The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 3.6



After Cody’s workout with Mario, she learned that when the doctor says give it several weeks before heavy aerobics… I should’ve fucking listened…

The C section wound had mostly healed, but she had felt pain for days after that workout and Donya fussed about her over doing it. So, for the next week and a half, Cody was a lazy bum doing much of nothing but eat, sleep, talk on the phone, and any other light activity that would not make her hurt.

In total, it had been four weeks since she had the twins. And two months since she’d seen Gabe. Therefore, when the doctor told her that morning that she could start light exercise, Cody decided to take a jog on the estate grounds. She even jogged along the rows of grapevines that belonged to Bellini. Bellini owned several large vineyards and an international wine label call Bellini Cara, but on the main estate was a private vineyard that often sold grapes to local small winemakers who didn’t own land to grow their own.

When the alarm that was her grandmother, called her and told her that she’d ran too long, Cody stopped in the middle of the vineyard and laughed. Her grandmother was as fussy as her sister. And like Molly, the old woman was so damn lovable. After hanging up with Donya, she began to walk back to the main house, if one could call the sprawling monstrosity a house.

Walking, she remembered what her best friend Matt had told her several months ago when she was about to get artificially inseminated — before he had ever met Val. Matt wanted her to make sure she knew what she was getting into. At the time she didn’t understand his worries when he had told her, “You already know he’s scared shitless of losing you, Cody. You’ve known about his insecurities for years. You’re probably the only thing in his life he wants, but is clueless on how to keep. You’re nothing like his previous women who would crawl in his bed just because he’s rich, powerful, and gorgeous. So even after all these years, he’s still learning to bend some of his previous rules and behaviors. He’s so alpha, it probably kills him every time he has to rearrange his mindset. But…” Matt had given her a sly grin. “If he wants to keep you, he’ll die over and over if that’s what it takes. It’ll be interesting to see an evolved alpha… But you…If you’re really going to do this, make sure you’re ready for the storm ahead. ’cause change ain’t always easy.”

During this whole ordeal, Matt hadn’t said much to Cody about their fight or their estrangement. She always thought Matt was too busy chasing Val to pay attention, but… Matt had already known things would change between them, and he seemed to believe that Gabe would rise to the challenge.

Thinking of him, she called her best friend.

“How are the therapy sessions going?” Matt asked instead of saying hello.

“I’m dodging it.” Cody cringed.

“Yeah, Val told me.” Matt’s low, dark voice was like a calming incense.

“Actually, the reason I called you is because you’re kind of my therapist. So tell me your thoughts.”

Matt chuckled. “What can I tell you that I haven’t already told you?”

Cody grew silent for a moment as she pulled her thoughts together. Then she remembered Matt’s concerns about helping Bailey have children. “Do you think… Do you think my decision to do this was selfish because I didn’t truly grasp how it would affect Gabe? That I should’ve considered more deeply the effects it would’ve had on our relationship?”

“Yes. And no.” Matt answered. “Yes, it was selfish because it was something you decided you were going to do no matter what. However, we as humans can’t give of ourselves all the time, or we’d die before we reach the age of maturity. We have to be selfish sometimes. We have to think of ourselves sometimes. Not all the time or we’d be complete assholes. But sometimes we have to do what we want or need. Selfishness is a part of us, just like selflessness. Though we can often be more selfish than selfless, to have a healthy balance… might be difficult. In most relationships, there are those who give more and those who take more. It happens all the time. In your case you gave more. He took more.”

“Gabe gives.” Cody defended.

“You’re talking stuff or things: shelter, food, career. Materialistically, Gabe gave you more. But I’m talking emotions. An actual emotional investment. And that’s where my NO comes in. No, you cannot blame yourself for not thinking of the impact it would have on your relationship if Gabe isn’t willing to open up and tell you how he feels. Him just telling you no or I forbid it, does not tell you shit about how it will fuck with his ego. You shouldn’t be the only one held responsible for every emotional decision in your relationship, or it’s not a relationship. And it’s not healthy.” 

Matt sighed and continued. “But I get it. It’s hard for him to express emotions honestly. That’s the norm for most men, except yours truly,” he said with a smug air that made Cody laugh. “Most of us guys are still stuck in the stone age and have a weird belief that emotions make us weak. But if we weren’t supposed to have emotions, then why the hell weren’t we born without them. So, what Gabe needs to do is learn to express. And you need to let him. And when he pisses you off, don’t curse him like you do.”

“But he likes when I curse him.”

Exactly. He’s not taking you seriously. When Val’s pissed with me, I know it. I feel it in her stare, in her words, and her actions. She makes me hurt and makes me not want to piss her off again. But if Gabe keeps fucking with you just to see your reaction, then your approach needs to change. He needs to understand you’re serious. That’s why I want you to take a more mature approach. Hopefully, that will help make your relationship mature.” Matt paused as if in though.

Cody continued walking waiting for him to begin again. She reached out for a grape leaf and plucked it from the vine.

Matt finally said, “From what I know of the man, he truly loves you. So, he’ll figure his shit out. And he’ll be willing to meet you half way so you can both grow stronger together. Both of you need to take this as a learning experience, to mature and…prepare for what’s next because every relationship goes through trial and error as long as you’re together.”

“Except our relationship. You and I never fight.” Cody grinned.

“Of course, we’re rock solid. Just don’t tell Val that.” Matt whispered.

“Already keeping secrets Matt? Naughty.”

Matt just laughed.

After getting off the phone with Guru Matt, Cody considered his words.

The next morning, Cody went to eat breakfast with her grandmother. She ate quietly thinking of Gabe and wondered again if he missed her as much as she missed him. Yet, she’d been missing him for months. She always thought their feelings were the same. But she learned after he stopped contacting her, that the feelings were totally different. While she had tried to reach out to him after their fight, he had refused to keep in contact.

