The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 4.4



Matt lay with Val in the hotel room bed holding her in his arms. He didn’t say anything, knowing she was sensitive to anything he said. He could feel the conflict in her as strongly as he felt it in himself. He didn’t plan to have any children because of who Val was. He didn’t even think they would face this situation, or he’d have urged his mother to find him a doctor who would be willing to perform the vasectomy. Though his mother was an upright and very professional doctor with many colleagues like herself, he knew the woman had been in the profession long enough to know who would do the procedure if enough money was paid.

In fact, after this fuck-up, he was planning to do it ASAP. He didn’t like Val hurting. And he especially hated that it was his horniness that led to her pain. He wanted to be horny with her in the future as long and as much as possible, but would she even allow it after this shit?

He wasn’t like Bailey who loved kids and was ready to quit the beginning of his football career to raise a bunch of kids. He even had to raise that grown ass child, Tyler. And he took in Matt’s own son like he was Bailey’s. And Matt knew if Val had this one, Bailey would be tap dancing and singing with joy along with Pam — Christophe’s nanny. That woman had been thrilled to help out with Bailey’s twins. Now she might get the chance to care for a fourth child.

And then there was Mr. Voronin. The man was always urging Matt to have a baby so that the gangster could adopt the next child prodigy. He even told Matt he didn’t have to do anything but provide sperm and Ivan would do the rest. So if the Russian found out, that child would be spoiled rotten. Of course Mr. Voronin would have to kill Bailey to claim the kid.

Matt inwardly cringed knowing he was pawning off his own child to anyone who would take it before it was born. He should take responsibility. But dammit, he was too much like his mother. He loved music more than he loved most anything. Val and music. His brothers, Val, and music. Cody, his brothers, Val, and music.

Sure he could add a baby to that list, but it would never be priority. And that’s the problem. A child needed care until he was at least independent enough to take care of himself.

Then there was the Code.

After Val had settled down, she explained why she didn’t want the Code finding out until she was certain she wanted to keep it. If the Code found out, Val would be under even more protection than she currently was. She wouldn’t be allowed to take anymore assassin jobs. They would even restrict her travel. They probably wouldn’t let her leave Japan. Even though Little Chris was confirmed the heir to the Code, if Val had another child, he would be considered the second heir and Christophe’s replacement “if”.

If Christophe died, the child would slide into place like how Val’s uncle took over when her mother died. Or like Val’s cousin if something happened to Val. And that shocked Matt. Khalid didn’t know about the Code and wasn’t directly involved with the organization that the man knew about. However, Khalid had been specially trained since his birth to act as an assassin. The techniques he learned were more brutal and less subtle than Val’s but Khalid could be a rival to Val if there was a need.

And that was the other “if”. If Christophe, as the leader, decided to go against the Code, this unborn child who would be trained as an assassin, would be obligated to hunt down Christophe and kill him. Kill his or her own brother. Matt didn’t like that idea one bit. He could never imagine killing his own brothers. Okay, maybe Tyler…

The surprising part was about Khalid. Matt knew that the way too pretty man had a dark and twisted personality. Khalid had a fascination for blood and gore. Was it because the man was a trained assassin? Khalid grew up believing he was trained as an assassin to protect himself. But because he was trained in violence with no outlet to vent his violent tendencies, he often let it out in his sex life and his hobbies.

Matt didn’t like it one bit that there was someone who could kill Val one day. He didn’t want that cousin near her ever again.

“The doctor my uncle sent will be here in a couple of hours… I guess we don’t have long to decide what to do.” Val whispered.

“We can always tell him false alarm,” Matt said, but he knew that wasn’t going to stop the examination just at Val shook her head.

“He’ll want to make sure.”

“We could run away.” Matt snuggled her close. He wanted to kiss her, but he didn’t know how she’d feel about getting intimate at that moment.

“Where can we run? The Code has eyes everywhere.” Val sighed.

“My wannabe father.”

Val’s eyes grew wide in surprise. “That might work!” Then she kissed him. “You’re a genius. Hiding out won’t work forever, but it will buy us a few days.” Val rolled over and got on her feet. “I’ll pack up. You call the man.”

Matt nodded and immediate grabbed the phone on the bed side table.

“My Matty!” Ivan’s gleeful voice echoed in Matt’s ear after he made the call.

“Mr. Voronin.”

“I told you before, call me papa.”

Ignoring the man, Matt said, “I need your help.”

