The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 1.9



Dorian stopped at a random door he found and pushed it open. When he noticed it was empty, he dragged Mitchell inside and slammed the door shut in his uncle’s face, barring that drooling savage out. “Lust after my Mitchy and I’ll cut your balls off!” Dorian yelled.

“Bats…why the hell are we running from your uncle? He won’t touch me without permission,” Mitchell said in a low tempting tone.

Dorian felt fingers caress his neck and he shivered. He turned to Mitchell frantic. “We’re surrounded! This is an ambush! Why the hell else would they all be here? They plan to drag me back and have their way with me or torture me with nipple clamps-“

Mitchell’s hands came up and smacked onto both sides of Dorian’s face, smashing his head in a punishing grip. Those normally come hither eyes, stared at him with annoyance. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

Dorian squeaked. “You saw it, didn’t you Mitchy, my evil super villain darth uncle? And that Val the Impaler.”

Mitchell blew out a breath and stepped back. “This is about what your dad does, isn’t it?”

“They kill people for fun, My Beloved!”

“So you’ve told me. But you’ve never run away from him. Why run? Usually, you just go toe to toe with the man, both of you saying stupid shit, neither of you listening.” Mitchell took a seat on the empty hospital bed.

Dorian sat next to Mitchell and laid his head against Mitchell’s. “He wants you.”


“He made me an offer…a very…very…evil…tempting offer.” He turned his face and whispered in Mitchell’s ear, “The kind of sweet seductive deal that only a devil would make.”

“You mean the one where he watches us screw like rabbits to make my media nightmares go away?”

“Yes… He even offered to buy your team. And I’ve been thinking about it… Seriously. Ever since I found out that you’ve been getting nasty phone calls and have to deal with that asshole team owner,” Dorian whispered, wanting to lick that chocolate ear close to his lips.

“Would you quit whispering in my ear?” Mitchell’s hand came over Dorian’s face, pushing him away. “I’m trying not to fuck you in here.”

“Just say booty time and I’m ready.”

Mitchell laughed. “Not until you tell me how the fuck you plan to talk me into this bullshit. Cause while I don’t mind joking around with you and your uncle, no one’s invited into our skinship.”

Dorian winced from even considering such a temptation. “I know…I know… But… Dammit, all of your media nightmares could go poof, all we’d have to do is…succumb to the dark side. My love, you could have a smooth sailing life.”

“Very tempting.”

“See! You’d probably even consider handing me over to his evilness so that I can end up a flesh eating zombie just to save your own precious nicely shaped ass!” Dorian scoffed, not believing his baby was so heartless.

“Well, it is your fault I’m in this mess.”

“I know…” Dorian whimpered. “I love you, Mitchy…please don’t sell me for parts…please!” He got on his knees on the cold hard ground and looked up at his lover’s chiseled chin, begging pitifully. “I know what I did was stupid, I should’ve waited to kiss you in private, then fondle and grab your ass. But can you blame me? You’re my favorite addiction.”

“Those people out there aren’t going to sleep with me, Batshit!” Mitchell shouted and stood up. “I would never allow it even if they wanted to. It’s about trusting me, not them.”

“I know…but you never had so many fans before. And now you’re famous, making me nuttier than usual. I’ll do better!” Dorian grabbed his friend by the arm and pulled him into his demanding arms. “Now kiss me.”

Mitchell chuckled and kissed Dorian. Warm lips pressed together, parted, and tongues slowly slipped to merge with heated breath. They grabbed each other’s asses as they kissed, tongues flicking against each other.

Dorian groaned, rubbing his pelvis to get more friction on his cock against Mitchell’s. Moving back toward the bed, Dorian climbed on his man as Mitchell lay back. Dorian lay ontop of that hard body, cradled his lover’s neck as he continued to taste, tongue sliding in and out of lush lips. He moaned when he felt Mitchell’s rough hands slid down the back of his pants and grope his ass.

Then they heard the door close.

