The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 4.10



Breathtaking. That’s how beautiful Val looked in that dress. She was a temptress. A seductress and every eye in the chapel couldn’t peel their gaze from her. Neither could Matt. During the whole ceremony, Matt was looking at her from the corner of his eyes.

This is a dream. This has to be a dream.

His Val was actually marrying him. He’d never been so damn happy in his life. Ever. Never. This was pure unadulterated bliss.

So when the priest announced them as husband and wife, Matt decided to take what was now rightfully his. And he didn’t want to let it go. He needed to meld her into his skin, his muscles, his bones. Unfortunately, their son’s timing sucked. “Daddy Matt, mommy can’t breathe!”

Matt looked up at where his son stood next to Bailey, his best man, while keeping Val’s body dipped. “You’re no fun.” Matt grumped.

Christophe just grinned. Little demon.

After the kid so rudely interrupted his claiming of her, he lifted her in his arms and carried her back through the church while everyone applauded and cheered. He couldn’t wait for the wedding reception to end so he could peel her dress off. But he had another couple of hours.

Outside on the curb, Matt helped his new wife into the limo that took them to the Walthour hotel where a reception would be held in the ballroom.

Until they arrived, however, Matt kissed and fondled Val.

She laughed, pushing him away. “Molly is going to have a hissy fit when she learns you ruined my make-up.”

“I’m sure she’ll be happy to apply more,” Matt said as he calculated if he could get under her dress and lick at her creamy center before they arrived.

Val smirked, looking over him seductively. “I’m guessing you like the dress.”

“I’d like it better off you, so I can kiss and lick every inch of your skin.” He leaned into her neck and kissed as his hand smoothed up the soft naked skin of her arm. The strapless dress might not take much work if he pushed the top down so he could nibble her breasts.

“Tonight. And tomorrow when we land in Tahiti.” Val took his wandering hand and intertwined her fingers with his.

“And the next day and the next day.”

“And the next day.” Val agreed grinning.

He lifted their joined hands to kiss the new diamond ring adorning her finger. “My wife.”

“Yes, husband.”

“I still prefer you to call me brother in bed…but husband will work.” Matt nuzzled her neck as she laughed.

The limo traveled the long way around New York City to make sure all the guests had time to arrive before them. Once it parked outside the hotel, Matt helped Val out of the car and proceeded into the ballroom where everyone waited, cheering for them. Now Matt had to smile and make nice even while his eyes kept traveling to that juicy ass, beautiful skin, heart stopping smile, and alluring aura. His Val was gorgeous. His Val. His wife.

The reception flowed smoothly. After Bailey and Mr. Walthour both said some words of congratulations, the food was served and the cake was cut. The rest of the evening was mingling and dancing.

Cody was the first one to approach him. She punched him in the arm.

“Ow!” Matt winced.

“I step away from you guys for a few months and you not only get her pregnant, but you want to try again? What the hell?” Cody grumbled in a low voice so that the people nearby didn’t hear. “Did the first scare not warn you to not push your luck? Are you fucking nuts?”

“Yes.” Matt agreed rubbing his now bruised arm.

“You can’t.”


Cody just stared at him with her mouth open and her beautiful green eyes wide with shock. Mr. Walthour, who was standing beside Cody watching the show looking amused. “You’re right, you are fucking nuts.” She finally determined.

“Thank you.” Matt grinned.

“Matty!” Cody gritted her teeth. “You know the risks.”

Matt nodded. “We’re going to try to wait for a couple of years to make sure, but… I’m hoping for a little Val. She’s hoping for a music prodigy. So is Mr. Voronin.”

“It’s papa!” Ivan interrupted behind him.

“His father is already dead, Mr. Voronin. Stop overreaching,” Bailey said in a dark tone.

“You’re too narrow minded, big brother. He can have more than one dad.” Ivan pouted.

“Not narrow minded. Protective.” Cody corrected looking at the two. “Now could one of you talk some sense into this idiot? Not you Ivan.”

“I tried.” Bailey sighed, sounding resigned.

“Hardly.” Tyler grumped joining their small gathering. “He’s as eager to see another runt as Mr. Voronin.”

“Then you talk some sense into him so you won’t have to share Bailey more.” Cody convinced.

Tyler took a sip of the drink in his hand and turned to Matt. He lowered his glass, and that seductive gaze stared at Matt as if trying to gauge what to say and how. Clearly, Tyler didn’t like the idea of another kid in the mix.

