The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 1.8



Three hours passed before the first of Cody’s family came in frantic.

No. Frantic was the wrong word. Mr. Gabriel Walthour, one of the richest men in the world, looked like he was ready to kill something.

Mitchell never saw the man like that. Though he only saw him a few times in high school and after Cody became his sports agent, he never once saw anything but an emotionless mask.

Today, there was no mask. If looks could destroy, murder, and maim-

“I’m scared.” Dorian murmured snuggling closer to Mitchell in fear. He was seeing the same thing Mitch was seeing.

Mitchell remembered what Dorian told him about Cody and Mr. Walthour– father and daughter. It was…kind of twisted, yet, seeing how sexy the man was and how beautiful the woman was… All he could envision was pornographic stuff that he and Dorian often browsed through on their off days.

Then he remembered what else Dorian had said. Cody looked a bit sad because of Gabe. It seemed their was tension between the two but Cody didn’t want to go into detail about it. Dorian said she hinted about it being because of the pregnancy.

After listening to Dorian mention how stressed and worried she seemed to be because of it, Mitchell had punched his friend.

Why’d you hit me?” Dorian had whimpered.

Couldn’t you have waited until after the babies were born to act a public fool? Now we’ve gone and made her stress worse. And this happens.” Mitchell growled feeling all kinds of guilty.

Dorian had nodded and sighed because he had clearly thought of the same thing.

But what was done was done.

Now the infamous other half of Cody was standing not too far from them, and Mitchell had the urge to hide from that fury fearing he might be blamed.

“What the fuck do you mean you’re not certain?” The billionaire roared while the doctor talked to him.

“I’m really scared.” Dorian nearly crawled in Mitchell’s lap. Mitchell kissed him on the neck and hugged him wanting to run as well. But he had promised Cody he would be back to check on her periodically. If he could, he would’ve stayed in the room with her, but the nurses told them it wasn’t a good idea to have too many visitors for too long with her blood pressure being unstable. And Mitchell had a feeling he was one of the sources of her unstable pressure.

While the doctor was trying to explain the situation to Mr. Walthour, a woman carrying two coffee shop paper cups waltzed up looking calm and cool. She wasn’t very tall, average for a woman, she wore a snug skirt that hugged her generous ass and showed off beautifully toned legs. Her skin was like flawless honey and her soft wavy mahogany hair framed her face. The shirt and suit jacket combo she wore was very business, yet showed off her curves in a nearly flirty fashion. He’d never seen a woman who could seduce without putting forth much effort.

“Lloyd.” Her accented voice was calming silk, as she held up a cup. “He is one of the best in his field. So Cody’s in good hands. Now drink. And let the man do his job.” She ordered as if she were the boss of the billionaire. Which couldn’t be right…unless.

Mitchell and Dorian sneaked each other wicked glances. Was she the adopted sister that Mr. Walthour’s family recently brought in? Bailey and Tyler’s half-sister…who was sleeping with the baby brother?

Lifting the cup, it seemed she pressed the tyrant’s obedience button, because Mr. Walthour grunted, snatch the coffee, and turned to march toward the waiting area where Dorian and Mitchell sat. Shoulder to shoulder, they both stiffened when the tycoon took a seat across from them and glared. Those green eyes pierced through them like they were nothing…or less than nothing.

The beautiful woman, after she finished speaking to the doctor, slowly sauntered her way toward them, hips slightly swaying, high heels clicking, while she wore a devilishly sexy expression.

Dorian stiffened even more beside Mitchell. Mitchell looked over at his friend who glared at the woman.

Mitchell chuckled inwardly, knowing that look. The guy was warding the woman away from his territory.

As if the woman noticed, she pinched her lips together in an amused smirk. She took a seat beside Mr. Walthour.

She began murmuring to the big angry man. Taking a deep breath, Mr. Walthour lifted the cup.

“She’ll be fine,” the woman’s lips seem to say in Mr. Walthour’s ear.

The cup never made it up to Mr. Walthour’s mouth before it slipped from his grasp and his body leaned heavily toward her.

With quick fingers, like lightning, she grabbed the cup in the air before it neared the floor. Mr. Walthour lost consciousness, head on her shoulder, body slumped.

Dorian gasped. “Holy…flaming…donkey shit.”

She waved for the guards. They came immediately as if they had been poised and waiting. Four of them grabbed the guy’s tall muscular body, carefully picking him up and put him on a hospital gurney that was wheeled by another guard. After settling him on it comfortably, they pushed him from Mitchell’s view into a room not far away.

Why did that look like it was planned?

Mitchell and Dorian glanced at each other shocked before looking back at the woman across from them.

“I apologize for the late introduction.” She smiled a dazzling expression as if she didn’t just drug one of the most powerful men in the world. “My name is Val Bellini-Sadik, adopted sister of Gabriel Walthour. It is finally nice to meet you both. I’ve heard so much about you two from Cody and Bailey.”

“Hi.” They both said as the same time, dumbfounded.

