The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 3.8



Gabe is my servant. Gabe is my servant! Gabe. Is. My. Servant!

How the fuck was she supposed to keep on acting like an evil wench? The moment she laid eyes on him, her stupid heart fluttered like when she was a teenager. That hair slicked back, cleanly shaven face with his usual emotionless expression, that tall strong posture in that butler suit all made her want to lick him. He looked so delicious she imagined running and jumping into his arms. Then when he opened his mouth to speak, his words nearly made her cry and forgive him. Though she was mad at him, she forgave him months ago. And that was her problem. She forgave too easily. But she couldn’t change that. She never could. Even that damn Tyler she could never hate.

Cody hugged the throw pillow in her arms as she absently stared at the television. Curled up on the extra-large sofa, she hadn’t moved in hours. After breakfast, she had ordered Gabe around like a shrew. But by lunch she was tired of the act. It wasn’t her. She wasn’t built unyielding and domineering like her Grandmother. She wasn’t adorably elegant and demanding like her sister Molly. And she definitely wasn’t as refined and regally poised like Val. Even Bailey’s mother was far more resolute and focused compared to Cody.

Compared to these outstanding women, Cody felt lacking. That was why she tried so hard in her business. But honestly, she hated the business world. It was cold and merciless. And if she let it, it would destroy her emotions one by one.

That issue with Mitchell was one such instance. She wanted to quit because she hated how her friend was being treated over nothing. Who fucking cared who Mitchell loved as long as he didn’t hurt anyone? It made Cody furious about how petty the world was.

But that wasn’t the only thing that made her furious. Being a woman in the predominately male dominated profession was not easy. Though most men kept their comments in check, the looks they gave her made her feel dirty. Some even disregarded her words as if she didn’t exist. So Cody didn’t mind being a bitch to those assholes. Sometimes she didn’t even need to open her mouth because Dorian would make a complete fool of himself to make a fool out of the assholes who indirectly insulted her. She loved him for that.

Gabe had warned her multiple times that the business worlds can be cold and uncaring. Seeing is believing.

She turned her head to glance up at the shadow who was standing by the couch waiting for her command. Did he gain more muscle? Why the hell did he look so much more masculine? Why did that damn confident and domineering air of his seem to grow bigger, bolder?

Looking at him, she understood why this man and her grandmother were such coldhearted people. In order to survive in such a world and succeed you had to be ruthless. Cody had decided a year ago that she didn’t want to be the number one sports agency because she cared to much about her employees and clients, she could never discard their needs and feelings just for money. Plus, she had Gabe, who needed money?

Gabe’s head dipped a bit to give her his full attention. Those beautiful lips, mint green eyes, and strong chin made Cody melt. She wanted to reach out to rub her fingers over his eyebrows and then trail them down those handsome cheekbones.

The lust in his eyes was apparent since that morning. But then again, the lust rarely left his gaze when they looked at her. Sometimes she couldn’t tell between the lustful gaze and the loving one, they both scorched her, imprinted into her soul.

She licked her lips, feeling her pussy clinched as her fingers pressed into the sofa to keep her from calling his name the way she did when she wanted him inside her. She wanted him so bad, she could almost feel his breath on her skin. Hell, she missed his kisses. Though the current Gabe was handsome, the dominating Gabe made her fucking hot. The way he took her when he wanted…

She closed her eyes and broke the eye contact. Was it wrong to like that part about him? Could she have that dominate part without the insecure shit? Remembering Matt’s words, she wondered if that was what he meant by an evolved alpha — who wasn’t just dominate but secure in his position in the other person’s heart. Gabe was confident and secure in everything else, but for some reason he was scared when it came to Cody.

Though she shouldn’t be happy about his insecurity, she found that she was. She couldn’t help smiling as she opened her eyes again and looked at him letting the mischief play over her face.

Gabe who was still standing, watching her, visibly stiffened. She chuckled.

Gabriela, since I can’t take a bath until this scar is completely healed, go run my shower water and make sure that the temperate is just right.” Cody ordered while reaching for her phone.

“Yes, madam,” he said before leaving.

She quickly sent a text to Val thanking her for coming up with this idea.

But Val texted back: Thank Tyler!

Cody tossed her pillow to the side in shock. This was Tyler’s plan? And no one got hurt?

Instead of texted him, she called.

“Yes?” He answered sounding all kinds of self-satisfied.

“Your plan? I don’t fucking believe it.”

Tyler sighed. “Honestly, my plan was to kidnap him and keep in the dark without any knowledge of who kidnapped him or where he was. I wanted him fucking terrified. Maybe a little torture.”

“Hell…” That was the kind of Tyler shit that made her want to kick him in the balls.

“But Val intervened and massacred a perfectly beautiful idea. So have you fucked him yet?”


“What are you waiting for? Fuck him.”

Cody hung up. She did want to fuck Gabe, but first she needed to make a few things clear. She needed her alpha to evolve.

