The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 2.8



The ringing sound brought Tyler’s attention up from his documents to look at his phone. It was Val, his co-conspirator. There only reason he would take this call is because he needed to keep her updated. “What demoness?”

“Cody said hi.”


“We talked.”

“You’re stretching this shit out on purpose to annoy me, right?” Tyler sighed.

Val’s laughter made him smirk. “She agreed to your plan.” 

“It’s not my plan.” Tyler narrowed his gaze as he leaned back in his seat at the head of the long table inside the empty boardroom.

“It is. Just because I tweaked it a bit, and took some of the dangerous elements out of it, doesn’t make it any less your plan. And it’s quite brilliant.”

“It was brilliant before you got your hands on it.”

She laughed a sexy sound.

“How’s Bailey?” He asked when his crotch started coming alive with the thought of his brother.

“He’s been calling you.” She answered in a low alluring voice, that sounded too much like the temptress she was.

“I know.”

“Why not answer the phone? Scared?” Breathy words seemed to stroke his skin as he imagined Bailey slowly undressing Tyler, button by button. He could feel those strong fingers unzipping him, teasing his cock.

“Mmm…very scared.” Tyler drawled, making his voiced low to match her sexy tone.

“You should be.” Bailey’s authoritative voice had Tyler sitting up in his chair in shock. “Where are you?”


“Answer the question. And if you hang up on me, I’ll have Val transfer me and the twins to a location that will take you a month or more to find.”

Dammit! That Val was more trouble that his brother, Matt. “I’m downtown, in the Walthour building.”

“Good that means you’re not far. Did you eat breakfast this morning?”

Tyler shook his head, but of course Bailey couldn’t see him.

However, as if the man could read minds he said, “What about lunch?”

Again, his head shook. Tyler knew Bailey wouldn’t be happy. But he never had an appetite when Bailey wasn’t around.

“Ty…” His brother took a deep breath. “Come home so we can have dinner.”

Tyler just looked down at the folders in front him. He had some work he needed to do, but he couldn’t deny he missed Bailey. “Ok.”

“Bring your work with you.”


“And Ty?”


“I’ll be prepared by the time you get here.”

Tyler didn’t even hang up his phone while he rushed to gather all his things. He had enough smarts at that horny moment to make sure all the files were properly stored in his messenger bag before he ran down the stairs of the high rise building with his guards following. He vaguely heard them ordering the car to be pulled around the front. The hospital was only a few blocks from the building, so if he ran it would only take him ten minutes, fifteen if he had to wait for cars before crossing the street.

Instead of waiting for the car out front, Tyler tossed his belongs to the guards and ran while loosening his tie. Remembering the schematics of the hospital layout, Tyler found the nearest set of stairs so that he didn’t have to wait for the public elevator. Ascending the stairs two at the time, he unbuttoned his shirt. By the time he got to the right floor, where Bailey’s room resided, he was pocketing his cufflinks, shirt flapping open to display his bare chest.

He ignored a woman’s open-mouthed gaze as he swiftly walked like he was in a marathon.

Once he got to Bailey’s room, he fumbled with the key card to get through the door. When the green light came on, he stepped inside closing the door behind him. His suit jacket was the first thing to hit the floor. His pants the second. All the while, his eyes never left the naked golden skinned god sitting back on the bed, one hand holding a remote control, the other arm resting on a raised knee. He was leaned slightly to the side, posed like a chiseled sculpture, cock half-hard between his legs, muscles deliciously tempting the eyes.

By the time Tyler made it to the bed, he was as naked as his brother, climbing up on the bed. Neither of them said anything as Tyler started at Bailey’s toes and slowly began kissing up those ripped legs. His brother’s skin was clean, fresh, smelling of ocean scented soap. Warm and sexy, the scent was mixed with his brother’s natural masculinity. Tyler inhaled as he took his time, licking, sucking, kissing each inch of skin until he was at that long thick hard cock. He kissed the head feeling Bailey’s fingers thread through his hair.

Licking along the length, Tyler re-memorized every vein, every dip, every taste of what belonged to him. His brother’s hands demanded more, pushing Tyler’s head down hard. Understanding, Tyler opened his mouth and let that cock impale his throat as he sucked. Head bobby, his hands slipped underneath that tight ass and parted the flesh. One finger from each hand slipped into the prepared hole, testing probing.

Slick. Warm. Tyler groaned in satisfaction.

Then Bailey moaned, before that hot dick pulsed against Tyler’s throat. Tyler swallowed every drop of warm seed then licked his lips. He then crawled up, hands caressing over the muscular plains of blushing sweaty skin.

Bailey dug his heels into the bed as he lifted his hips, offering himself. Tyler easily slipped inside that tight channel that squeezed his cock in a welcoming embrace. Feels so…

Bailey’s hooded gold gaze watched Tyler as Tyler watched him. He began to pump into Bailey. He leaned down, kissing his most precious brother. One of his hands wrapped around Bailey’s cock, and slowly began jacking his big brother off in time with his lethargic thrusts. In. Kiss. Out. Kiss. Tyler took his time savoring the man who was his world.

Tyler…” Bailey breathed between kisses. “Cum…”

That one word. That one command, was all it took for Tyler to release, body shaking as he chanted Bailey’s name over and over, hand squeezing his brother’s dick before Bailey was also coming again.

They lay quietly, Tyler on Bailey’s chest as the television played in the background.

He felt Bailey’s fingers playing in his hair, combing and twisting locks gentle. Tyler’s feet slowly tangled with Bailey’s, enjoying the feel of their warm slick skin pressed against each other.

“If you plan to scheme in the future, run it past Val and Jerry,” Bailey said, in a tone that left no room for arguing.

“Okay.” Tyler agreed, because if this was the reward he got for Val and Jerry’s help, he would take it.

Bailey’s fingers began to play with Tyler’s ear sending jolts of pleasure down his neck, his back, and waking his cock that lay on Bailey’s thigh.

His big brother chuckled. “Come on. I’ll fuck you in the shower, then we can get some dinner.”

Tyler immediately bounced up, heading to the bathroom. He was going to have to thank Val later for calling him earlier. She was almost as useful as his meddlesome little brother.

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