The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 3.10



“Sabrina and Shaw,” Cody said looking up at the night sky while she lay on the beach blanket next so Gabe.

“Hmm…” Was all Gabe said in response.

“They were named after Val’s parents, the ones who raised her.”


“You know you could pretend to care.” Cody laughed.

“Why lie?”

Cody laughed harder turning over to bury her face in his arm. She liked these moments were they just spent time together. They had been on the island for two weeks. After a week of serving Cody, Cody began to help him with cooking and cleaning. Though she sucked at cooking, cleaning was no problem.

They took walks around the island talking about work, Bellini-Sadik, sports, and whatever came to mind. That is, if they talked.

Though she and Gabe weren’t the chatty type, they didn’t need to be. They understood each other with few words. Just being together in silence felt great. So that night they had a picnic on the beach under the stars. Cody massaged his shoulders at one point…then his ass.

“So firm,” she said slipping her hands down his pants to knead those buns of steel.

“How do you feel about outdoors sex?” Gabe asked, deep voice not holding even a hint of joking.

Cody laughed letting him turn over. She leaned down and kissed him. Not wanting to get sand in awkward places, Cody took him back into the villa where they made out along the way before Gabe bent her over the couch and fucked her. Afterward, still laid across the back to the couch, Cody reached for the remote control on the seat cushions and turned on the television.

She then straightened up her posture and pulled down her over-sized t-shirt. Gabe took her shorts that he had pushed down earlier and instead of helping her put them back on, he used them to clean up the warm liquid oozing down her leg.

She giggled when it got ticklish. So he kissed the itchy places. Until his head was buried in her pussy. She forgot all about the television. When round who-knows-how-many was over, they lay panting on the living room floor. Gabe lay on top of her, between her legs, face buried in her neck. He kissed there every now and then.

Cody rubbed her hands up and down the indentation of his back muscles, enjoying the slick sweaty feel of warm skin under her fingertips.

“When I first seduced you…” Gabe said low, dark words whispered into her ear. “I promised myself I would do anything to keep you. Anything. Even if it meant letting you have those boys.”

Her mind began to spin with his words, then got distracted when his hand began sliding up the side of her waist until it brushed part of her exposed breast not covered by his bare chest.

“Later, you and Molly grew closer… And I knew how she once felt about you.”

She remembered how scared he was that she would fall for her sister. But Molly’s love wasn’t nearly like Gabes. A fleeting crush. But her sister’s clinginess still bothered the man.

“Then my mother wanted more of your time. Then Dorian and Mitchell became more involved with you and the people in that company. Then Val came along… It seems like your circle is growing bigger by the day and I felt so suffocated because I want you to be happy. But I was going crazy. I felt like more and more of your attention was being pulled away. I saw how you started talking to those children before they were even born. Fear took over because I knew, knew that you would want to be with them. I felt you would sacrifice me to help Bailey with those babies. I started distancing myself to keep from saying or doing anything that would upset you. But when you asked me if I thought you would be a good mother… I lost it.” The words were barely audible, but Cody caught them. “Everything I bottled inside came out in the worse way.” His arms tucked under her back and wrapped around her, holding her. “I still want to give you everything…anything…but a separation. But I worry… Who will be the one to take you away from me?” His lips feathered over her ear as he spoke. “Who else will make me kill them to keep you with me?”

Though his words were dark and deadly, they made Cody hot all over.

“How do I keep you all to myself, even knowing I can’t?” His arms squeezed tighter almost painfully. “Why is it illegal to lock you away for myself? And even if it’s illegal, I don’t care.” She felt his cock thickening inside of her again making her moan. “I want to be like this with you forever. Just us…” His hips moved, slowly, patiently allowing that long, thick monster of a cock slide against the walls of her inner heat.

Cody gasped when he hit her most sensitive spot.

“Watching you come. Watching you laugh. Watching you study each game. Watching that pouty mouth as you chew and bit.” His teeth gently captured her ear before his lips nibbled. “I want all of you, Cody. I’m a selfish asshole. And sometimes I don’t care. But I’ll behave for you.” He continued the slow torture of bringing her to orgasm. “I’ll be whatever you need me to be. I’ll allow anything as long as you don’t leave me.”

He snapped his hips, plowing deep inside of her and Cody’s body jerked as she let the orgasm wash over her in a blissful caress that made her eyelids quiver.

He kissed her, tongue teasing in and out of her mouth, drawing out her breath as if trying to steal her life. His arms still held her firm refusing to let go.