“Does she look like their sister to you?” Mitchell whispered to Dorian.

Mouth still hung open, Dorian just shook his head, stupefied. Then he nodded and closed his mouth as if he changed his mind. “Yeah, I can see it a bit. They all got that sexy thing going. And the eyes. Definitely those Tyler “sex-me” eyes.”

Val chuckled. “I want to thank you for your help, Mitchell. You made a huge difference when you got Cody off her feet. You just don’t know how grateful I am that you were there in her time of need.”

“It didn’t look like she was alone…she had guards…those were her guards, right?” Mitchell asked carefully.

“Of course. With her delicate state we all wanted to make sure she had protection.” Val smiled radiantly.

“Did you really just drug one of the most powerful gangsters in the world?” Dorian asked.

“Dorian!” Mitchell warned.

“You know me, babe, I like spanking the elephant in the room on the ass,” he said to Mitchell before he turned back to Val. “I mean it’s just peachy if you did because you brought the whole threat level down. I’m still alive!” He sang like a diva. “So, did you? Slip him a mickey? And are you planning to do him in his sleep…cause that would be… Oh and yeah, me and my babe already know about the whole kinky family dynamic so it’s cool if the brother and adopted sister get busy.”

Mitchell groaned. “I swear, Bats, you need to shut up.”

“Tact doesn’t like me very much. Plus, its just the three of us here so it’s not like anyone can eavesdrop or what not.” Dorian pouted like a sulking kid looking cute and kissable.

“Stop it.” Mitchell elbowed him, then said to Val, “Please forgive him. He speaks out of his ass.”

“Yes, and my ass wants to know, did you really just drug him?” Dorian persisted.

Val just chuckled. Her pleasant face didn’t change as she brought her cup to her lips and sipped, still balancing the other cup on her lap. Those hazel eyes, big and beautiful, watched them, amusement dancing behind her lashes. About to take another sip, she paused, then lowered her cup slightly. “You know Dorian… You look so much like your father.”

Mitchell felt Dorian stiffen. He turned his head to see Dorian’s face pale, his hand tightened its grip on Mitchell’s.

He turned back to see the wicked glint in Val’s gold-green eyes. Did this woman know about Dorian’s weakness? Dorian damn near hated his father, and hated more to be compared to the man.

“You should really be careful of what you ask, say, and to whom,” Val said pleasantly, enunciating each syllable as if tasting it along with the coffee. “Not everyone will be amused or courteous enough to…warn you.”

Chills ran up Mitchell’s spine as he felt that this woman was ruthless. Though she appeared harmless, for her to target what Dorian hated most showed she knew far too much.

Mitchell opened his mouth about to apologize or defend his lover, he wasn’t sure which, but Dorian slapped a hand over Mitchell’s mouth. Fear flickered in those baby blues when they looked back at Mitchell.

“Dorian?” Mitchell reached up forcing those hands from his face. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re…” Dorian swallowed slowly looking toward Val.

“I’m?” She arched one brow. A smirk curled the corner of her lips.

“You know my father…which means you know my uncles… Don’t you?” He pointed at her accusingly. “You’re not just adopted…you’re one of them, aren’t you? The evil ones who plot to takeover the world from good decent folk like my Mitchy.”

Mitchell eyed his best friend’s theatrical performance. He sighed inwardly waiting for the grand performance to go into act two.

She chuckled. “World domination is too messy for me. However, I am one of them.”

Dorian stood up and pointed at the woman, and with such righteous indignation in every pose and word, he said, “Miss Missy, I’ll have you know I am a man of the cloth! I have high morals and even higher standards.” He flung his finger about as if preaching to an audience. “I refuse to lower myself to such deplorable people such as yourself. So for society’s sake, keep your monkey business away from my Mitchy business…” He trailed off, head moving slightly to stare down the hall.

Mitchell followed his gaze. Coming up the corridor looking like he had a purpose was Matthew Delarosa, Bailey’s youngest brother. And behind him, was a man Mitchell had seen many times before and yet, why was he here now?

Tall, muscular, with brilliant blue eyes to match his nephew’s was Dorian’s eldest uncle, Ivan Voronin. They really looked a lot a like. The only thing that stood them apart was the man was much older and looked a bit more intimidating with his bald head. But the pink and blue bunny t-shirt under a well-tailored suit was definitely something quirky Dorian would do.

“Hey, Uncle Iv-” Before Mitchell could finish, Dorian grabbed him by the arm, hoisted him to his feet and they began marching down the opposite side of the hall away from the approaching group.

“Don’t talk to that lecherous devil. He wants to fuck you. I just know it!”


“True. I do want to fuck you.” He heard behind him. Too close behind them. Was the man following? And jogging?

“See!” Dorian snapped. “Stay away from my Scooby snacks you nasty old pervy sage.”

“I don’t want Scooby snacks. But I’ll take a Mitchy snack.”

“You’re not helping, Uncle Ivan.” Mitchell groaned wondering if these two weren’t actually father and son.


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