The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 1.7



Dorian pulled up to the hospital nearly running over a horde of scummy reporters. The only thing that stopped him from splattering their bodies on the pavement was that his king gave him the Maserati GranTurismo as an anniversary present and Dorian didn’t want to dent the red beauty. His Mitchy was so romantic. Who needed wine and candle light when one could have horsepower! Lots and lots of vroom, vroom!

Ignoring that he was illegally parked, Dorian hopped out of the car and pretended he didn’t see the flashing cameras.

“Dorian! Dorian!”

“Any news about Bailey Delarosa’s babies!”

“Dorian, questions over here!”

“Isn’t it too soon for Cody to give birth? Is this just a tactic to gain sympathy from the media for her client?”

If Cody hadn’t already warned him to play nice with the fuckers, Dorian would’ve gone on a tirade and mooned the bitches. It was because of those bitches that his king was being crucified…

Okay, it was Dorian’s fault, but who could blame him? Mitchy was just too cute – all hot and tempting. Dorian’s lips could not, not kiss him for all to see. And grope him…that ass was made for groping.

Dorian ran to the reception desk and asked for Cody’s room. And to his delight, Queen C not only had a room, she had half the floor occupied. Well, damn.

Dorian had tried to tell Mitch years ago that Cody had unusual favor with the Big Cheese Walthour, but Mitch thought it was all in Dorian’s head. Yeah, Dorian imagined a lot of shit, however, he didn’t imagine the subtle flirting Cody did with Walthour when the guy came to visit their office. And for a man with many other investments, he visited Cody like he was a dying man and she was his last hope at life.

So of course, Dorian wanted to know the real skinny about their relationship. Before today, Cody said it was because she was friends with Molly and dating Bailey who was supported by Walthour. But now he knew the truth. Scandalous, yummy debauchery! Love it!

When he got to the fourth floor, he noticed one side of the hall was busy with staff while the other side was quiet. Eerily horror movie quiet.

Dorian headed toward the not so scary side of the hallway, when he screamed after a hand grabbed his arm.

“Shut it, Bats, you’ll disturb the patients.” The hand dragged him toward the silent abyss.

Dorian turned to his king. Throwing his arms around Mitchell’s neck he let his body lean on that sexy back, nearly draping himself on his muscled lover.

“Dammit, Bats…” They both tumbled to the floor when Mitchell could no longer support Dorian’s dead weight. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Did you forget the last time?” Mitch laughed until Dorian wrapped his arms around his waist and nuzzled the man’s hard chest.

“I missed you.” He whined, getting hard from just the masculine smell of his man. He only dared to be shameless because no one else was around.

“Bats, be serious.” Mitchell didn’t sound good. Dorian looked up into that beautiful face, thick lips turned down in the corners. “It’s bad…Cody’s bad.”

Dorian let go and pulled back. He reached up to cradle Mitchy’s face in his hands. “How bad?”

“She’s bleeding…they have to do an emergency C-section…its risky and…her pressure dropped…”

Dorian’s heart drooped into his stomach. “Cody’s tough as hell. She’ll be fine,” he said as much to Mitchell as to himself. “She’s still got a promise to keep, remember?”

Mitchell laughed.

Cody swore to Dorian she was going to plant her big beautiful feet up his ass for creating the media storm nightmare that was now his Mitchy’s life. Even Dorian wanted to kick himself for being so blinded by jealousy, and yet his only regret — it caused Mitch discomfort.

Mitchell sat up and stood. He grabbed Dorian by the elbow helping him up.

They went toward the operating area where Mitch sat with Dorian in the waiting room on a bench chair. In the quiet room filled with rows of chairs, they were the only occupants. They held hands, waiting for news. Several suited guards roamed the halls, keeping the area under surveillance.

“So…” Mitch began slowly as one of the guards passed. “Remember that thing you said about Mr. Walthour and your boss…”

Dorian grinned wickedly. “Yeah?”

“Bailey and Molly both said something odd.”

“Odd?” Dorian leaned in, giddy to tell what he knew.

“After I told Bailey, he said he’s on the way, then he asked if anyone called Mr. Walthour.”

Dorian’s eyes brightened with gossip.

“And when Molly found out she called me…She panicked and said something…something like, Daddy’s going to shit himself before she caught herself. I thought that was kind of weird seeing as Molly, who’s supposed to be the best friend, should be the one more upset than Mr. Walthour. And mind you, Molly was pretty damn upset.”

Dorian just remembered. “Ginormous George has a game tonight…”

“She’s leaving George there to play and coming alone.”

“Alone?” Dorian gawked. “Madame Mo’ Money never leaves her Georgy flavored candy behind.”


Dorian beamed as he nearly vibrated with the secrets he held.

Mitchell looked over him suspiciously. “Bats?”


“I haven’t seen you this excited and ready to explode since the day you found out about Jerry and Uncle Phil. What do you know?”

Dorian squealed. “OMG, girlfriend, let me tell you!” He smacked his lips, crossed his legs and snapped his fingers. “First, you have to swear, by the best friend code of besties to never, ever, never, ever, ever, ever tell a soul about what I’m going to tell you.”

Mitchell put his hand over his heart. “I swear.”

Dorian squealed again and lowered his head.

Mitchell also lowered his head so that their foreheads were touching conspiratorially.

Dorian said in a low voice, “Girl…” He smacked his lips, “Let me tell you what the ever living monkey turds is going on…”

As Dorian spoke, Mitchell blinked in shock and said after every dropped bomb, “Oh. Shit…”

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