This time, he was somewhere isolated from her due to Donya’s instructions, but she wondered… Did he care? Did he want to contact her?

When she looked up from her plate she crashed into Donya’s watching stare. That kind wise face hid a shrewd woman, but Cody still felt comfortable around her. Right now, even though her grandmother looked at Cody thoughtfully, she felt the concern from the woman as well.

“There is something I’ve been holding on to because I wanted to spend more time with you, let you heal…and to punish my foolish son. However, it was wrong of me to keep it from you so long.” She waved a finger and a young man came forward and placed a small brown padded envelope next to Cody’s hand that lay on top of the table.

Cody frowned, before picking up the envelope. As she picked it up, Donya rose gracefully from the table and walked out the dining hall, followed by all the attendants. Cody was used to at least one of them being around, but now the room stood completely quiet and empty.

What the hell is in this package? A bomb? When she opened it and looked in, she saw an electronic device. Pouring it out into her hand she found it to be a digital recorder. Something like this was rare with smart phones around. Placing the envelop down, she located the play button and pushed it.

There was the clearing of a throat before she heard, “Cody…” Gabe! Cody’s heart kicked in her chest. “Hi, Cody…” She could hear him take in a long breath before that deep hard voice continued. “I don’t know how to apologize in order to make this right. But I have to try. Even if this comes out bad… I won’t let you…can’t… I fucked up.” A paused. “I don’t know how else to say it. I let my…my fear you’d leave me…and some other things mess with my head. I never meant to say what I did the way I did… No…that’s wrong. Most of what I said was true… Me and that woman that gave birth to you truly don’t deserve you. But you would make a great mother…” His voice grew softer and softer with each word. “I’ve told you before, you have the heart that neither of us had. Don’t know where in the hell you got it from, but you have the biggest most beautiful heart…” His words cracked at that last word and he grew silent.

Cody finally took in a deep breath after holding it.

“I said those things, to make your regret… And it did…it did. And then… I saw the pain I caused. So I stayed away to…so I wouldn’t hurt you again. And because I was too stupid to apologize. I should’ve been there. I should… Have… Never… Cody, I miss you. Fuck, I miss you so much.” His voice changed, sounded a bit shaky and Cody found her hand trembling. “I can’t redo or undo the past. But if you give me another chance, I promise, I’ll do better. For you, I’ll do… whatever you need. So please… Don’t leave me. Please…” His voice grew faint. “Please…” 

Was he begging?

Cody dropped the recorder and rose from the table. She left the way that Donya exited and the moment she was outside of the dining room and in the hallway, she found her grandmother standing, smiling. She opened her elegant arms.

Cody walked into that warm embrace.

“I know you’re going to him.” Her grandmother stroked Cody’s hair. “I arranged a present for you.” An attendant walked up carrying a small metal briefcase. “The Walthour men are bad at responding to words and empty threats. Other means are often needed.” At those words, her grandmother turned and lifted her slim fingers to gracefully release the latches of the case. The brief popped open. Inside lay what looked like a gun.

Cody shook her head. “You want me to shoot him?”

“Yes.” She waved her hand directing Cody to take the weapon.

When Cody picked up the slim metal handgun, she realized it was lighter than a regular pistol.

“It’s a tranquilizer gun,” those fragile hands reached for the black foam lining the case and lifted. Under the foam lay several darts with tiny vials attached to each. Each tranquilizer dart was embedded in another layer of foam and sectioned off in rows. A total count of ten. How many times did grandma think she would need to shoot Gabe? “These were specially formulated so you don’t have to worry about using too much or too little. One dart will do it. The formula expires in two years, so make sure you get them replenished by either me or Val. I don’t need to instruct you on how to use it, do I?” The woman smiled sweetly up at Cody.

Shaking her head, Cody found her jaw hung open, so she closed her mouth. “Grandma, he’s your son.”

“Yes. And I do love him. But he needs to own his bullshit.”

Cody’s eyes, which she didn’t think could grow wide, enlarged painfully. Donya rarely cursed.

“My dear, its time to be the queen you were meant to be to keep your man in check. Therefore, if he tries to ignore you in the future and you can’t reach him with normal means, you call me or Val, and we’ll make sure you can get to him.” She waved her hand over the rows of darts as if showcasing them, while saying, “Then you put one of these nice beauties in his buttocks and chain him.” She snapped her fingers and another attendant walked up with a system of chained handcuffs that looked like it was meant to be used in a prison yard for hardened criminals. “Any objections?”

“I think my brain is still stuck on shoot him.

“I understand. But keep in mind, he’s trained and specializes in several types of unarmed combat. He’s stronger and faster than you, therefore, you can’t physically overpower him. So do you have a better alternative to get his attention?”

Cody already knew that overpowering Gabe was nearly impossible. But now her grandmother had evened the playing field. “No. You picked the most effective method…” Cody rubbed her forehead while putting the gun back into the case. “I was told you were ruthless, but damn Gram.”

“Is that a thank you?” Donya asked seriously.

Cody laughed wrapping her arm around her grandmother’s neck and leaning down to kiss her forehead. “Absolutely thank you! Best grandmother ever.”

The little old woman beamed a brilliant smile. “I know you and my son will figure this out.”

Cody remembered what Matt said, “I hope so. We need to grow-up. But if I need reinforcements, I’ll let you know.”

Donya laughed. “Please.” She kissed Cody’s cheek. “I’ve already made travel preparations.” Her grandmother pulled away and began walking looking like a little duchess with each step she took. “You’re already packed and ready. The helicopter will take you to him. But do me a little favor.” Donya looked back with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “Play hard to get, Queen Kickass.”

Cody laughed and nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

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