Speaking of kid…

“Daddy Matt.” Christophe tugged on his pants leg. Matt scooped the guy up in his arms and held him so they were face to face. The little guy looked more and more like Val each day, and so handsome in his mini mafia suit. “Grammy Pammy told me you’re keeping my mom for a week. So I’ll only loan her to you for a week, but you have to bring her back.”

“Yes, sir. But you know you and mommy belong to me for a lifetime, right?”

The little guy cocked his head as if in thought. Then shook his head. “Nope. You both belong to me. So you have to do what I say.”

Matt chuckled. “Go find your grandma.” He put the guy down.

“Which one?”

That’s right, he now had three — Donya, his own mother, and Pam. “Which ever one you can find first.”

Then those little legs took off running. Matt didn’t worry about him getting lost or in trouble. There were many of his nannies aka guards posing as guests to keep an eye on him. They wouldn’t even let their little Code heir stub his big toe.

“Why did you chase him away?” Bailey asked.

Matt turned to look at his brother now standing shoulder to shoulder with him. “Sorry. But my boy’s too smart. Don’t want him learning too much too fast.”

“True. So how does it feel to be married?”

Matt thought about it letting his thumb slide against the platinum band on his ring finger before he said, “It feels like I own something precious. And I like the fact that it makes Tyler jealous,” He grinned back behind Bailey at Tyler who pouted. Tyler wanted to marry Bailey, but because he was publicly Bailey’s brother, it wasn’t going to happen.

“You know Matt,” Tyler drawled, moving to put his arm around Matt’s shoulder in a brotherly embrace. “If I put forth enough effort, I could find a way to ruin your happiness. Then I won’t have to worry about you ever producing a demon spawn.”

“You could try. And if you succeed, I will torture you miserably. I think I’ll start with castration.”

Bailey thumped them both on the head making them flinch. “Knock it off.” He ordered.

“Yes, Bailey,” they both said in unison.

Matt shrugged Tyler off his shoulder, but like toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe, Tyler didn’t budge, instead, he whispered. “Val’s ass looks bite-able in that dress.”

Bailey,” Matt whined. “Tyler’s making lewd comments about my wife’s ass.”

His big brother turned sharply to give Tyler a look that could douse fire. Tyler tried to shrink behind Matt, but that wasn’t happening because Cody pushed him back into the line of execution.

Happy that Tyler was about to get a beating, Matt shoved his hands in his pockets and strolled toward his favorite person. He hadn’t taken more than three steps, when he was grabbed by the arm.

“Son, you can’t leave papa so soon,” Ivan sang.

Matt spun in the direction of the iron grip on his arm. Ivan was grinning, teeth gleaming, bald head shining, and black suit looking very cool with the black and white polka dot tie making him oddly match the wedding decor. Beside the big man was a man who stood equally tall but not as broad and built. Definitely related. Ivan’s younger brother Philip had the same blue eyes and strong jawline. Even through Ivan said they were about ten years apart, Matt could barely tell the age difference. Ivan took very good care of himself.

“Hi Mr. Philip, how are you?” Matt shook the other’s hand. He didn’t see Philip often, but when he did, it was usually around Ivan. Val often worked with the man, and from what she told him, Philip used to be one of her mentors growing up. Most of Val’s teachers and mentors were killed after her training was done to protect her identity, but the Code owed Philip a favor and that favor was to leave him alive.

“Matt, congratulations,” the Ivan clone with hair said.

Grinning like an idiot, he lifted his chin a little higher because of how happy he was. “Thanks. Where’s Jerry?” Matt asked the man who was Philip’s son.

The man nodded over to where Val was.

Jerry and Val had gotten to be pretty good friends over the few months since Val recruited him. They were probably better friends than Jerry, Tyler, and Bailey.

“I can only imagine what they’re plotting,” Matt murmured.

“Trust me, it’s probably not good,” Philip said in a rough smokey voice that sounded like he could be a rock vocalist.

Matt liked Philip. He oozed charisma, and seemed laid back. But there was an underlining edge to him that was almost undetectable that reminded him of Val’s own dangerous side. Matt spoke a bit more to him before he headed toward where Val and Jerry stood chatting. Val was half Jerry’s height so it looked like a giant talking to a child from afar. When Jerry whispered to Val, the woman turned around elegantly and smiled at Matt. She walked over to Matt and hooked her arm around his.

“Puppy, did you miss me?”

