The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 4.7



Instead of heading to one of Ivan’s homes, they stayed in Japan so that the man could finish what he started.

The plan? With the son dead, Ivan would go to Asahi’s mansion personally to deliver the “bad news”. Then he would put a bullet in the old man’s head.Afterwards, Ivan would hand the rest of Ishikawa over to Nakamura. The blood bath would be greatly reduced due to Nakamura moving in swiftly. In all, only the father, son, and some bodyguards of Ishikawa would face the glee of Ivan and the vengeance of Matt.

While Ivan worked, Val and Matt stayed in the airport hanger. Since it was late at night, the area was dark and only lit by the hanger’s overhead lights and the runway lights. The dented and scratched limo had been replaced with a large armored SUV. And the airplane sat ready to go just in case they decided to leave that night instead of finding a local hotel.

After an hour and a half of waiting in the SUV, Val took Matt’s hand so they could stretch their legs. The airport wasn’t scenic, but it was spacious. The tarmac’s level ground allowed Val to see her surroundings clearly without many obstructions. So even if it was dark, the lights from the runway would allow her to make out any silhouette. There were a few guards left behind by Ivan, and Val knew her own guards weren’t too far away, but they kept out of sight like they were trained to.

Val and Matt walked together around the plane in a slow stroll. Later, they continued passed the SUV toward the side of the hanger’s metal wall where she could see other parts of the airport. Distant buildings were lit up with unknown activity. That was the public section where commercial travel took place.

While she observed her surroundings, her mind never forgot the decision she might have to make. As much as she wanted to see what Matt’s baby would look like, this wasn’t the right time. She and Matt both needed to free up their lives in order to make room for another child. They needed to be willing to put in the work and not push it on Bailey or Ivan. They needed to be responsible. It was hard enough to be responsible for her wonderful Christophe.

What little bit of conscience she had, didn’t want to give the child up. She had a desire to have her man’s baby. But the assassin in her, the cold ruthless part of her knew that it was a bad idea. At least for now. Not only was she transitioning into Bellini-Sadik, she was also transitioning and reorganizing the Code to suit her. Both required her to be at her peak, and pregnancy was a vulnerability she couldn’t afford.

“Your feet don’t hurt walking in those heels?” Matt asked glancing down.

Val chuckled. “You’ve known me for little over a year. Have I ever complained about walking in heels?”

Matt shook his head. “It amazes me. When I kiss those toes, there are no corns or bunions at all.”

Val laughed. “It’s called a pedicure.”

They continued walking until they were far enough away from prying eyes and ears. Then Val pulled on their joined hands, making Matt face her. She raised up on her toes and kissed his lips. Soft and tempting, they warmed her, soothing her unease. Her free hand reached up and around his neck, holding him to her. Their mouths parted at the same time and they licked playfully at each other’s tongues, teasing each other before slowly delving deeper into each other. They were soon locked into an embrace, kissing and breathing each other’s air. Both desperate to get closer, to just feel each other and nothing else. Matt backed Val up putting her back against the cold metal wall as he continued to ravage her mouth and Val sucked on his tongue, biting and moaning her pleasure. If she wasn’t weary of the guards keeping an eye on them, she would’ve hiked up her skirt and let Matt take her right there.

Since meeting this man, her love, she’d become more and more wanton, wanting to take Matt anyway she could get him. So it shouldn’t surprise her that she was pregnant. What surprised her was how fiercely she loved him, greedy for him.

Her obsession with Matt grew each day. This wasn’t the first time she made a detour in her travel plans to be with Matt. She should’ve been at home in their condo with Christophe and Pam. Or even with Donya Walthour learning more about Bellini-Sadik. But instead she was plotting how she could get him to fuck her brains out without anyone seeing them.

“Val…” Matt panted, forehead against hers. “I want you so bad right now…”


“You’re… Not upset with me. That I got you pregnant…” He closed his eyes as if in pain.

Val chuckled kissing his bottom lip, nibbling before saying against his lips, “It takes two. So you and I will get through this together.” Her hand lifted from his neck and played with his ear. “My actions probably caused the baby more harm than us creating the child. I drink. I take harsh antidotes and antitoxins when I work. I travel long distances for my jobs. I even screw you to exhaustion. And just recently, I put myself in a near death state which created a lack of oxygen to the fetus. If anything happens to the baby, its my fault more than yours. I’ve never been a fit mother though I do try. But I think I’ve done more damage to this child than Domenic could have done to Christophe.” She sighed. “And that alone makes me worry about how well this baby will develop.”

“But our little tyrant came out fine and healthy,” Matt said kissing her on the cheek.

She grinned. “He did, didn’t he?” She lay her head on his chest, enjoying his warmth. She knew Matt worried about her leaving him. But she was done trying to fight her attraction to this handsome and utterly charming man. No, he was more likely to leave her with all these distractions to his music. And that was one of the many reasons she was ready to abort the child. Sacrifice one to keep the other. Ugh, I’m a horribly selfish woman… She leaned her forehead on his shoulder. Evil woman…

She had never considered aborting Christophe when the doctor warned her it was likely she would lose him. But she fought and did everything she needed to do in order to make sure Christophe was born safely.

