The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 1.5



“You know, I’m a bit upset.” Uncle Ivan’s Russian accent came through the phone as if he were pouting. “I asked if I could join you two in the sack. You declined-“

“I believe, hell no was the exact answer I gave,” Dorian said tapping his chin in thought.

“And when I resigned myself to just watch you two.”

“Yep, yep, that was also a hell no.” Dorian nodded, remembering clearly. He looked up at Mitchell who was smirking while eating breakfast.

“So, it shocks me to find that you can deny me such earthly pleasures, but you show the whole world? I’m your uncle! Your flesh and blood!”

Dorian’s jaw dropped naked hip leaning against the cold kitchen counter. “It’s not like I bared my ass to the world and shook my dick in their face. Plus, you’ve seen me and my Mitchy kiss so-“

“Yes, but only because I snuck a peek while you were making out at my house. And you weren’t happy I was peeping. Yet you can flash the whole world! I’m your uncle!”

“Yes, my creepy uncle who wants to have a three-way with me and my sole property. No one bangs my man but me!”

“Fine, I can bang you while-“

“Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope!” Dorian shook his head furiously, nearly rattling his brain to mush. “Mitchy won’t allow your dick to invade his territory.”

“For the right price.” Mitchell looked thoughtful.

“What!” Dorian screeched. “You, Mister, take that back this instance.” He stamped his foot, free hand parking on his narrow hip.

Mitchell just shrugged and continued eating.

“So you see, he agreed.” His uncle sounded far too damn eager.

“Hold your horses DJ Uncle Slut. I refuse. Absolutely, positively refuse to-“

“I can make this whole football ordeal disappear.” Low seductive words, caressed his ear. “I can even make sure your Mitchy never needs to worry that the team’s owner will single him out. If you want, I can even buy the team…”

Dorian sucked in a sharp breath, eyes widening in disbelief. He covered his mouth. The whispers of the devil really is tempting and wicked.

“All I ask is…let me watch you and Mitchell in the carnal throes of passion. I won’t even touch.”

“Mitchy…” He whispered. “I think I just got a scandalous indecent proposal… The Demi Moore kind. One I almost can’t refuse.”

Mitchell eyed him. “Bats…?”

“He only wants to watch…” If this could keep his Mitchy from suffering from the misery he caused, what did it matter to let the man watch? Then as he imagined the man drooling over his special select reserved limited edition one of a kind Mitchell, Dorian’s whole body went into rage. “Oh. Hell. No! Fuck you, you perverted old demon. And keep your grubby paws of my snuggle wuggle!” He hung up.

Grumpy after dealing with pure evil, and mentally drained, Dorian dragged his naked body to Mitchell and squeezed into the man’s lap, pushing the table back. He wrapped his arms around Mitchell’s neck and began to kiss the man with bacon in his mouth. They swapped food until Dorian nearly choked and swallowed the wad.

“Mmmmm, tasty.”

“You better?” Mitchell asked, rubbing a rough hand over Dorian’s back.

“He wants you. I just know it.”

“He’s not a bad guy, Dorian. Perverted. But-“

“He is a bad guy, Mitch.” Dorian looked up into Mitchell’s sexy hooded eyes. “He’s a really bad guy.” Being a gangster was not a job for saints. And his uncle was one of the depraved ones with billions of dollars.

Sighing, Mitchell nodded. “But Bats-“

“Sex Time!” Dorian yelled jumping up. He undid his bestie’s towel off his waist and let the loose ends fall onto both sides of the chair. “You think I’m walking around like this and lubed as some fashion statement…though that does give me ideas…”

“Bats, no going Emperor’s New Clothes on me, please.” Mitchell scooted back from the table.

Dorian smoothed his hands over hard pectoral muscles before straddling those powerful thighs. Shit, my man’s skin feels incredible. Delectable. “Dammit, baby-cakes, you know me too well.”

“It’s my day job.” Mitchell kissed him.

“Hell, that’s a shitty job, don’t envy you.” Dorian gyrated his hips, rubbing their hard dicks together. “Speaking of jobs…” His lips brushed Mitchell’s before he spoke again. “Tonight’s game-“

“I know the rules: no injuries and kick some ass.” Mitchell gave a breathy reply. His hooded gaze filled with lust. He licked Dorian’s lips lightly.

