The Wrong Type of Obsession

10 Taking Sides


10: Taking Sides

The next day, Matt stayed with him again. Bailey didn’t say anything to either of his brothers as most of the day was spend in his room doing sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, and whatever other exercise he could think of in his room so his brothers didn’t catch him working out.

He even studied. Anything to keep from thinking about his brother’s long lean muscular body pressed against him…grinding. Those lips which were nearly as soft as Felicia’s but twice as talented. And that slick tongue…how would it feel against his cock?

A knock thankfully broke Bailey from his spell. He lifted his head from his textbook and looked up at the door that slowly opened. Matt’s head peaked in to look down at him on the floor propped up against his bed.


Matt looked him over, with concern. “You okay?”


“Need another day home?”

“Mom on the phone?”

He nodded.

“No more home. I’m better. I need to go back on my routine.”

Matt nodded but didn’t move.

“I’m good, Matt.”


“But not everyone is as accepting and understanding as you are. Even I can’t stand my own thoughts right now.”

Matt sighed. “You know I have a Benefit I’m supposed to play for this weekend?”

“I remember.”

“You guys will be home alone.”

Bailey smiled. “We’ll be fine.”

“You know you and Tyler keep secrets well, so you guys could never be caught.”

Bailey threw his book at the door but it closed before it struck his target. Why was Matt okay with…with…? He couldn’t even think it. Yeah, Bailey had taught his brothers acceptance and to appreciate the differences in people, but this was so not the same…was it?

“Can I add, that the main problem with incest is that the offsprings have a higher risk of birth defects? That’s why it’s frowned upon,” Matt’s voice came from the door. “But since there is no way in hell two guys can get pregnant, it would just be a gay relation-“

“Matt, get the hell away from my door!” he said throwing another book. And just like that, the seed had been planted. Bailey never got hard for guys. Never saw them like that, until Tyler. It would just be sex… Oh hell no! He cleared his head and went back to his studies. He tried at least.

That night, he and Tyler practically ignored each other. But that damn Matt seemed to notice as he looked between them with obvious suspicion on his face. Though the fourteen year old never said the words, he saw the look.

After washing dishes, Bailey went up to his room, and stopped before entering when he heard voices. He slowly walked to Tyler’s door. “You seem a bit down, that’s why I’m asking.” Matt’s voice rose.

“I’m fine, Matt. I just had a long day.”

“Oh, well if you need anything, let me know.”

Tyler chuckled. “Then give me Bay wrapped in a bow and nothing else.”

Hearing the words smacked Bailey in the face. How was he supposed to live in the same house with the pervert?

“Um…um…” Matt sounded just as shocked. “Maybe if I were stronger and taller. As I am, Bailey would kick my ass.”

“Yeah, mine too… Thanks Matt, but I’m going to be just fine.” The tone in Tyler’s voice irritated Bailey for some reason. No, he knew the reason. Tyler was up to something. Tyler was always up to something. And as Bailey crept back to his room he had a sick sinking feeling it had everything to do with him.


The next day at school was pretty uneventful, except for nearly the whole school welcoming him back and the football team rallying to lift his spirits. After practice, he pulled Mitchell to the side.

“Your catches today… What the hell, Mitch? What’s going on?”

Mitchell didn’t meet his eyes but looked everywhere else instead. “I’m not feeling good.”

“I call bullshit.”

Mitchell’s shoulder’s slumped. “What do you want me to say, man, I’m…”

“Mitchell, you’re our starting running back. You’re my target when I throw. You’re the person I depend on to make us score. If I can’t depend on you, what else is there?” He moved into Mitchell’s line of sight. The guy finally looked at him and…was that a blush? With Mitchell’s dark skin tone it was hard to tell. Bailey wanted to curse the guy’s crush but held it in. “Can you do it? Can you be the team’s legs and lead us to victory Friday? If not, say so now, and I’ll run. I’ll get Dorian to throw.”

Mitchell’s eyes widened. “You would have me benched?”

“You bet your pretty brown ass. I don’t care who you fuck, when, or why. I care about the team and what we plan to do on the field. If you are apart of this team, you will too. Are you apart of this team?”

“Of course!” Mitchell’s chin rose in defiance. That’s what he needed.

