The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 3.9



When he finally calmed down, Gabe found his cock had been rubbed raw. It was too sensitive, but he was glad. He was finally back with her, where he belonged.

“I’ll never leave you again, Cody,” he murmured into her hair while he held her. He kissed her sweaty brow and her cheek, tasting the saltiness of her sweat mixed with tears. She was so beautiful when she contorted under his body, clutching to him desperately. Her tears made him want to lock them both in a cage so that no one could approach, so that he could keep her and she could keep him.

A fucking dildo? Hell no! He was her dildo. He was her sex toy, her maid, manservant. Anything she needed, he would be from now on, as long as she asked. He had almost lost her. She almost died. Permanent end.

He would never leave her again, not again. Never again. How could he apologize for his shitty treatment if she was dead? No. He’d treat her better from now on. His Cody. His sweet precious Cody.

The daughter he never wanted. The lover he never expected. The jewel he nearly lost. His fingers smoothed over the strands of hair that stuck to her damp skin. My beautiful gift…

He pressed his forehead to hers as he listened to her steady breath. He wore her out. He tried to hold back, tried not to possess her body as he touched her, caressed her soft skin. But the moment his nose inhaled her intoxicating aroma and he saw her glistening sex, something in his brain snapped. Nothing else mattered but pleasing her.

He never planned to use his cock. He wanted to wait. But she refused to let him go and he could no longer hold back. Especially after that dildo comment. Fuck that!

He breathed in her scent, letting the knowledge that she was in his arms calm his aggressive nerves. He wanted to live inside her, be a part of this amazing woman forever, how could he stand to be apart from her so long. He couldn’t. These months without her had been torture. He drowned himself in work just to keep from making another fool of himself. But now, it didn’t matter. He had her. And he wasn’t letting go. Not ever. He kissed her lips tenderly. Mine.

He didn’t know when he fell asleep, but when he woke up, he felt the soft body in his arms trembling. It was dark in the room. Night had come.It wasn’t cold in the room, so why was she quivering?

“Cody?” His arms tightened around her, concerned.



“No.” Her answer was too soft.

“You in pain?” He had been too rough. Dammit, I didn’t want to hurt her.

He heard her unsteady breathing, then a sniffle.

“What’s wrong?” He became alarmed. His hand came up to her face to feel the wet tears. He wanted to kick his own ass. Heart breaking, he immediately got up, hugging her to him in a protective embrace.

That’s what he used to do — protect her. Keep her safe from the world. But who would know that someone would have to keep her safe from him. How the fuck could he make her cry like this?

I’m sorry! I know its not enough, but I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Beat me. Torture me. But don’t cry. I’m not worthy of your tears. Please, please, please, don’t cry…” He said into her hair, squeezing her to his chest. “I don’t deserve you. I’ve told you before, you’re too good for me. I’m a heartless man, not worth the love you give me. You ask so little of me, but I’m too selfish to share myself or you. But I do love you, Cody, I love you so much.” He rocked her in his arms as he stroked her hair. “Please don’t cry. Please. I’ll do better. I promise. I promise.” Please don’t take her away from me, please…

Cody buried her head in his neck as she cried silently, tears soaking his collar. Silence followed before a low trembling voice she said, “I love you, Gabe.” She whimpered into his ear. “Don’t leave me again.”

“Never again.”

Her arms wrapped around his chest and they held each other for a long time. His hands threaded through her hair, smoothed over it, her arms, and her back. His priceless treasure.

“I didn’t mean to cry… I’ve been having these stupid spells… I thought they were gone. But when I dreamed of you walking away from me, I woke up in a panic. But when I felt your arms around me, I couldn’t hold back the happiness…and some bitterness. What you said, that day… I knew it was mostly your insecurity, but you refused to face me afterwards. Damn coward.”

He shivered. She was right. He got scared.

“My Gaby isn’t a fucking coward. He owns his shit. He doesn’t run. Hell, he fucked his own daughter.”