This man…was so damn possessive.


The next morning, Cody was hoisted out of the bed, because she refused to get up. It was too damn early. So she slept as he hauled her over his shoulder and walked them from the villa to the yacht that should be a cruise ship. The helicopter for them to leave the island had probably arrived, but Cody didn’t want to go. She liked how lazy she’d been over the past two weeks. She wanted another month of it.

Once on the ship, Gabe put her in a chair in the dining room where a five-star breakfast woke her right up after Gabe stuck a strip of bacon into her mouth.

They ate together quietly when Cody looked up at the television mounted on the wall across from her. It was on mute, but Cody noticed the words on the news ticker at the bottom of the screen.

“What the actual…” She pointed to the screen.

Gabe, who’s back was to the television, turned to see the news. For a moment, he didn’t say anything. Then he waved for one of the yacht attendants who immediately brought his phone. Gabe pressed a number before putting it to his ear.

Cody just looked at the man in shock. He didn’t…

“Is the deal done?” Gabe asked emotionlessly. “I didn’t think it would be so quickly. Good job. I’ll see you in a couple of days.” Then he hung up.

“Delarosa!” Cody pointed to him as he moved around the table. “You created a new branch of your company and named it fucking Delarosa?”

When Gabe had tried to reach out for her, Cody climbed up on the table and over it. “What the fuck? Gaby! When the hell did you decide to make a sports division?”

Though she thought she got away from the man, he was right behind her. She pulled a chair out to separate them.

He chuckled before kicking it to the side and grabbed her arm, pulling her to his chest. Then he kissed her breathless.

Cody wanted to struggle at first, but knowing it was pointless to try, she gave up.

“It was supposed to be a wedding gift to you,” Gabe said against her lips. “It was originally going to be a hockey team and I its owner. But Tyler decided to make it bigger and decided to make it sporting goods brand, stores, and fitness centers that specialize in training athletes and potential athletes. That way we can sponsor any athletics team, sports, and events from big to small without conflict of interest.”

“And you fucking named it Delarosa?” Cody asked looking up at those delectable lips.

“Mmmm… Not yet. I wanted to name it Kick-Ass, but of course that wouldn’t be PG.”

“Gaby!” She hit his shoulder. “I haven’t officially broken up with Bailey yet, how can you just announce something like that?” Most people who paid attention to Cody’s company knew her start-up funds came from Gabe’s company.

“Tyler told me that Bailey already released a statement that you and he have separated on good terms. He admitted that he sees you more as a best friend than a lover. And he admits he sucks at being a boyfriend.”

Cody’s jaw dropped. When the fuck did this happen?

As if reading her mind he said, “The announcement was made the day you landed on the island. Your office also released a statement that they would continue to support Bailey and that he was an outstanding athlete…and some other words. I don’t know what Dorian actually released but according to Tyler it was professional and profound.” He shrugged.

“You all did this shit without me?” Cody hit him in the arm. “My opinion matters for nothing?”

Gabe lifted that damn annoying eyebrow. “You don’t approve? I thought this was the plan all along?”

“It was… but the fucking timing is shit. I just had his damn babies!”

“Yes, you did.” Then he kissed her again.

She glared at him then pulled back. “The media is going to want to know why you named it after the woman who you funded her sports agency.”

“And if I answer them, I’ll let them know I’m pursuing you in hopes of marriage,” he said in all seriousness.

“What happened to being low-key with a low-key wedding?” Cody murmured and sighed. Why couldn’t she fall in love with someone normal?


“You sound better.” Matt’s voice entered her ear from the phone. She sat on the top deck of the yacht watching as they disembarked from the island.

“I feel better. We had two weeks on the island. Lots of heart-to-heart talks.”

“You mean sex.”

Cody laughed. “That too. But seriously. We talked. We kind of have some ground rules for our relationship.”

“Kind of?”

“If I piss him off or he pisses me off, we reflect. No silent treatment. No raging. No disappearing acts. We face each other and shit. If we can’t speak face to face, we’ll use a phone, video, or write letters. But we’re not going to bury our crap like scared children.” Cody sighed. “Growing up is so damn hard.”

Matt laughed. “Isn’t it?”

“So, how’s the wedding planning?” She asked of his own marriage.

“Don’t know. I’ve been busy with my musical, concerts, charity engagements… Val’s handling it all.” He chuckled.

“What does that mean?”

“She probably delegated the whole thing to someone, so even she’ll be surprised when the wedding actually arrives.”

