The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 3.7



Four weeks of hot, sweaty climate and mosquitos. Four weeks of isolation from Cody and the rest of the world. Four weeks of asking for permission to bathe, to eat, to fucking breathe. And after negotiations with Donya, his captivity was over. 

The first thing he did was order Bilal to take him to his nearest hotel in Lima Peru. After a long hot shower and a good night’s sleep in the top floor suite, Gabe felt like a new man. 

The next morning, the guards who had once been guarding against him, had become his bodyguards, following him as Bilal escorted him to the private air field where his plane waited for him. With a deadpan expression, Bilal had told him that all the arrangements that he requested from Donya had been made and that he would be immediately sent to his desired location. He was also given a phone that was connected directly to Val and Tyler should he need anything — they were at his beckon call. 

Gabe had requested that the phone have limited access to just those two so that he wouldn’t be tempted to run his company or have contact to the outside world unless Cody said otherwise.

From the moment he got on the plane in Lima and the door sealed shut, he was no longer his own man. Until Cody got tired of him and no longer wanted his attention, Gabe was at her mercy.

He looked out the window and remained silent even as the flight attendant asked him if he needed anything. He just stared at the land below with eager anticipation at seeing her again.

Eight hours later and after switching from jet to helicopter in Belize, he landed on his private island off the coast. Quod Deam Dicata, Latin for Dedicated to the Goddess, was not only the name of the island, but of the super yacht that was docked at the port of the lush slice of land. Looking at the yacht, he laughed mockingly at himself as he realized that something like that would never make Cody happy. She never cared about things. She had wanted him.

Though the main island was littered with tropical trees and surrounded with clear blue-green water and soft sand, Cody only spent time here when he was with her. She only explored the island if he went with her. She only liked that it was a private island because she wouldn’t have to see women drooling all over him. That was his Cody.

The helicopter had landed on the pad on the aft of the ship. Two rows of the yacht’s workers met him waiting for instructions. He gave them orders before he approached the ship’s captain.

“Sir, the madam arrived two hours earlier. Because she was tired, she went to sleep. From my reports, she is still sleep,” The man reported, his British accent showing off his upper-class pedigree.

It was late at night so of course she’d be sleep. Cody loved sleep. He just nodded and headed for the dock. Once on the main island, Marta, the villa housekeeper stood with two other men who kept watch and tended to the rest of the island.

“Marta, for the next few weeks, you’re on vacation.” He pointed to the yacht. “Enjoy yourself.”

The woman nodded eagerly.

He turned to the two men. “Anything I should know?”

“No, sir. Everything’s good.”

“Then take it easy as well. I have patrol boats on duty keeping an eye on pirates so nothing should reach this island.”

They all thanked him before they headed for the yacht to start their vacation.

Gabe looked up at the villa and took a deep breath hoping she wanted to see him.

He walked through the nice clean house knowing that he would be its keeper for the next weeks. It wasn’t a big villa, just spacious. Usually Marta was the cook here, however, Gabe would take over all her duties. He knew how to cook enough to please his Cody. He knew her tastes. She didn’t need fancy, it just had to taste good.

After re-familiarizing himself with the island from a different perspective, he adjusted his mind and went back to the yacht to prepare himself.

Once he changed his clothes and spoke to one of the provisions officers on-board, he headed back down the dock. He passed the villa’s front courtyard and entered villa neatly decorated with tropical decor. His footsteps didn’t stop until he reached the bedroom and opened the door quietly, slowly.

The light from the hallway shone onto the bed, illuminating the sleeping figure. Her mouth lay slightly open and her chocolate curls sprawled all over the pillows. He smiled knowing that she would be cursing in the morning because she forgot to braid it before going to sleep and her hair would be tangled. He looked around the room and noticed that Marta had already put away all her things and laid out all her necessities in the bathroom. The bathroom had a his and hers sink. So Cody’s side was occupied. Only his side lay bare.

He left the bathroom and went to the bedside. He careful sat on the side of the bed to watch her breath. His Cody. She was so beautiful. Even after giving birth to two kids in one go, he still desired her. How he wished for those big pretty eyes to open and look at him…love him. He reached out, wanting to touch her. But he paused and pulled his hand back. Not yet.

So for almost an hour, he just watched her, drank in the sight that he missed so much. How could he have left her? Fucking fool…

He eventually got up and went to the guest villa behind the house and made himself at home. Or as home as he could make it without Cody staying with him. He took a light nap and when the sun began to peak over the horizon, he got dressed and went to make breakfast.

As the bacon sizzled, he smiled to himself knowing it wouldn’t be long…

Sure enough, ten minutes later, his tall beautiful love walked into the living room looking bleary eyes. Her bed hair could’ve doubled as a bird’s nest. She wore an oversized t-shirt that hung down to her knees and off one tempting shoulder. He knew that under that shirt was a pair of baggy shorts. Her shapely legs staggered forward toward the kitchen that was separated from the living room by a long marble island bar. Half-way across the living room Cody croaked, “Marta, isn’t it too early for breakfast? You know I prefer a later breakfast,” she said rubbing her eyes.

“I apologize, madam, I’ll remember that in the future,” Gabe said as he cracked an egg in a bowl.

Cody stopped dead in her tracks, head snapping up, eyes open wide awake.

