The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 4.9



It’d been a month since Val recovered from the miscarriage. Her body felt fine, but her emotions were a bit irritable at times. However, she knew how to mask it. She only took it out on Matt when they were in the bed and she fucked him until she felt raw and exhausted.

Tonight was another marathon of mind numbing sex. She lay propped on her bent elbows, ass in the air, his thick long cock penetrating her anal canal with slow steady thrusts. She sucked in air, her nerves reminding her of the pleasure that they had just finished with not five minutes ago. Body coated with sweat, she grunted in pain when he thrust hard and paused to kiss along her spine. His hands massaged her breast, holding them in his palm and squeezing, rolling the nipple between his fingers at times. She groaned when his pinched, and moaned when he licked along her shoulder blades. Then she whimpered when he slowly began his thrusts again, so slow he nearly crawled in and out of her, tormenting her body. One of his hands left her breast to slowly caress over her stomach heightening her senses, that hand left a trail of tickled skin. His long fingers played along her flesh past her pelvis to pluck at her clit. Her hips jerked when he twisted and tugged her like she was his instrument. Sometimes those fingers dipped deep into her dripping wet heat, wanting to find some hidden treasure as they probed. She moaned and pushed back on his cock and fingers whenever he found her g-spot.

Puppy…” she pleaded, wanting the teasing to end so she could cum.

When she pushed her hips back against him, his hips piston to meet her halfway. Sometimes they created a slapping rhythm that echoed throughout their bedroom, increasing their sensitivity to each other. Val’s skin lit on fire with each touch, each thrust, each grunt from her Matt.

Val’s back arched and toes curled when Matt began to grind into her letting his hot semen leak deeper and deeper. His fingers fucked into her pussy and his thumb assaulted her clit. She felt her own climax building like a high pitch song. Her panting came quicker.

Please…” She begged wanting more and yet needing release. Scorching heat bloomed in her pussy and traveled, erupting under her skin over her muscles. Her body shook and her moan came out loud and long. She squeezed Matt’s cock so tight with her ass muscles that he came as if on command. He growled a sound of satisfaction, emptying hot liquid into her.

They both collapsed onto the bed trying to catch their breaths before dozing off. Sometime in the middle of the night they got up and cleaned up. When she was getting back into bed she looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was two A.M.

They were getting married today. Val didn’t have any feelings toward the actual marriage, but knowing that her life would be tied to Matt’s sent a thrill through her that made her pounce on him again for another round.

“We just cleaned up.” Matt murmured between kissed.

“Do you care?” Val asked, before licking along his jaw to find his ear and bite.


They got little sleep both working off their excitement. When Bailey came to snatch Matt from the condo that morning, her puppy looked as fresh and eager as if he’d slept all night.

The plan was simple, because men didn’t need as long as women to get ready for a wedding, Bailey, Tyler, George, Ivan, and Lloyd were taking Matt to breakfast before getting him ready for the wedding being held in a nearby catholic church.

That gave Val at least an hour of sleep before, Cody, Dr. Radford, Donya, Pam, and Molly came swarming. Val didn’t have a complicated dress and she didn’t want complicated make-up, but the women all wanted to help. Only the women who knew that Matt was her half-brother participated in the wedding. Everyone else they knew who didn’t know got to sit as guests. Pam was to be Val’s matron of honor. Though Pam had never been married, she didn’t like to be considered a maid, since she was in her fifties.

Even though her uncle wanted to give Val away, it wasn’t a good idea for people to know how close they really were. So her new older adopted brother, Lloyd, would fill that gap.

Only the closest friends and family attended as guest. At ten AM, Pam dragged Val from the bed and helped her get ready. Molly did her make-up. Cody helped her dress. And Donya chatted with Dr. Radford, both looked like matrons as they sipped tea and ate all the pastries.

“You didn’t even leave me one?” Val asked looking down at the empty silver platter sitting on a small table between the two women’s chairs.

“Why? So you can ruin your make-up?” Molly asked shoving her hand on her hip. “I worked hard on that make-up, Val.”

“You’re right, sweetie, but I’m hungry.”

“Then you should have gotten up and eaten instead of lazying in bed. You knew what time we were coming.” Pam snorted.

Cody had more mercy as she went to make Val a smoothie that could be easily slurped through a straw. “I love you, Cody,” Val said repeatedly between sips.

“Love you, too, Vallerina,” Cody chuckled. Val still hadn’t gotten used to that little nickname. Cody thought Val was as graceful and elegant as a ballerina, hints Vallerina.

“Dear lord, child, do you think that split is high enough? This is a wedding not an award ceremony.” Donya sat down her tea cup looking Val’s dress over. “You’re getting married in a holy place looking like this?”

Val looked down at the slit that came up slightly past her thigh. “It’s not like its all the way up to my hip? I think this is very conservative.” Val teased.

“Yeah, gram, the low cut doesn’t even show half her breasts. The back is only showing her shoulders. I think this is far more conservative than some of the other dresses I wanted her to pick.” Molly agreed.

Donya raised her hand to rub her forehead. “Never mind. Proceed.” She waved her other hand as if she was trying to wave them away.

“I think its very beautiful.” Matt’s mother commented. “The black and white pattern look good on her too. Very elegant.”

“Its a mermaid style dress, and with Val’s figure, its perfect!” Molly’s eyes gleamed with excitement.

They chatted about the dress and the black and white bouquet as they headed to the chapel.

The ladies helped her out of the car while photographers and reporters took pictures outside. Because of Matt’s music fame and her identity as a Walthour, she became somewhat of a hot topic. She didn’t care too much about it because she knew that the news would die as soon as another trending topic took its place. Val pretended not to see the flashes as she stepped on the black carpet that led all the way into the church. Lloyd, who was waiting for her looking tall, handsome, and emotionless, took her hand in his arm and they walked side by side into the chapel. Neither said anything to the other, but they never did do small talk. He was a cold, solitary man, so small talk didn’t suit him anyway. The language between them was mostly always business.

When they got to the inner door, she heard the priest say, “Please stand.”

The guests stood. The music that played softly, began to play louder and Val waltzed with Lloyd down the aisle slowly. Val barely noticed the smiles on both sides of the pews as she focused on the handsome young man in a tux standing close to the priest. He was so damn cute!

Her heart tripled just staring into those hungry brown eyes that was ready to devour her on the spot. That gaze told her how much he wanted to strip her out of the dress and fuck her in front of everyone to lay claim. His gaze so savage, Val felt her pussy clenching.

She couldn’t deny that she wanted him almost as bad. The difference was that she could control it better.

Finally reaching him, Matt nearly yanked her from Lloyd. If she didn’t have good balance and excellent reflexes, she’d be in her impatient puppies arms hugging him for balance.

“Behave.” She murmured before taking her position.

“I want to eat you right here.” Matt whispered back.

Puppy.” She warned.

Matt gave up and gave the priest his attention as the wedding proceeded. After the vows, the exchanging of the rings, and I dos, Matt flipped Val’s veil faster than she had time to react. He spun her, dipped her, and then he kissed her, lips scorching her. She held onto him for dear life as he ravaged her mouth before everyone.

“Daddy Matt!” Her little boy who had presented the rings earlier shouted. “Mommy can’t breathe!”

Chuckles echoed throughout the church as Matt finally let her up for air.

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