him eased Bailey’s chest. He smelled Felicia’s light perfume mingling with Tyler’s natural scent. And the aroma of sex.

“How is she?” He asked in a whisper to the guy standing over her.

“I’ll take care of her.”

“I know.” He smiled.

“How are you?” Tyler asked with a sultry tone.

“I’m a bad brother.” He mouthed wishing to kiss those lips, but somewhere in his foggy mind, he still had a grasp of the situation. Too many eyes, too many witnesses. Still so wrong…

“Nooooo, I’m the bad brother.” Tyler replied, silk lacing each word.

A light was shined into his eyes. “How are you feeling, young man?” A female’s voice asked.

“Light headed.” He answered realizing he was no longer looking at Tyler.

“Played a little too hard today?”


Something cold crawled under his shirt and chilled his chest right over his heart. Stethoscope.

“What’s your name?”

“Bailey Radford.” He answered.

“How many fingers?” She asked holding up her hand.


“What is today?”

“Friday. Game day. The day I was an asshole to my girlfriend,” he said loud enough that everyone knew he was the one at fault. “Or ex-girlfriend. I’m a bastard.”

“Ah. He’ll be fine,” The woman said before he felt a heavy arm clutch his shoulders.

“Dude, no more breakups before a game…unless you plan to play like that again. That was fucking awe-some,” George said shaking him a bit.

“I’d say keep your personal life off the field, Bailey,” Coach chuckled, patting him on the shoulder. “But I won’t complain about the results. You completely humiliated the other team.”

“Can I go home coach?”

“Go. Sleep the weekend. Rest. I want you all to rest. I’ll have your victory party ready here Monday.”

And like that the cheers roared again.

George leaned in and said over the loud noise. “Why before a game?”

“Why? What?”


“Oh.” Bailey sighed. “Later.” George nodded and wiped the sweat off his forehead. “There’s a get together tonight at Molly’s, an after party.”

“Count me out.”

“I figured, but I had to ask. Molly would kill me if I didn’t at least offer.”

Bailey smiled and held up his fist. George pounded it. “Later MVP. Little brother, take our champ home. Safely please. That’s precious cargo.”

“You have no idea,” He heard his brother say, possessively.

Once at home and behind closed doors, Tyler began peeling Bailey’s clothes off. Too exhausted to speak or resist, he let himself be stripped and led to the bathroom. Tyler turned on the shower and tested the water while Bailey stood against the wall head leaned back, watching.

Tyler stripped showing every inch of dark gold skin. He quickly pulled Bailey under the spray and began to lather up a cloth and wash his body from head to toe.

His gentleness made Bailey laugh. “I’m not fragile. I won’t brake.”

Tyler said nothing as he continued to wash Bailey’s skin. Or was it worship? Finishing, he let Bailey rinse while Tyler quickly washed himself. They both stood under the spray, Tyler rinsing behind him, his head laying on Bailey’s shoulder letting conditioner slid down from his locs over the muscles of Bailey’s arm. Bailey lifted his arms to brace his weight on the tiled wall in front of him. Though tired, he wanted to support Tyler’s weight. That was the least he could do after what he asked his brother to do for Felicia.

They stayed like that for a long time until the temperature of the water cooled.

Tyler’s hands reached around to turn the knobs and shut off the water. He grabbed a towel and dried them both.

Both still naked, Tyler led him to Bailey’s room. Inside, his brother helped him get under the covers and then slide in beside quietly. Bailey didn’t object because it wasn’t long before sleep took over.

That night, Bailey dreamt he lay in his brother’s arms, naked, and kissing, touching, bodies intertwining. And that in the darkest corner of the room someone watched. Someone waited. Someone knew. Some accused.


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