“I’m making bacon, eggs, and toast. Please let me know if there is anything else you want for breakfast. Unfortunately, Marta is on vacation, so you’re stuck with my lowly self. Please let me know if you need anything. My name is Gabriel Lloyd Walthour the Third. Though I am slightly new to this type of service, I will endeavor to do any and everything to please you.” He bowed his head slightly, speaking as properly as his mother had taught him.

Cody’s jaw slacked visibly as she just stared at him. Standing there like that, clueless and shocked… She. Is. Adorable.

“I will be at your service twenty-four seven just as Marta had before. If you find that my services are lacking in any way, please do not hesitate to inform me. Chastise me how you see fit. I only want the best for my master.” He bowed his head again. Then he went back to cooking to make sure nothing burned and that everything was as perfect as he could get it.

Cody said nothing as she slowly approached the bar and took a seat watching him with curious eyes. Beautiful emerald eyes that looked similar to her sister’s. Not as pale as his own, but more vivid, alive.

They reflected her soul. Her gorgeous heart.

“What do I call you? Mr. Walthour?” Cody finally spoke, that melodious voice making his heart hurt because it sped up so fast.

“What ever you want to call me. Mr. Walthour. Lloyd. Gabriel… Gabby.” He watched her reaction to see her slightly smirk.

“What if I want to call you Servant?”

He nodded. “That is fine, too.”


“As you wish,” He said trying to keep himself from leaning across the bar and capture those pillowy soft lips. How long had it been? His cock stirred.

Cody said nothing as she stared at him, and he her. He quickly snapped out of it to plate the eggs and took the toast from the toaster then piled the bacon on-top.

He slid the plate across the bar to her and moved to get her a fork from the drawer. When he turned back around he found a piece of the bacon disappearing into her mouth as his thoughts became instantly dirty. He held out the fork to her even as he watched her chew.

She took the fork, fingers sliding over his making his body heat.

“What services do you not provide?” Cody asked with a mouth full of food. Yet he slightly heard the hint of innuendo in her words.

“What ever the master wants, I provide.” He answered trying keep his tone serious even as those words suggested too damn much. Being professional with her right in front of him was going to be an exercise in patience he knew he wasn’t equipped for. But he must be, for her.

Cody just nodded, and slowly lowered her eyes as a beautiful blush slowly took over her face, making her appear so, so edible. He had to turn away and begin cleaning the kitchen.

“Are you not going to eat?” She asked but she didn’t look up at him.

“The servants do not eat with the masters.” He answered.

“But what if I demand it,” She asked.

“Then I must do as you command.”

She nodded but she didn’t command for him to eat with her, she just continued eating. After finishing half her food she asked, “Tell me, Gabriela, what made you choose a life of servitude?” She demanded, straightening her slouched posture and showed of a domineering appearance.

Did she just call me… Gabe swallowed his irritation and answered. “I do this as penance for a horrible mistake I made.”

“Tell me about it,” She asked trying to make her face look cold and detached, but Gabe could see the hurt emotions within her face. His Cody was not suited to be heartless like him.

He took in a deep breath. He knew they would have to have this conversation sooner or later. He mentally prepared himself over and over. But now, saying it aloud, was harder than anything he practiced in his head. “The woman I love decided to have another man’s children with my permission. However, I didn’t tell her how much I feared she would want to be in their life…those children.” He continued washing dishes, staring at the soap bubbles. “I’ve seen…how women wrap their whole life around their children. How they devote so much time and effort that they shut out others even their husbands. I didn’t want her to turn her back on me for those children. And that fear…took hold over me. I said and did some…awful things.” He finally looked up at her and said, “So she left me. As I deserved.” Her face softened a bit before she hardened it again into that cold mask. “So as a self-punishment, I’m learning to be…humble.”

Cody nodded going back to her food. “And if she was right here in front of you, right now. What would you tell her?”

“That I’m a horrible man. And I apologize deeply with all I have. And I love her.”

She stopped eating and stared at him.

“And I will use the rest of my life to make-up for it.”

She slowly nodded as she chewed, not taking her gaze from his.

He swallowed hard as he hoped she could forgive him.

After a long painful silence, she finally said, “Well… Then I suggest you work hard in order to learn humility properly and gain her forgiveness. First thing, how can you serve your master properly, Gabriela, if you can’t even remember to serve juice with breakfast. What if I choked!” Cody snapped like a true diva. “Bring my OJ. Now.” Then she threw her fork down on the empty plate with enough righteous indignation to let him know she’d been around Molly too damn long.

Gabe felt his eye twitch. He just poured out his fucking heart and she acted as if it was nothing! He quickly swallowed his pride, turned to the fridge and pulled out the juice, then pulled down a glass. He poured her a full glass. “I apologize, mistress, it won’t happen again,” he said offering her the glass.

Cody hmphed taking the glass and put it to her lips. She drank half the glass before placing it down on the counter with a clank. “It’s not even freshly squeezed!” She bellowed.

Now it was Gabe’s turn for his jaw to drop. When that wicked smirk slowly curved as the ends of her lips, he knew. She was going to see how far she could push him. She was going to torture him. She was going to make him earn every bit of her forgiveness.

The normal Cody would’ve caved by now and been putty in his hands. But this Cody had his mother’s influence all over her.

In other words, this shit was going to be torture…

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