“Really? Because your practice fucked us all up today. I need you ready.” He got in Mitchell’s wide face. “Will you be ready?”

“I’m ready,” Mitchell said with an edge of anger and determination.

“Are you?”

“I’m ready.” Mitchell gritted out.

“Prove it.” He demanded before walking past the guy to go change. Showered and ready to go home, he walked out of the athletic building and found Mitchell waiting for him.


“I want to apologize for the other day. With your brother… I mean.”

“It’s fine, Mitch.” He put his hand on the guy’s shoulder. “Yeah, I was a bit surprised, but that kind of thing doesn’t bother me.” If only the guy knew how many times he’d walked in on Tyler screwing someone in his bedroom…living room… kitchen… Shit, his thoughts sent heat to his groin. “Plus,” he said, then cleared this cracking voice, “According to George I only care about the sport and my brothers.”

“That’s why I wanted to apologize, cause he’s…your brother.”

“Oh… well, then no need to…” He cleared his throat again, “apologize, since you were the one… who… um…”

Mitchell laughed wholeheartedly. “Right.”

“Get ready for the game tomorrow, Mitch.”

“Of course. Night, MVP.”

On his way to his SUV he pulled out his phone to call Felicia and paused. He needed to keep his distance. He had to keep his word to Tyler if he wanted to keep Felicia safe. Maybe if he created enough space, Felicia would break up with him, instead of the otherway around.

Either way, he didn’t have long to decide. Tyler may be quiet, but that was when he was planning, plotting, and he didn’t want to give the guy time to carry out his scheme.

When he got to the parking lot, he noticed two lone cars. One was his black Honda CR-V and the other was Felicia’s blue Toyota Corolla. Outside of them, standing across from each other was Felicia leaned back comfortably against her car, hair bunned at the top of her head showing off her long neck. She wore that gauzy pink shirt that gave him easy access to her boobs and tight jeans that accented her ass. He had dreams of that ass.

Tyler who leaned back against his V, wore khaki’s and polo that made him look like an American Eagle ad. And so much sexier… He shook the thought from his head.

They seemed to be chatting like old buddies and the thought sent chills up Bailey’s spine.

“Hey, Bay,” Tyler said, when he spotted Bailey approaching.

Bailey’s hands curled into fists, stopping beside his girlfriend. “Ty. Hey Felicia,” he said kissing the top of her head. “Why are you out here?” He tried to sound carefree even as a heaviness draped over him.

“I saw Tyler here waiting for you and I thought I would wait for you, too. Keep him company, and maybe get to talk to you since we haven’t had much time together today or the past few days.” She wrapped her arms around Bailey’s waist. He glared at Tyler who smiled unapologetically.

“We were just talking about how busy you get before a game. I warned her you have a one-track mind.”

“She knows.”

“Yeah, but I think I can work on that.” She smiled up at him.

Bailey shrugged. “You can try.”

“I could start tonight,” she said suggestively.

He took her arms and unwrapped them from his waist. Even if he wasn’t planning to breakup with her that would never happen. “I have a game tomorrow, Felicia. I need to focus. Thanks for the offer though.”

“Oh,” she said face flushing as she looked over at Tyler who seemed to sympathize with her and gave her a mournful pout.

Shit, he was so good at playing people.

“Um, well. Goodnight.” She quickly got into her car.

He turned to put his hand on her car door to stop her, explain himself, maybe apologize, or… Tyler grabbed his arm stopping him. Bailey glared down at the offending hand. It fell away, just as Felicia’s car started. When he heard the soft scrape of her car window slide down he looked over at her.

“Will… will I see you tomorrow night after the game?” She asked not looking at him, staring straight ahead a the empty parking spaces spanning the lot.

He shook his head, “No, Beautiful, tomorrow night’s no good,” he said through gritted teeth knowing it sounded more harsh than he meant it too. But he was holding back some serious whup ass.

“I see.” She sighed. “Later?”


She drove off.

Bailey put his fist into Tyler’s gut.

His brother doubled over, coughing.

Without waiting for his brother to recover, he walked to the driver’s side, got in, started the car, and pulled off leaving the other boy laying on the asphalt.

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