“I’ll have a man come pick you up in ten minutes. He’s an old guy in a suit. Named Asahi. He’ll be accompanied by…me!”

“You’re in Japan?” Matt felt a headache forming behind his right eye.

“Well, I couldn’t let you travel the world unaccompanied. Even though you have that new vixen by your side, I don’t feel reassured.”

Matt snorted. Mr. Voronin had been following him more often since he and Val got together. At first, he thought it was because Ivan believed Val would take him from his music. But later he found out it was because of Val’s cousin, Khalid. Once Ivan found out that Val and Khalid were related he was hell bent on getting on Val’s good side so he could seduce Khalid. “You do know your wife doesn’t like…Val.” More accurately, she didn’t like Khalid. Maybe because Mr. Voronin was too fascinated by the other male. Or maybe because Khalid said or did something to the woman that she didn’t like. Either way, the two hated each other.

“You know, my wife doesn’t like a lot of people. Sometimes she doesn’t even like me. Depends on her mood.” He sighed a joyful sound. “I love that woman.”

Matt just shook his head. “We’ll be packed when you get here.” He gave Mr. Voronin the address even though he was sure the man already knew where he stayed. After hanging up, Matt relayed the message.

“Asahi?” Val just shook her head.

“Another crime lord?”

“The oldest living. He’s retired,” she said using fingers to make air quotes before going back to the bag she was stuffing clothes in. “He spends most of his days playing mahjong, go, or shogi with anyone who can stand to be defeated. Gives excellent advice about any and everything. The man is almost ninety-years-old with a mind as sharp as yours.” Val chuckled. “Though he says he’s retired, old habits die hard. The only reason he retired was to keep his son from killing him for the position or from him killing his son.”

Another brutal family. Great…

They finished packing and called the front desk to come get their bags. After the hotel staff took their heavy luggage, Matt grabbed his violin case and Val to follow, hand in hand.

When they got to the lobby, there stood a man half Matt’s height standing in the middle of the lobby in a black tailored suit and black sunglasses. His gray hair and wrinkles skin was the only thing that told his age. Otherwise, the upright posture and air of confidence showed no weakness.

The hotel staff and visitors flowed around him and his guards as if fearful and respectful.

“Asahi.” Val approached and then bowed to the man.

The man’s finger came up and poked Val in the forehead. “You lady, don’t visit old men?”

“I will do better,” Val said.

“Good. I’m old. Not dying. You visit so I can kick your ass at Shogi. Again.”

Val chuckled.

“And this is…” The man gasped looking Matt up and down in shock. “Ivan!” He shouted. “Where did that dishonorable Russian go?”

A bodyguard behind Asahi murmured something in Japanese.

“Phone call… Bastard’s playing games. He knew I was a fan of this fine young man, and he dares to hid that we were coming to pick him up? I didn’t even buy a gift!” His shoulder’s slumped. “So disgraceful.” He waved his hands, and his bodyguards took all of Val and Matt’s bags that the hotel staff carted down. Asahi took Val’s hand and patted it as they followed the guards. “You must tell me the things you have not.” Then he turned to Matt. “And you!” He bowed to Matt, twice. “Matthew Delarosa. I love your violin! Everyone raves about your piano talent. But your violin…” He held his chest and took in a deep breath. He spoke in Japanese with a passionate sound that made Matt nearly blush. He didn’t know what the man said, specifically, but he was sure one of the words was orgasm. “You have your violin! Will you play for me when we get back to my estate?”

“I would be honored.” Matt bowed.

“Good child!” Asahi patted Matt’s arm.

“My child!” A loud Russian accent boomed from behind them.

“Mr. Voronin.” Matt turned with a smile to the black suit wearing big guy with a bold head.

“What’s with this Voronin, crap. It’s papa!” Ivan demand before wrapping an arm around Matt’s arm. “So, Asahi, do you like the little surprise I arranged for you?”

“Of course. Come, I will make sure you all have the best food so that our good child can play for us.”

“My child!” Voronin snapped again.

Asahi snorted then ignored Ivan before ducking into the limo.

Matt helped Val into the limo, and sat beside her, noticing her quiet demeanor. He knew she had a lot to think about. And while he wanted to make the decision for her, he waited. When she was ready, he hoped she would include him in her decision. Threading his fingers through hers, he made a determination that no matter how he had to adjust his life, he wouldn’t let her run from him…again.

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