The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 2.9



Two months later…

Five days after Cody woke up in the hospital, she was released and Val sent her on a “vacation”. He wasn’t sure where, but it was Cody’s requested destination, so he knew that everything that Val and Tyler planned was approved by Cody.

Hopefully, the bitterness and sadness that Cody felt would ease. And maybe she’d find her happiness with Mr. Walthour again.

As for his two little ones, Bailey finally got to bring them home after over a month of hospitalization. While Seattle was often gloomy and rainy, he never had a problem with it until he brought his son and daughter home. Children needed sunlight. So, he decided, after his contract, he would see if he could transfer or get traded to another team in a sunnier environment. Somewhere his kids could grow and play outside. Even though they would be raised in the protection of many eyes and guards, he still wanted them to be kids. He wanted them to play and have fun. Even though there was a possibility they wouldn’t like playing like Tyler when he was a kid. Or rarely played like Matt. However, he wanted them to not think about responsibilities until they were older. Sure, he would teach them little by little, but first, they needed to be kids.

And he wanted to be there for all of them, not just his babies, but his friends and family. So, he decided that once his kids turned five, he would retire from football and spend time with them as they grow up. He wanted to be there for Christophe as well and even watch over his brothers at they became more accomplished. He wanted to be there for his friends when they needed to talk or just toss footballs with George, Mitchell, and Dorian. And if one of his kids decided they wanted to learn a sport, he wanted to be there to coach them, help them if they wanted his help.

Tyler was right, he was a family man. While football was fun, the bigger his family grew, the more he enjoyed being with them.

He smiled over at his mother who was sitting on a rocking chair holding a bottle as Shaw’s little mouth sucked on it with his eyes closed. “He’s so quiet.” His mother said smiling. “I mean they both are, but Shaw sleeps more than Sabrina.”

Bailey agreed as he looked at the tiny bundle in his own arms looking around with big gold-green eyes as she too drank her formula. Both of his kids had a mixture of gold and green in their eyes. Sabrina’s was more gold than green, while Shaw was greener than gold. But they had beautiful eyes like their mother.

“I always thought you boys were the prettiest babies, but I’m thinking you and Cody made some gorgeous ones. Truly peak genetic specimens,” she said as she gently rocked back and forth.

He looked back at the woman with his eyes narrowed. “Specimens?”

When her beautiful face finally looked up at Bailey and noticed his annoyed gaze, she cringed. “Habit,” she said apologetically.

“Its fine, mom.”

“No, no its not. I said I would be a good grandmother. I’m going to try my best.” Then her phone rang and Bailey couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s not work. They already know I’m on leave.” She pouted slightly shifting to get her phone from her pants pocket as she carefully held Shaw. Bailey watched her reaction while she read the screen of her phone. Her face went from amusement to mild interest as she continued reading.

From the look on his mother’s resigned face, he knew it was work.

“Go, I have Pam here to help me out.” Bailey told her.

She shook her head, putting her phone on the arm of the chair. “No. I promised. I can do this.” She said even as Bailey knew his mother was like a drug addict when she was away from work too long. His mother loved her job, more than she loved her children. He realized that years ago. At first it bothered him, but now he was used to it. His mother was as brilliant as his two brothers. And that couldn’t be tied down no matter how much Bailey wanted his mother to be a mother.

However, he didn’t say anything to convince her to leave. Instead, he waved to the nurse standing by. The middle-aged woman immediately went to his mother and took Shaw to continue feeding him.

“Bailey…” His mother began to protest.

“You’ll be grumpy in two hours.” Was his only response as he walked out of the nursery still holding Sabrina. When they got to the front door, he turned to see his mother dragging behind him. He bent to kiss her forehead. “Come back soon.”

“I’m off work. I don’t need to go, I’m-“

“Miserable when you’re not working. You’ll be wondering all day what that call was about. So come visit later. I’ll keep you updated.”

She only nodded and sighed. “You’re better at being a mother than me…so depressing,” She said before getting her coat from the closet and shoving her arms in the sleeves. Then her dark expression instantly brightened. “So proud of you.” She quickly took a picture of him and Sabrina before leaving smiling at her phone.

Bailey chuckled as he went to the kitchen. After Sabrina finished her milk, he leaned her on his chest and rubbed her back softly until he heard the satisfied burp. Cleaning her up, he placed her in her carrier while he began to prepare dinner. Those gold-green eyes followed him earnestly trying to keep up with his movements. Minutes later the nurse came into the kitchen carrying Shaw. She put him in the twin carrier next to Sabrina. The boy opened his eyes for a second then closed them again as if he wasn’t interested.

These two were going to be so much fun when they grew up.

The house slowly began to fill with the sound of music when the nurse turned on the home stereo system. Speakers softly played one of Matt’s classical albums.

“That’s your Uncle Matt…” He talked to the two as he continued to cook. He only had a month left of paternity leave before he had to get back on the field for practice and he was already groaning about leaving them. He wanted to hear their first words, see their first steps. He didn’t want to miss anything. But he knew no parent could see every moment of their child’s life.

Though his two angels didn’t cry much, when they did, they played tag team to see who could cry the loudest.

“I think they might be communicating with each other.” Val laughed that evening after dinner when she finally got one to stop crying and the other one began.

However, thanks to Matt, Pam, Michel, Dorian, Mitchell, Molly, and an army of baby professionals, Bailey never lost a night of sleep.

“When can I hold them?” Val’s son Christophe asked looking into the baby crib while holding onto the side bars looking like he was trying to escape from prison.

“When they get older. They’re too young right now.” Val answered, touching the top of his head.

He looked up at his mother. “How long is that?”

“Months.” Val smiled.

“That’s too long.” The recently turned six-year-old pouted.

“Maybe. But we can make the time go by faster.”

“We can?” Christophe’s eyes grew so big, Bailey feared they’d pop out of his head.

“Yes sir, we’re going to build them a play-set.” Val announced.

And that got a cheer from the little boy. Christophe was a born engineer. He and his mother were always tinkering with something. He was already familiar with robotics and had an army of remote-controlled cars, trucks, helicopters, and drones that he and his mother had constructed.

“Make sure this play-set isn’t too big and doesn’t have anything harmful, please.” Bailey warned.

“I’m not that irresponsible, Dad,” Val said, grinning.

“You taught Christophe how to assemble a revolver.” He reminded her.

Val groaned, rubbing her forehead. “I knew how to do it successfully at the age of five. Technically, Christophe’s education is late.”

“Can’t you just teach him how to read and write?” Bailey asked feeling like Val’s childhood needed a serious re-evaluation.

“I know how to read already,” Christophe said triumphantly.

“See, he already knows how to read.” Val smirked.

“No assembling guns.” Bailey warned.

“Yes, dad…” Val took her son’s hand. “Let’s go play with Matt. He’s more fun.”

While he knew Val wanted to teach Christophe the skills of assassination, Bailey hoped she would wait until he was much older before she did. He didn’t like the idea of Christophe ever killing but according to Val his training was necessary. Maybe it was because Val was a part of Bellini-Sadik which made it essential for Christophe to learn to protect himself, yet he still didn’t like the idea.

And if he could keep his children away from that lifestyle he would, but realistically, his life was a part of that world now. Not just Matt and Val, but Tyler, Cody, and Jerry were a part of that life so he had to accept that he too was a part of the underworld by association. It shouldn’t be anything new though, because his father was also a part of that life. Bailey looked down at his babies sleeping in the crib. Maybe he should ask Val and Cody to teach his son and daughter to protect themselves, if nothing else.

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