Dorian nodded sticking his tongue into the male god’s mouth, licking, teasing. Kissing, tongues tangling, slowly, tasting, Dorian rose his hips and positioned himself over Mitchell’s cock. “Make them regret ever making a big deal about you being gay. Let them eat crow! Raw and bloody! Revenge, bitches!”

Mitchell chuckled into his chest before kissing a nipple holding Dorian’s hips and pushing down. Dorian grunted at the blunt entrance. The head of Mitchell’s cock powered into his anus at full force before stopping right on Dorian’s prostate. Dorian’s eyes widened and his breath stuck in his throat.

“Revenge.” Mitchell purred in Dorian’s ear and Dorian winced knowing it was going to be another rough ride. Mitchell lifted from the chair, pushing Dorian back onto table, grabbed Dorian’s leg lifting it. Both of them ignored the food entirely.

Dorian felt himself widening and he moaned feeling his insides rub against that thick length. He reached out, wrapping his arms around Mitchell’s neck, adjusting to the girth.

Then Mitchell’s other hand smoothed up Dorian’s back until his hand landed on his nape. Dorian shivered from the calloused fingers sensitizing his skin.

“Are you holding on?” Mitchell asked, slowly pulling out.

Dorian only nodded feeling his hole trying to suck on that hot cock, as if it wanted Mitchell to remain planted inside. And he did. He wanted his boo deep, so deep, they would be rooted like a mighty oak.

When the head of Mitchell’s cock got close to the entrance and nearly popped free, Mitchell plowed upward shooting his thick meat into Dorian, almost reaching his abdomen.

Oh, fuck…fuckty, fuck…” Dorian’s back arched, blindly groping Mitchell’s strong back.

“If we win tonight.” He pulled out slow, breathing hot sensual words into Dorian’s ear making his hot body overheat. “I’ll let you punish my ass as much as you want tonight.”

“Promise?” He asked, even though he didn’t care. He preferred his Mitchy owning his ass. It felt fucking fantabulous! S.E.X.!

Mitchell kissed along Dorian’s cheek and ear. “Promise,” He said before he began a ruthless pursuit for that magic spot that made Dorian a drooling, pooling, whimpering mess.

Oh, shit…” The table creaked as Mitchell’s cock punched at Dorian’s insides, rubbing slick lube deeper and deeper. His body quivered with each inward motion. His hand slammed down on the table’s surface, trying to endure, body still sensitive from last night. However, his body craved each thrust, and screamed out at each retreat of that glorious cock. He blindly kissed skin and chin, seeking Mitchell’s lips. He wanted those rough hands touching everywhere.

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck the shit out of me.” Dorian whined, panting through the blazing heat. His cock leaked over and over, as his body convulsed in pleasure, pain, and a euphoria he couldn’t describe with words. Heat licked his skin like he lived in a stove. His nerves where sparking. His cock touched against muscled abs. “Oh, Mitch… I’m your bitch… Your queen sleaze. Your cock sleeve…”

You talk too much!” Mitchell thrust harder, rocking the table as he plowed the field.

Dorian grunted drowned in orgasmic pleasure, cumming as Mitchell continued working his ass like they didn’t fuck everyday. He dug in, pulled out, shoved in, slid out, and then punched through barriers that had Dorian seeing stars.

Sex. Is. Awesomeness!


“So you and Mitchell Pearson…” Dorian’s assistant came in with a smirk on her lips. She wore a gray pants suit today that accented her curves.

Dorian sighed at his nosy assistant. “Does the office gossip have any interview questions for me?”

“Actually I do. But… Cody would kill me if I asked elicit questions during work.” She batted her eyes as a blush covered her creamy cheeks.

Dorian pointed to the door.

She eagerly closed it and ran to the chair sitting down and leaning forward, hungry for details.

That’s why he liked this assistant. She was depraved when necessary, yet knew when to back off.

“As punishment, he fucked me so hard last night and this morning I can barely move without pain.”

She covered her mouth hiding her delight.

“I’m sitting on one of those inflatable donut things now to alleviate the pressure.” Dorian glowed. “It was awesome.”

“Aren’t you worried… about damage?” She asked keeping her voice low.

Dorian snorted. “As long as the sex is awesome, I don’t care if he cripples me.”

She busted out a laugh.

The door swung open then, and Cody’s narrowed eyes looked over the room before she glared at Dorian.

Dorian jumped to his feet, winced from pain and saluted her at the same time. “Yes, sir, General, sir!”