“Very much. What are you and Jerry planning?” He asked nodding to the big man. Jerry nodded back, looking amused but keeping that usual aloof atmosphere he was known for.

Val kissed the corner of Matt’s mouth. “Did I mention that you look incredibly handsome today?”

“Not as handsome as you in that dress. Now what are you hiding?”

“Uncle.” Val smiled at an older man with middle eastern features who approached them before Val could answer his question. “You leaving?” She asked.

“Yes, you know I don’t do gatherings well. But I wanted to wish you the best.” The man’s soft and calm Arabic accent accompanied his gentle appearance. No one would ever believe that this man was the leader of an organization full of assassins and spies. “I don’t know the next time I’ll see you both in person, but I just wanted to say…” He paused and smiled. “Take care of yourselves and… I look forward to another little one,” he said, looking a little eager.

The man didn’t know it, but he’d be retired by the time the child came into the picture.

Once he walked of, Khalid, Val’s cousin walked over looking like a billion dollars in his expensive black suit. Khalid’s wavy dark brown hair had grown past his shoulders since the last time Matt saw him. He looked even more feminine now, his features appeared more like an ancient Egyptian with his eyes lined with charcoal. His slim build and beautiful face gave him an androgynous feeling, making one mistake him for female if he ever wore women’s clothes.

Val…” He drawled a sexy sound upon approach. If Matt didn’t know this man spoke that seductively to everyone, he would probably want to kill the man.

“I noticed you were avoiding your father the whole afternoon.” Val laughed looking Khalid over. “I see why. Eyeliner?”

“I have date.” Khalid smiled wickedly, licking his lush lips before taking a sip of his champagne.

“Ivan?” Val teased.

“Hell no.” Khalid scoffed.

“Then I suggest you ghost it, ’cause he’s headed this way.” Matt warned.

Instead of looking nervous, Khalid turned slightly with an evil sexy smile. “If it isn’t my least favorite walking apocalypse. Where’s that catty wife of yours? I’m surprised she’s not hanging from your arm with her claws in your skin. You’re not bleeding, so she must not be here.”

Wow! Khalid’s tongue was poisonous.

Ivan guffawed a laugh. “Wicked one! That pretty mouth of yours really needs a cock.”

“Funny… I was just planning to meet my cock in a few minutes.”

Ivan abruptly stopped laughing and pouted. “Who?”

“A pretty little thing I met here in the city.”

“That means his partner has no idea what he’s getting into.” Val sounded remorseful for the poor soul.

“How do you know its a he and not a she this time,” Matt leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“He’s wearing eyeliner and has his hair down instead of tied back.” Val replied.

“Can I join you two?” Ivan asked looking Khalid over hungrily. That look even made Matt’s balls twitch.

“Of course…” Khalid’s words rolled off his tongue like a purr. “That is, after you get your wife’s permission which is probably between now and…” He checked his watch. “Quarter past never.” His accented voice was like a siren song making everyone who heard pay attention to him.

“You know, my carnal cocksleeve, you hide behind my wife more than I do. I think you want me to pound that ass of yours. But don’t worry…” Ivan stepped closer to Khalid, almost invading his space and Matt could feel the temperature in the ballroom climb ten degrees. “Once I get her permission, I’m going to use you until my name in engraved in your skin.”

Matt had a sick feeling that meant a literal engraving with a knife instead of ink.

Khalid chuckled not backing down as he took another sip from his glass. “I wonder how your testicles would taste ground into a pâté and served on brioche. My servants would probably enjoy it… Or my pets.”

Val pulled Matt away as he just gaped at the men in horror. Seriously?

Matt woke from his disgust and shock when he realized that Val had kidnapped him from the party and had him in a dark corridor where the service people and hotel staff worked.

“Where are we going?” Matt asked following her.

Val winked back at him before they reached a private elevator. This was probably Mr. Walthour’s private elevator that went straight up to the upper most floor’s suite.

“Oh…” Matt chuckled leaning into her to start their honeymoon. “Good idea, wife.”

“You’re welcome, husband.” She kissed him. “By the way, thank you.”

“For what?” He whispered then licked along the seams of her mouth.

“For having me.” Her breath tickled him, then her teeth nipped at his tongue. The elevator dinged. She grabbed his tie and pulled him, backing into the opening doors.

“My pleasure. All my pleasure,” Matt said pushing her against the elevator wall, as one hand traveled up the slit of her dress.


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