Both of them stilled.

“I’ll kill him.” Dorian growled wanting to get up, but Mitchell held him tightly to him, arms circling his waist.

“Since you got to watch, don’t you owe Dorian something?” Mitchell asked.

“But you’re not finished.” Ivan nearly purred with lust.

“You’re peeped without permission, Tom.” Dorian snarled even as his eyes never left Mitchell’s.

There was a long sigh. “Fine. Let’s talk.” When the bed dipped, Dorian’s head snapped to the side to see his uncle laying sideways, elbow digging into the mattress as one hand propping up his head, clearly relaxing. “You know… you two are beautiful together. Like art. Poetry. A perfect-“

“Cut the crap, Petey Perv. Talk.” Dorian grumped. Can’t believe he even had the nerve to interrupt our sexy time…grrrr….

“I’ve talked to an acquaintance. He knows American football. Quite an enthusiast. Also, I have pictures of him fucking his step-daughter, while still married to the girl’s mother. And if I recall correctly, the girl is barely sixteen.” Ivan chuckled a wicked sound.

“You blackmailed him?” Dorian sat up on Mitchell’s lap.

“I prefer the term persuaded. I persuaded him.” Ivan smiled a sweet expression that made him look slightly angelic, if a bald killer could even look somewhat innocent.

“To do what?” Mitchell asked frowning.

“Good question. All I asked of him is to use his considerable influence in the league to make sure your career isn’t affected. Can’t have my nephew’s career fucked with, now can I?”

“Thank you, Uncle-“

“Don’t thank him!” Dorian snapped, covering Mitchell’s mouth. “Don’t you dare thank the scheming, blackmailing, bunny shirt wearing psycho uncle! What’s the price?”

“Price?” His uncle looked completely clueless and hurt. “Whatever do you mean, dear nephew? Why would I make my most favorite nephew pay anything?”

“When the hell did I become your favorite nephew?” Dorian scoffed. “I thought Jerry is your favorite.”

Ivan let out a soft laughed. “Jerry? My favorite?” He continued to chuckled. “You and Jerry are pretty even in terms of favor. But no, my favorite nephew is the one who I get to see half nude in sports magazines. Those abs…delish. Those sexy eyes…damn.” Uncle Ivan’s eyes roved over Mitchell like he could eat him alive, lick by lick, by suck.

Dorian’s whole face drained in color as he looked down at the man who’s very abs he’d licked almost every night. Even Mitchell looked completely shocked.

“Can I just say, there is something totally sexy about watching that nice ass run up and down the field in those tight-“

Noooooooooooooo!” Dorian screamed. “I knew it! He’s fucking you in his head.” He tried to launch at his uncle and gouge out those piercing blue eyes. Mitchell quickly grabbed Dorian’s wrists to restrain him. “I’ll kill him!”

“I’ve already ordered that calendar you’re in, Mitchell.” The accented words rolled off his tongue in a sinful sound that made Dorian want to cut out some tongues. “I can’t wait to use that image as I…” He made an obscene hand gesture of jerking himself off. “So how could I possibly allow you to be benched. That means less photos of you without your shirt and in sexy poses.”

Nooooooooo!” Dorian continued screaming not believing his ears. How could he allow such blasphemy against his god! The sinner had to be culled!

“Thank you, Uncle Ivan, for all of your help,” Mitchell said through clenched teeth. “Now please, get the fuck out before Dorian reaches a new level of apeshit.”

“Must purge the unworthy! You shall be the first sacrifice to cleanse the temple and sanctify the alter!” Dorian struggled to get his hands on the deviant as Mitchell flipped him over onto the floor and quickly restrained him. “The non-believers shall burn in hell!”

“Nephew, I’m sure with this new incident there will be plenty of photo opportunities, so please send me all the juicy ones,” Ivan said, getting up from the bed.

This means holy war, you slutty murderous bitch of a devil’s whore!”

“So hurtful,” The gangster said even as he chuckled.

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