He chuckled then kissing the side of her face. “I’ll do better. Be better.”


He listened to her breathing, the sound evening out and turning to normal.



“I’m giving away a majority of my company to Dorian.”

“What?” That shocked him. She had worked hard for the agency.

“I’m not tough enough to be a president. I don’t like making tough decisions and… my heart hurts when I have to make choices that affect other people’s lives. I don’t have it in me to be a boss. Dorian, he doesn’t give shits about much other than a few of his family and Mitchell, so I know he can do a better job without getting emotional. I still want to be an agent. I like sports. I like getting my people the best deals. I like helping them achieve their dreams. But I don’t like managing. I’m not like you. You’re meant to be a manager, your cruelty can be a bit much, but it gets the job done. I admire you.”

“Don’t. Sometimes ignoring my emotions are bad, especially when it comes to you. But I’m learning.” He kissed her again. “I guess I should tell you while we’re on this topic, that I gave up control of the company to Tyler. The company is now mostly his. He doesn’t answer to me anymore unless there is a situation I need to get involved with.”

“Seriously?” Cody sat up and turned as if to look into his face even though it was dark in the room.

“Yeah, I want to free up my time to be with you. I want to make up for all the times I missed because of meetings and trips. I’ll still be busy though. Val is only the second in command of Bellini-Sadik. So I’ll help her more. Especially now that I know they might give Tyler trouble. With me taking more control, it will keep Bellini-Sadik from doing anything that will make me kill someone.”

Cody chuckled her fingers felt up the side of his face and threaded through his hair. “So I get to hang out with you more.” Her husky melodious voice sounded too flirty.


Her face neared his. “Ok.” Though he could barely see it, he knew she was smiling. Her fingers moved, sliding back down his neck making him hard from the sensual touch. Then he felt those slim fingers playing with the buttons of his shirt until one by one they came undone.

“Mr. Walthour…” She pushed his suit jacket and his shirt of his shoulders. “As my servant, I approve of your recent service.” She spoke in a sultry tone that made his ball tingle. “But you know… You have to keep this from my father. He’s a strict man who hired you to be professional. He hates when business and pleasure mix. I hope you’re prepared for his wrath.”

He chuckled inwardly. “Madam, my duty is to serve my master to the best of my ability, in whatever way she wishes. Even if that means crossing…certain boundaries.”

“I see…” Kisses trailed from his chin to his jaw before nibbling his ear. His cock hardened more feeling the teasing lips. She smoothed her hands over the hard muscles of his chest and warm skin. Her touch tickled and tempted him. His cock that lay near the crack of her ass, stiffen painfully. “Did you know…” Her breathy voice heated his ear as she whispered, “My father sent me to this island away from the world to reflect on my deviant behavior.”

“No… I hadn’t heard.” He inhaled the musk of her skin, enjoying the heated scent. It took all his restraint from devouring her right then.

“Don’t you want to know what I did to be abandoned here by him?”

“Only if the madam wants me to know.”

“I fell in love with a man, I shouldn’t have.” She kissed him along his jaw. “A serious taboo. The kind that could put me in jail if ever found out.”

“How could love be taboo, madam?” Gabe lifted her slightly before lining his cock with her pussy. She adjusted herself before lowering herself slowly on him. So hot…

After a low sexy moan, entered his ear, Gabe began a slow buck up into that hot moistness he enjoyed as much as the woman in his arms.

“Good question…” Cody muttered before she moaned again, nails digging into his shoulder. “Mmmm…You kind of…look like him… My father…” With each breathy word, her voice grew weaker and weaker with pleasure. “The man I fell in love with.”

Drowned into the depths of her, Gabe mindlessly watched the shadowed body writhe in his arms, gyrating her hips and panting. He wanted to turn the lights on to see her face, her body, her skin. So he got up, with her still wrapped around him.

Oh, fuck!” She yelped when his dick plunged into her at the sudden movement. Balls deep, he felt her tighten around him — not just her pussy, but her arms as well. Chuckling, he held her ass and walked step by step, feeling how amazingly she clinched around his cock with each movement.