Cody stood and began stripping her clothing as she walked to the bathroom in her bedroom, leaving a mess for him to clean-up. Once she reached the bathroom door, Gabe lifted his head to stare at her in the mirror. His eyes heated immediately. A gaze that threatened to give her third degree burn slowly descended her body until his eyes stopped at the scar on her lower abdomen. His gaze didn’t lose its heat as she thought it would, but something else shown in his face.

“Does it hurt?” He asked in a low soft tone.

She swallowed. “Not really. Rarely now.”

He nodded. “I should have been there,” his tone was heavy, repentant.

Cody shrugged. “You were. Here,” she said touching above her breast where her heart was.

His shoulders collapsed.

“Does it bother you…having such a big scar?” Cody asked even though she knew Gabe wasn’t that superficial. She had more than one scar on her body but this one would be the biggest once fully healed.

“No.” He stared at it, face looking haunted. “I need it. A reminder of how I fucked up and almost lost you.”

“Both of us need to remember. In the future, we work through it when we’re not happy. No more hurtful words. And don’t you dare fucking shut me out again. Do you hear me, Gabriela?” She asked returning to her act wanting to alleviate some of the heaviness taunting her to cry.

“Yes, madam.” His bowed his head subserviently.

“Good.” Cody waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. “Now, get out. And don’t forget to lay-out my clothes.”

He stepped forward, preparing to leave but Cody put her hand on his chest to stop him. Letting her fingers caress up his chest over his neck tie, she stopped when they reached the exposed skin of his neck. Lingering a moment, she enjoyed that moment of warm skin to skin contact as it jolted through her body. She missed touching him and inhaling his scent. Just being near him calmed her. Finally, she curled her index finger under his chin to make him look her in the eyes. “What do you say?” She demanded in a low voice.

Gabe leaned down slightly until their faces were barely an inch away and he whispered heavy with suggestion, “Yes, madam.”

Cody stared at him feeling her core heating. Her breathing picked up. His eyes roamed over her slowly, pale green gaze saying things he didn’t voice. Her eyes refused to budge. His gaze demanded her, commanded her to give into him. And she wanted to. She wanted to kiss him so bad her head was spinning.

“Would you like me to wash you, madam?” He asked in that dark demanding tone that made the skin on her flesh prickle. Her body bloomed with need.

Yes, she wanted it. Yes, she wanted him.

“Ah…” Cody opened her mouth in shock when those large barely rough hands barely grazed the skin of her arms.

“Would you like me to bathe you, or go put your clothes out.” His lips were so close to hers, that she felt his heat.

She would love for him to bathe her…but she couldn’t stay in the water too long because of the scar… And she knew, just knew, if those hand touched her more than this, she would fuck him in the shower.

“Clothes.” She pulled away from him and stumbled to the shower. Ignoring the heated gaze that continued to watch her, Cody ducked under the spray and stared washing.

She knew the moment he had left, because the warm shower water immediately felt cooler. She slammed her hand on the tiles. She couldn’t keep the act up anymore. She didn’t want to. She wanted him. Like she always wanted him near her, holding her, talking to her, inside of her.

After the shower, Cody came out wrapped in a towel to find Gabe still standing in the bedroom.

“Madam, let me know if the clothes I selected are not to your taste.” He bowed his head toward the bed. Cody saw the shorts, t-shirt, bra, and panties.

She hmphed. “It’ll do.”

Gabe nodded and turned to leave.

She dropped the towel. “Lotion me.”

Gabe’s whole body stiffened making Cody giggle wickedly low in her throat.

“Don’t keep me waiting.” She waved her finger to the bathroom hastily.

When he marched to the bathroom, Cody nearly doubled over in laughter. She had seen the bulge in his pants. Gabe’s erection size couldn’t hide no matter what kind of pants he wore.

He returned to the bedroom, where Cody stood waiting. His eyes locked with hers and never left as he began pumping the white liquid into his strong hands. There was challenge in that heated gaze. Was that a smirk? A sexy smirk.

The first contact of cold cream smoothed over her shoulder inciting a moan as she shivered. She glared at him knowing he did that shit on purpose.

“I apologize, madam, I’ll warm it first,” he said before pumping more, sitting the bottle on the bed and then rubbing his hands together before slowly massaging the warmer cream into her skin. His fingers knead the skin, taking his time as if he didn’t want to miss an inch. From her neck, to her shoulder, a gentle yet firm pressure glided over her skin as the mix of silky lotion combined with his slightly rough hands. He continued from her arms down to her fingertips were he threaded his own fingers into hers to make sure each part was moist. His hands moved from her waist to slowly caress her abdomen, careful of her scar. Then he slowly, careful, brushed against her breast.

Cody bit her lower lip as Gabe looked at her expression as if waiting for permission. When Cody said nothing, he continued, fingers lightly smoothing over the mounds, lightly plucking the nipples. Then he slowly smoothed down the valley before massaging the underside.

