The Wrong Type of Obsession

11 Target


11: Target

Bailey didn’t know what time Tyler finally made it home last night and he didn’t care. Yeah, there was a bit of guilt, but not enough to make him lose sleep. The next morning he said nothing to his brother, didn’t even try to wake him up. It infuriated him knowing that the teen was still fucking with Felicia. And was using Bailey to do it.

“You’re not going to-“

“No.” Bailey answered Matt’s question as he ate breakfast.

“But he’ll be late.”

“I have no fucks to give, Matt.”

Matt’s eyebrows rose, but his brother made no comment.

They finished breakfast silently, just as Tyler stumbled in looking haggard. He slumped by the counter when he noticed that there was no breakfast left.

“Seriously, Bay?” Tyler shouted slamming his fist on the counter. “You’re throwing a tantrum because of some simple bitch?”

“Watch your mouth,” Bailey warned.

Matt jumped up from his chair, grabbed his backpack by the back door and left early to catch his bus, all in less than a few seconds.

Bailey stayed seated, trying to reign in his growing anger.

“We only talked. And I didn’t say anything that you wouldn’t like. I swear.” Tyler seemed to plead. “Plus, she fucking stopped to talk to me. I never asked her too. Never!” When he approached the table, Bailey slowly rose, just in case he needed to defend himself against Tyler’s erratic behavior. While his brother never threw the first punch when they fought physically, Bailey never saw the ever calm Tyler like this so there was no telling what he was capable of.

“Shit, Bay, you don’t even love her.” Tyler followed him around the kitchen as Bailey went to the sink. “She’s sex to you in a cute loyal package. You don’t even talk to her. She was so thirsty for conversation last night and a link to you, I could have easily talked her out of her panties.” Clenching his teeth, Bailey tried not to imagine Tyler sliding into Felicia’s willing body.

“Shut up, Ty.” He ordered standing at the kitchen sink, looking out the window to the yard.

“Why? Because I’m right. You know, I’m right. She’s nothing more than a high quality blow up doll to you. Pretty on your arm. Moderately smart. Available when you need a fix-“

“Shut the fuck up, Ty.”

“Oh fuck no!” Tyler growled. “If you want to hit me, hit me. I don’t give a damn. But let’s be real. The only thing you care about other than your precious football and your stupid running, is me and Matt.” His hand grabbed Bailey’s arm and spun him around. “Well, I’m right here, big brother! Willing and able. You want a fuck buddy? You won’t get better, trust me. I’ve practiced,” He moved so close, they were standing eye to eye, breath to breath. “You know I have.”

“Step back.”

“Make me,” he said darting his tongue out to lick Bailey’s lips.

Bailey’s thin control cracked. He grabbed Tyler by the throat and hauled the boy to the kitchen island. Tyler’s back hit the wood with a smack. He cursed, before rolling to the side and onto the floor. Bailey snatched his brother by his silky hair.

He pulled the guy’s head up, and stared down at him. Their eyes meet, gold on gold, and all Bailey could imagine was taking what Tyler offered.

Acting on instinct alone, Bailey’s free hand began working on his pants, until his zipper was down and he had his hardening cock poking through the open front slit of his boxers welcoming the cool air.

Tyler looked at the member, with shock. But at soon as Bailey’s dick was full, thick, and ready, that look morphed into hunger.

“I said. Shut. The fuck. Up.” He pulled Tyler’s hair so hard, he saw tears form in his brother’s eyes.

Even in pain, Tyler licked his lips seductively.

“You want it?”

Tyler nodded against Bailey’s tight hold.

He didn’t have to force his way into Tyler’s willing mouth, but he did. He shoved, pushing into the cocoon of heat that almost had him shooting his load instantly. He jerked his hips back, and shoved forward feeling the guy’s tongue massage his cock.

“Oh…fu…fuck!” Bailey nearly blew when he hit Tyler’s throat and it squeezed around the tip. His body bucked, forgetting the face he fucked belonged to his brother. All he felt was sensation, warm, wet, welcoming. He ignored the choking sounds and descended into pleasure so intense his legs threatened to give way. He came, and came, and came, in a long roar that echoed around the kitchen. Finally coming down from his high, he panted, and stared up at the ceiling. He should have been spent, should have been too disgusted to want anything to do with Tyler. But as his head rolled down to look at his brother licking his lips, cheeks flushed, and hair a mess, Bailey felt his cock thicken again.

How the fuck…?

Tyler smiled wickedly. He reached up, wrapped his long fingers around Bailey’s length, and slowly pulled the hard cock back into his mouth. Succumbing to the pleasure, Bailey vaguely registered Tyler’s other hand shoved down the front of his own sleep pants. The rhythm of Tyler’s bobbing head was slow, his cheeks hollowing. The action created an amazing suction as his brother took his time, savoring. The scene was so erotic, Bailey found himself mesmerized. Those gold eyes locked with his. Words could not express what he saw in their depths.

Bailey’s hand, still laced in Tyler’s hair, began to message, wanting to ease any pain he caused. His heart ached at knowing how wrong it was and how addictive it felt.

No one had ever sucked him with such relish, like he was a hard won victory after a long grueling game. Was he? Was he won over or had he just given up? Was this defeat, because if it was, it felt glorious. The best defeat in a warm licking mouth.

“Ty…” Was the only warning he gave before he tightened his grip and thrust forward. His balls drew up.

Tyler swallowed everything again. His tongue cleaned Bailey off before he stood to his feet a wet patch at the crotch of his pants where his brother came. They stood, staring at one another before Tyler smirked. “Never again. Right?”

Bailey nodded weakly. “Right.”

When Tyler strolled out of the kitchen, Bailey felt something sink in. Felicia wasn’t the one who he was plotting against. Oh, no, it was never Felicia or any other girl that he had his sights on. Nope. It had always been Bailey. Always.


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