When he finally reached the wall, he forgot all about the light switched as he pressed her against the surface and fucked into her, losing his mind again. She felt so wet, so tight, he nearly came before he was ready.

Her gasping breaths, her pleading whimpers, her clawing fingers, and her hot squeezing pussy, none of it escaped his notice with each thrust in and out. He hammered into that slick channel, letting his body piston, fucking into her with everything he had. Sweat trailed down his chest and back, heightening the pleasure. When he felt her tense up, he finally flipped on the light switch nearly blinding him.

His eyes barely adjusted in time to see Cody’s open her mouth in ecstasy, breath hitching, head leaned back, sweat dampened hair clinging to her shoulders and face. Beautiful. Her pussy spasmed around his cock, massaging it with each pump until Gabe came right after her, groaning into the crook of her shoulder and neck.

They panted together, before they began kissing each other, seeking each other.

Once they calmed down, he took her to the shower and they cleaned each other between kisses and touching. But he didn’t keep her in too long after she warned him about her scar. A scar he kissed because it was proof she survived and lived.

Never again would he leave her.

After the shower, he dried her and detangled her curly hair until it was smooth and he could play with it to his heart’s content.

“Would you cut it out!” Cody laughed, trying to get off his lap, but he refused to let her budge. He liked this, with her in his arms and letting him take care of her. He kissed her back muscles holding her in his arms. “Gabe, I need to get dress before we need to shower again.”

Mmmm… He didn’t listen to her as he pressed his cheek to her warm skin. His Cody…


I can’t hear you… His hands on her abdomen slowly lowered to between her thighs.

“Oh, no you don’t!” She smacked his hands, trying to wiggle out of his arms. “I’m too damn sensitive.” She snapped. “Let go!” She demanded.

He sighed and instead of letting go, he stopped his hands and just sat there on chair in the bedroom, keeping her in his arms.

“I’m hungry.” She nearly whined.

He chuckled before kissing her on the back again. Then he let her go. “What would the madam like to eat today?”

“Food.” Was Cody’s only answer before her nakedness disappearing into the closet.

He wanted to get up and follow her, pin her to the closet door and slid back inside her. His cock might be a little sore from earlier activities, but he felt he couldn’t get enough of her. Not just the sex, but her. He wanted to be connected her in ways that she couldn’t die without taking him with her.

Shaking those dangerous thoughts from his mind, he sighed. After putting on some clean pants, he went to make Cody some sandwiches since it would be quicker. Then he went to clean up the bedroom and wash their clothes as she ate.

“Did you eat?” Cody asked when he came to collect the clothes she left in the living room.

He looked up to see her sitting at the bar height counter, over-sized shirt barely covering her honey-colored shoulders as one poked out to tempt him. He shook the dirty thought from his head before he marched over and stripped her. “After I finish,” he answered.

“Come, sit, eat with me,” Her words were said lightly, but he could see the need in her face. She wanted his company.

And he wanted to be her company. So he sat and ate as he watched her enjoy each bite.

Sometimes she even hummed. Happy. He missed that expression. The twinkle in her gorgeous eyes. The slight tilt in her head as she chewed oblivious of what people thought of her. How she licked her fingers like no napkins existed. Though unintentional, it was sexy, tempting.

His Cody didn’t have a refined bone in her body. But it was that crudeness that made her so damn charming. So relaxed in her baggy clothes and slouched posture, that she didn’t care what others thought of her.

Even with his food in front of him, he just leaned his chin on his hand, elbow on the bar. He adored watching her. He missed this. He’d never leave it again.

“Eat!” She picked up his sandwich and held it out.

He bit into it.

She smirked, lush lips twisting. “You just wanted me to feed you.”

No, but now he did. He took another bite.

She laughed, lighting up her whole face. And his heart. No. He didn’t deserve her, this big-hearted, warm, beautiful woman. But she was his. And he’d never let go of her again.

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