She rolled her eyes. “Did you get my message?” She asked, looking at Dorian’s assistant.

Dorian barely heard the assistant curse.

“I asked to see you in my office the moment you got in the office.” Cody continued to eye the assistant who slowly dropped her head.

Dorian’s jaw dropped as he cocked his head to the side staring at his assistant as if she’d lost her ever loving pink fleshy mind. What the fuck!

“Sorry, I-“

“Coming boss!” Dorian didn’t even spare her a glance as he scrambled around the desk.

“We’ll meet here. Sit.” She stepped into Dorian’s office.

His assistant jumped up and walked quickly for the door. I’ll deal with you later, hussy. Normally, a meeting with Cody wouldn’t be urgent, however, everyone in the office knew that Dorian was in the shit, so his assistant should’ve known that Cody’s message was priority this morning when he got into the office…twenty frickin’ minutes ago!

Cody shuffled into the office with her hands smoothing over her protruding stomach. “Close the door on your way out.”

The assistant did.

“I wanted to tell you this before anyone else did because I knew you would overreact. We got some…not too nice phone calls last night. Your cousin’s looking into it.”

Dorian’s body tensed. “What’d they say about my snuggle poo?”

Cody sighed. “I’m not telling. Relax. I’ve got it covered. However, you might hear some things. So I want you to prepare yourself because I don’t want you making it a public circus.”

Dorian nodded closing his eyes to clear the fury. He could careless what anyone said about himself, but if they want to fuck with his Mitchell… He remembered his uncle’s proposal that morning.


“I won’t let him go down for my fuck up.” He slammed his fist on the desk. He opened his eyes to see Cody smiling at him.

“Don’t worry. I got your back. You might be crazy as hell, but I know how much you love him.” She rubbed her stomach blowing out a long breath. “I also came to apologize about yesterday. Violence isn’t allowed in my company so I should’ve restrained myself. As the president, I set an example.” Her shoulders slumped.

“Queen C, is everything okay?” Dorian asked noticing the sadness in her face.

Cody shrugged. “Being pregnant kind of messes with stuff… Changes things. My body.” She pointed to her stomach making a quirky face. “My emotions… Other’s feelings toward me…” She rubbed her forehead clearly frustrated.

“Is this about Bailey? Is he…not treating you well?” Dorian asked realizing he hadn’t seen the quarterback in a while.

“No… Bailey’s been wonderful as usual.” She smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes. “Other stuff.” She shrugged.

“Walthour stuff?” Fuck! Dorian’s mouth opened before he could stop it. Bad habits could be a bitch.

Cody’s whole body stilled. The frown came and went. Then she said, “What do you mean?”

Dorian opened his mouth trying to find a good lie.

“Dorian… What has your uncle been telling you?” Cody frowned.

“My…” Dorian’s whole body shivered. “You know Uncle Ivan?” The pitch of his tone reached a whole new octave.

Cody sighed and shuffled to one of the side chairs and took a seat. “The only reason Bailey and I haven’t told you is because you talk too much.”

Dorian was speechless. “And Bailey… What about Bailey? Why the fuck do I feel like the friends who I’ve known for fucking ever are keeping secrets and I’m on the outside only because I’m not all there in the head? I’ll have you know I keep all kinds of secrets! All. Fucking. Kinds. Like… And… Then there’s that…”

“Your cousin’s affair. Your uncle’s occupation. And your father’s business dealings.” Cody nodded filling in the blanks that Dorian didn’t mention.

“You know about Jerry!” Dorian collapsed back into the chair, boneless. “Cody…” Then he shot up and leaned forward. “Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me!”

Cody’s brows rose. “I’m willing to tell you because you know about Jerry and have kept it to yourself. But… Can you promise on Mitchell’s life that you won’t blab? Cause if you do, he’s the one who will suffer. And that’s not a threat from me.”

Dorian paused. “Can I tell my boo? Cause we swap everything.”

She nodded.

“Then I want to know the gushy sweet juice. Spill! Or I swear I’ll teach those little angels some really bad habits once they’re born.” He grinned evilly.

Cody cringed, before she began speaking. And the more she spoke, the more Dorian’s jaw dropped. The more his jaw dropped, the more his imagination played. And the more his imagination created scenes to accompany her words, the harder Dorian’s dick got.

Holy. Fuck. I knew it!

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