The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 4.2



When Matt woke, he felt the familiar warmth and softness that he had just dreamed about. He smiled opening his eyes to the mahogany head empress of his empire. She slept in his arms, snuggled closed just like he liked — facing him, breathing on his skin.

His hands, which had been hugging her innocently, became naughty instantly, sliding down her back to grip his favorite ass.

She moaned and then chuckled slowly rubbing her head against his t-shirt covered chest before lifting her head to look at him sleepily.

“Hey,” she whispered. She scooted over his body until her lips were close enough that Matt captured them.

It had only been a few days since he last saw her, but it felt like forever. He opened his mouth to invite her in, and like the woman who fit him so well, she took the invitation.

Her tongue was like slick heaven, lighting a fire in his cock with every stroke inside of his mouth. His hands squeezed that cushy butt while he breathed her in, sucking on her tongue.

Then she moved her lower abdomen, getting on her knees to straddle him, all while carefully maintaining the kiss. He stared at her as she stared back, kissing and unzipping his hot hard-on. Once he was free and in her warm hand, he jerked his hips up a bit to get more friction as she pumped.

Angling his head, he deepened the kiss. He leaned forward to prop up on his elbow so that he continued to kiss and suck on her while she moved her body to line her sex with his cock. He groaned into her throat when his dick became slowly engulfed in her moist hole. Val’s pussy sucked in his cock like it was greedy for him. She slowly descended on him before rotating her hips just like he liked.

Then she broke the kiss leaving him panting.

Quickly, she sat up on him and undid the buttons of her blouse button by button as she continued to rotate her hips, letting his cock taste heavenly bliss. When her blouse was open, she pushed up her bra, baring those beautiful globes. She cupped them, playing with the nipples as she continued to rotate her hips, gyrating.

“Baby brother…” Her husky voice was like sensual velvet stroking his already tingling nerves. “I need more…” She nearly purred.

She massaged them, plucked her breasts like the pleasure felt amazing. Her tongue peaked from her lush mouth and licked slowly around her lips as she moaned, making his cock painful with the need to fuck her harder.

“Fuck me, baby brother…” She mouthed through moans.

Her pussy kept clinching as she began bouncing up, down, up, down, squeeze. “Baby brother…” She whined. “Pound that huge cock inside until I scream your name.”

Fuck! He took her ass cheeks back in hand and them shoved her down on his dick at the same time he pumped upward.

Val nearly screamed. He bounced her harder on his lap, fucking up into her as his abs flexed and his ass tightened to make the rhythm faster.

“You want this…” He said through gritted teeth and he continued stabbing into that fucking hot cocoon. “Does sis like it hard and fast?”

Yes.” She hissed head bobbing like she couldn’t keep it up. “Oh…oh yes…. Fuck me… Fuck your sister…”

The room filled with slapping sounds as their bodies met. His hand came down on that sweet ass. With each smack, her pussy clinched around his cock like she loved it.

“You like being spanked… don’t you?” He spoke watching her nod. “My big sis must have been naughty…”

So naughty,” she said on a moan that made Matt’s balls twitch.

They continued fucking until Val leaned forward bracing her hands on his chests, letting her breasts sway when he pound into her. The way her eyes fluttered and her moans sounded like pleading… She was close to cumming.

Then her pussy squeezed him hard, milking the shit out of him and Matt cursed before he flooded her with his hot seed.

Her sweaty forehead met his lips. He kissed it.

The sounds of heavy breathing slowly eased. Val eventually lifted her head again and looked at him lazily. “How was work?” she asked as if this was just a normal greeting. And for them it was.

“So, so. Hideki is trying to play both sides to get the best deal. He’s a singer, songwriter, and musician — triple threat — which makes him heavily sought after.” Matt kissed her beautiful cheek. “I want to give him the creative freedom he won’t get with other record companies…” He smoothed his hand over her smooth buttocks. “I should know his answer by noon.”

Val chuckled.


“It’s probably past noon.”

Matt stilled in shock.

Val quickly rolled off him before realization finally came to him and he jumped from the bed and looked around for his phone. He found it on the floor, indicator light blinking. The sound had been turned down. He checked his messages.

When he got an invitation for lunch and realized he missed it, Matt nearly screamed. He immediately called the guy back and apologized over and over before the man suggested dinner. The fact that he was giving Matt another chance was good news.

“I’m having an early dinner with him, so I might not be hungry when I get back. Do you want to go with me?” He asked excitedly as he pulled his clothes off heading to the bathroom.

She nodded. “You want me to pretend to be an investor again?”

“Pretend?” Matt chuckled going into the bathroom. “You don’t need to pretend. You might not invest money, but you invest time to be with me and that’s better than any money.”

Val chuckled. “Such a sweet mouth my puppy has.”

sweet mouth that would love to get a taste of that pussy if they had time.

“Hurry up so I can get a shower, too.” She announced going to the living room.

Too bad the bathroom was small, he’d drag her into the shower with him and maybe have his way with her, or her way with him.

Matt quickly finished the shower, dried, and smacked Val’s ass on the way out as she made her way inside.

After he got ready with a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a mahogany dress shirt nearly the same color of Val’s hair, Matt ran his fingers through his short hair, making sure it didn’t look to bad in the mirror. He turned to the bathroom door when he heard her chuckle.

“A brush works better, pup.” She smiled tossing him a brush.

Matt caught it and brushed his hair quickly before heading to the living room to grab his messenger bag to make sure everything was inside.

Looking at the leftover food on the table, he was about to grab something from the bento box when he heard Val say from the bedroom, “How long has that food been out? When I ate some of it…tasted a bit old…”

Matt quickly jerked his hand back not wanting to admit it had been there awhile. He’d been too busy to care when and how he ate between the new artist and his own music. If it wasn’t for his assistant, he’d eat anything without care of the taste as long as it filled his stomach.

“Ready?” Val asked, coming out looking professional, yet provocative in all black. That skirt was just tight enough and short enough to be questionable. And the jacket was snug enough around her waist and boobs that Matt wanted to strip her and- “Ready?” She smirked clearly reading his thoughts.

He just nodded offering his arm. She took it grinning.

At the restaurant, Val sat quietly listening as if she actually planned to invest while Matt and his new artist solidified the deal. The restaurant was a neon paradise with mirrored walls and plush seating. Nice but could give a person a headache if they weren’t used to looking at multiple copies of the same things through the mirrors. The music was a bit louder than most restaurants, probably to draw a younger crowd. The waitstaff dressed in tight and hip clothing that made him think of a club atmosphere instead of a restaurant.

Sometimes he’d peak over at Val knowing she liked classier establishments. Yet, with each peak, she seemed right at home, relaxed and blending into the pop environment. He shouldn’t be surprised — the woman was trained to adapt to any situation. Plus, if he remembered correctly, they fucked in a bathroom in one of the most popular night clubs in France a couple of weeks ago…

At the end of the business deal, Matt stood and shook the artist’s hand and watched as the guy and his manager left. Matt was about to sit back down to finish his food when Val suddenly grabbed the edge of the table, shaking it with her intensity.

Her face looked pale and breathing shallow.

“Val?” Worried, he wrapped an arm around her.

“We need to leave…” She blinked rapidly. “I think I might have inadvertently…poisoned myself…”

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