Cody cringed. Though Matt and Val were having a small wedding with only a few friends and family in a month, Matt already knew the woman wasn’t interested in weddings because she had been married once. But that didn’t mean she didn’t love Matt. “You should’ve given her time, buddy. It hasn’t even been a whole year since you met her and you’re pushing this on her. Scared she’ll run away again?”


Cody laughed. “You found her once, I’m sure you can find her again.”

Matt grew silent. “If you knew what I knew…” He muttered.

Huh?” What was he talking about?

Matt grew quiet before saying, “I’m well aware that marrying her won’t keep her with me if she wants to leave. But I still want that bond. I still want her to feel like it means somethings. Maybe you’re right, maybe I rushed it. But when it comes to her, I lose my head.”

Cody laughed. “Don’t I know it.”

“So the three years of captivity has been canceled by Donya?” Matt asked changing the subject.

“Nope. Gabe. He knew it was wrong. He actually only said it hoping I would change my mind about having Bailey’s kids.”

“Told ya.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Cody groaned. This guy was too damn smart for his own good. “Speaking of, how are the little ones.”

“Noisy.” Matt grumped.

Cody laughed turning around to see Gabe talking to the captain up in the command deck. “Matt.”


“He created a whole new division of his company, a sports division. He named it Delarosa.”

“Yeah, Tyler told me about that project.”



“The man is crazy.”

Matt laughed as Cody sighed. Who the hell wanted a sports division? She just told him she barely wanted to work her company, how the hell was she supposed to feel about a whole mega company? Though…it did sound cool.

“What? Not touched by his actions?”

“Only a billionaire would do something so over the top. I just want cheesecake and a good orgasm.”

Matt laughed again.

She smiled at the man who finally turned his gorgeous face to her. He pointed down to the helicopter. “We’re about to leave, so I’ll call you later.”

After hanging up, she walked to the helicopter pad and climbed inside. When Gabe joined her, she said, “Matt says hi.”

He nodded.

“And I called Dorian and told him my idea.”

“He refused didn’t he?”

Cody’s jaw dropped. “How did you know?”

“Because the man has no ambition. He might have his father’s head for business, but he doesn’t have his father’s drive.”

Cody poked out her lip in a pout. How did this man know Dorian better than she did and she worked with him more? 

Gabe kissed her pouting lip. “I know a woman you’d like who is just as crazy about sports but has nerves of steel and manages her work like a robot.”

Cody eyed him. “Why are you so familiar with this woman?

“Jealous…” He kissed her again. “I like how it looks on you.”

Cody shoved him away. “Speak before I start amputating limbs.”

He chuckled showing of that gorgeous face. “You’ve already met her several times. They call her the demon of sports medicine.”

Cody’s brain just…stopped. The correct name they gave her was the Bitch of Sports Med. She was known as the toughest and best in her field. One of the top physical therapists in the nation. A friend of Dr. Radford, Bailey’s mother. And she was the reason Bailey was up on his feet and playing less than six months after he had been shot in high school. Last time Cody checked, the woman owned her own practice.

“She wants to be an agent?” Cody frowned.

“Actually, she’s looking to branch out. She wants to be more involved with the players’ lives and not just see them when they’re injured. She wants to help manage their career and daily life so that they are healthier physically and mentally.”

Cody just looked at Gabe like he was a gift from heaven. Because this woman sounded like the kind of person she wanted in her company. Cody was definitely offering her part ownership. Maybe they could discuss a merger.

She just stared at him, this perfect, perfect man. Infuriating at times, but perfect.

“What?” He asked.

“Nothing. I just want to look at you. You’re so damn pretty.” She teased.

He smirked. “That should be my line.” He reached his hand under her shirt and began to smooth his hand over her stomach, stroking her scar. “Every part of you is beautiful,” he said before lifting his hand under her bra to play with her boobs.

Cody chuckled, glad the pilot wasn’t on board yet. “You know, we could stay on the yacht and just catch a plane at the next port.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His fingers plucked at her nipple. Her pussy grew damp.

“I’m listening.” Gabe’s voice deepened.

“Then we can fool around for several more days.” She licked his lips.

“Very convincing.” His thumb drew leisurely circles around her areola. Gabe stilled. “I have a better idea.” That sexy smirk played over his lips, nearly making Cody cream right there in her shorts.

“Why do I sudden have a bad feeling you’re about to do something very exhibition-like again…”

And she was right. That day, Cody learned that the helicopter could be very stimulating and exhausting.

(Part 3 End)

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