However, she was ready to turn her back on this one in order to keep hold of Matt and never let him go. Her fingers clawed into his shirt wishing it was his skin so that she could meld with him. When had she been so devoted to a man…to anyone other than herself. Even Domenic never received this kind of dedication from her.

Her mind and body ached for Matt in ways that she’d never imagined. She looked up into his brown eyes and noticed the deep dark lust that reflected back at her. He wanted her as badly as she wanted him, yet he held back. Her puppy rarely held back.

“Talk to me,” Val whispered. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want you to regret anything. If you want…our child, I’ll do what I have to, to be a good father. I’ll carry the little one with me to every rehearsal and to every interview. I’ll make sure he or she wants for nothing.”

Val could imagine Matt with a baby strapped to his back as he played in a concert hall or during practice. She could even see that little person standing next to Matt as they tried to play violin with their father.

Val’s heart broke. It was such a beautiful vision. So pure and clean, she didn’t feel like she deserved it at all. There was no violence. No scheming. A normal life. She already had one child who would be facing a violent life, she didn’t think she could accept both traveling down that dark road. How brilliant and beautiful would their child be? Would he or she be a music prodigy like his father? Or would the child be another little tyrant like Christophe?

Matt kissed her on the forehead. “Stop thinking. Whatever you decide, it will be the right choice.” He whispered. He always seemed to know what to say to make her feel so much better about everything. Who said younger men weren’t mature. Matt proved that not every stereotype was true.

Just as Val wanted to say something to the fact, a wave of dizziness washed over her and the fatigue came again. She held onto Matt.


She closed her eyes and took a deep laborious breath. “Another spell…”

Before she could finish, Matt hauled her into his arms and took her back toward the SUV. Instead of the SUV however, they boarded the plane. The private plane had three small bedrooms, and Val didn’t want to know why Ivan needed so many. Matt brought her into one of the rooms and laid her down on the bed.

Looking up at Matt’s concerned face, she smiled. “I’m fine, puppy. Don’t worry.”

He took her hand, nodding. Like that, with her hand in his, she drifted off to sleep.

In her dream, Matt was seriously teaching a little child about music. The little one was surrounded by sheets of music just like his father, ignoring the world. The dream was interrupted by a sharp sudden pain. The grinding pain in her lower abdomen brought up memories of her past. She experienced two miscarriages before when she was with Domenic, so she knew what it was. The first miscarriage was this painful. While the second one was less so.

She groaned leaning her sweaty forehead onto the pillow and breathed through the overbearing pain.

“Val?” Matt was right there beside her the moment she made the noise.

Val knew it was possible to lose the baby because of how badly she’d taken care of herself lately. I’m sorry little one… Move on to a family that will treat you how you deserve. Val couldn’t fight it. There was no spotting or warning pain. Maybe if there were more warning signs she could call a doctor to help her keep it, if that’s what she wanted. Evidently, this child was a little diva and refused to wait on her decision. But that’s good. This little one deserved better than parents who wouldn’t pay him or her the attention it deserved.

This was probably the outcome she wanted since she didn’t try to get the doctor to look at her when she had the chance. Deep inside, she might have already been aware, already made the choice.

She didn’t know how long her womb twisted with the rejection, but when she felt the pain ease, she could hear Matt issuing orders outside of the bedroom.

Breathing as if she’d run a marathon, she felt the liquid oozing from her, making the bed sheets wet, red, and sticky.

When Matt came back in, Val saw the panic in his face.

“Miscarriage.” Val barely vocalized. Matt’s eyes widened when he looked over her body.

“So much…” he said, anxiously.

“Its fine. Not as much as it appears.” Val mouthed. “Can you get me some sanitary pads and new clothes?” She didn’t want to move around to make more of a mess to clean up.

“I’ve already got a doctor on the way.”

Val groaned knowing it would be the Code’s doctor.

Matt left briefly.

While he was gone, the pain came again and Val groaned through it. “And morphine!” She shouted after it eased.

An hour later, Val was cleaned up with new clothes wearing a sanitary napkin almost as thick as a diaper while the doctor put an IV into her arm. The male doctor kept looking at her in disapproval, but said nothing because they both knew there were too many non-Code people around them. She was sure the doctor would go and report back to her uncle, but Val was too exhausted to care.

She was instructed to eat iron rich foods and rest. The cramping would last a little while but should taper off after a day. And the bleeding will lessen but continue for a couple of day. Val went through it before so she was aware of what to expect and how to care for herself.

Matt soaked in every one of the doctor’s words and even took notes. Her puppy was going to be an annoying nurse. She could just see it coming.

After the doctor left, Matt didn’t pull up a chair to the bed, but sat on the floor beside her and held her hand. “I’m sorry,” Matt said. “I wish I could go through this for you.”

Tears pricked Val’s eyes. “Your mouth is so sweet its illegal.” She smiled weakly. “Probably the little one didn’t want such bad parents.” Val chuckled.

“I think we’d be dope parents. You could kill of all their bullies and I can make them famous.”

Val laughed.

“So…” Matt’s thumb smoothed over the back of her hand, sending tingles up her arm. “Should I hold off on the vasectomy?” he asked kissing her fingertips.

Remembering that image she had of Matt teaching their child music and she smiled. “Wait a couple of years before you get it. And we’ll decide properly this time,” she said, and then began calculating in her head how long it would take her to get the Code reorganized and under her thumb.  

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