Her eyes never left his even as he pumped more in his hand and stood in front of her. Then he reached his long arms behind her and began to caress her back. His head dipped low in order for his arms to reached her lower back. She felt his hot breath on her lips. She turned her head away from the temptation, and let him breath on her neck, tickling her. Her pussy clinched, moist with her juices.

“You smell good, mad-“

“Don’t talk.” Cody commanded knowing she couldn’t keep her resolve if he spoke. She turned her back on him and closed her eyes to keep her composure. She couldn’t give in just yet…not yet

Gabe finished her back and began to work on her legs starting at her ankles. Slowly, his hands press into her skin not to firm, but just enough pressure to be comfortable, yet sensual. He worked her legs slowly, trailing inch by inch to her thighs. Oh…shit… She felt him so close to her lower lips that Cody knew she nearly dripped for him. She even smelled her own scent.

He never touched her pussy, but his proximity was so close she almost felt him stroking her.

She gasped when his hands smoothed over her ass. Then the pressure on her ass increased, jerking her forward making her gasp again when he pressed her pussy to his face. She looked down to find his eyes looking up at her daring her to refuse when his lips captured her clit.

This bitch is not playing fair… She moaned.

Those hands continued kneading her ass, pressing her even closer.

“Fuck!” She reached down to hold on to his head while he sucked away what little resistance she pretended to have. It felt so good, she nearly cried. He pulled at the little bundle of sensitive flesh making her moan and slowly jerk her hips wanting more. “Yes…”

How long had it been since he touched her like this? Those lips sucked and sucked making her call out the name she had been refusing to say all day. “Gabe!”

Teeth nipped at her before those lips went back to work making her mindless. She didn’t remember when she landed on the bed or how one of her legs ended up over one of his shoulders as he continued to feast on her, but she could care less. She moaned and squirmed letting his tongue lap at her. His grunts matched her pants of pleasure. That tongue seemed to enjoy her juices, licking at her like she was cream. She moaned wanting him to end the torture and yet demanded more.
His lips returned to suck the hell out of her clit. With each suck and lick, her body jerked wanting release as that familiar but foreign feeling built to a peak.

Oh… yes, yes, fu-“

Cody screamed through the first orgasm. The force of it so strong she lost her vision for a few seconds. By the second orgasm she was pleading for him to stop, pushing at his head she was so sensitive. On the third orgasm, she was crying, body jerking limbs numb and boneless.

Cody felt his lips on her skin as he kissed her sweaty body from her inner thigh, up to her stomach, to her breast and finally, her lips. Cody didn’t care that he tasted like her. What she cared about most was that she finally got to kiss him. Finally!

She opened her mouth and let him inside. He didn’t disappoint her. He kissed her, tongue dominating every inch of her mouth as he searched and plundered, reintroducing himself to the depths of her throat.

Cody moaned and continued kissing him, lips nearly bruising because they refused to part from him. Every time he tried to move away, Cody grabbed onto his lips with her teeth and growled daring him to fucking leave her. Then she continued the kiss, wanting to melt him into her skin. Her hand held onto his jaw while she explored him like he explored her. They battled, licking, sucking, kissing, biting.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, refusing to let go. She’d had enough of their separation.

“You’re not allowed to ever leave me again.” She growled against his lips, tears leaking from the corner of her eyes. “Fucking abandon me again and I’ll drug you, chain you, and then make you watch me fuck the biggest dildo I can find.” She wrapped her arms around him.

Gabe’s eyes widened in shock.

“That’s right asshole, I’ll ruin my pussy so that I’ll never be satisfied with you again,” she said so, but even she didn’t want that much pain.

Her words had the effect she wanted. Gabe unzipped his pants so fast, Cody didn’t have to wait but a second before his cock rammed into her.

She screamed at the abruptness. It had been so long that it nearly hurt. But she was screaming something different by the third thrust.

“My back!” She complained as her bare backside continued scooting across the sheets on the bed, burning her. However, she didn’t let go as she kept her legs around him and arms held him while he hammered into her, grunting and groaning in a pleasure that matched or even surpassed hers. His lips continued to kiss her. His tongue impaled her threatening to suffocate her. Hips jerking with each punishing thrust, Cody cried harder wanting him to never stop. It hurt and yet if was so wonderful, she felt it was better than anything she ever felt before.

Shit… Oh… Uh!” She panted, groaned, and murmured incoherently as he fucked her.

His grunts filled her ears like music. His sweat dripped down her bouncing breast. In and out, he thrust, over and over, letting her know who’s pussy that really belonged to. Her vaginal walls stretched and contracted around him, trying to swallow in that perfect cock that was hers, hers!

She came again, heat exploding through every cell in her body. Her nerves kept jumping as if shocked by an electrical current. Her back arched, breasts pushing into the shirt of his chest.

“Gabe!” She tried to breath but she couldn’t catch her breath as he continued fucking her through her orgasm. “Gabe!” She tried to get him to stop as her body and skin over sensitized but she couldn’t find the words and her body wasn’t listening to her when she tried to command her limbs to let him go. “Gabe!” She screamed again, before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her vision turned black.

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