The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 2.6



Tyler sat in the waiting room with his feet up on the magazine table, computer on his lap answering emails and hoping Bailey’s mind was too occupied with the babies to remember he wanted to commit fratricide.

“How is it that you’re never as busy as Lloyd when you take over for him?” Val’s voice brought his head up. He stared up at the gorgeous woman who was standing behind him, head leaning slightly just over his.

“Because, Mr Walthour is a control freak so he has to have his finger on every little nook and cranny. I’m different. I make sure I know all my manager’s and executive’s weaknesses so that I can motivate them properly,” Tyler said looking back down at his computer. He hit send.

“Sounds like Lloyd isn’t the only one with control issues.” Val chuckled.

“I wouldn’t call it control…more like incentives.”

Ah. By the way. I got a phone call from Jerry-“

Before he let Val finish her statement, he jumped up from his chair, tossed his laptop to one of the nearby guards, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her to the nearest secluded room where they wouldn’t be disturbed.

He already figured she knew what was going on. Because of her, Bailey was going to nail his balls to a speeding train.

Once the room was shut, he slammed his hand on the door behind her head and leaned in close. “Talk.”

Val looked up at him amused. “If I didn’t know better, little brother, I would think you’re up to something by how suspicious you’re acting.” She leaned against the door looking very comfortable despite the fact that Tyler hovered over her, wanting to strangle her pretty neck.

True, he wasn’t her match. Val could kill him without breaking a nail. And that was sexy. Tyler could get hard with only a though of Bailey, but Val made him wonder. Because how many dreams had he had about killing the man who sired them. Yet, Val got that reward… A reward he wanted to share even if it was just a taste. His dick didn’t get hard for Val, but got hard at the thought of her killing that man making him want to share that experience in some way, shape, or form.

Val licked her sultry lips and Tyler leaned in closer. He would never betray Bailey, but if Bay gave him permission, he’d sample her just to know the flavor of death, his death.

“Jerry told me something very…interesting…” Her breathy words seemed to heat across his skin.

“Oh?” Hell, he could imagine him and Bailey fucking her. Him in the front. Bailey at the back. Both of them making this woman moan for mercy as they hammered both holes. Him kissing Bailey as those powerful abs flexed inside. He could almost feel Bailey’s balls against his own, their cocks nearly touching through that thin layer of skin separating her pussy from her anus.

“Something about… Hiring his uncle?” Her husky voice seemed to even welcome the idea.

Tyler sniffed Val’s scent. It was too feminine. Too soft. Sweet yet elegant. Too…tame. No, this wasn’t the scent of a killer. This artificial scent masked the cold calculating woman he caught hints of when she thought no one was watching. A predator that only panted in heat for his annoying little brother.

He remembered catching them in the act on his brother’s piano a few weeks ago…very erotic. The two really were a perfect match, because his little brother was also a carnivore who pretended to be a lamb. Truly exceptional.

“Now…now…” She put her finger to his lips when he neared the skin of her slender neck. “Focus. Ivan Voronin.”

“Cody needs a vacation,” Tyler said, looking down at that tempting cleavage.

“So… you want to make a deal with a madman?” Val hooked her finger under his chin so that their eyes met.

It amused him how she always tried to redirect his attention subtly. Such a charismatic thing… this sister. “If I didn’t contact Ivan, I would get in trouble with Bailey again. Someone needed to repair their relationship.”

“Ah.” She nodded once as if approving. “But what makes you think Ivan can help? You know he has a tendency to make things worse instead of better… Especially if he thinks it will entertain him.”

“And here I thought Jerry was trustworthy.” Tyler grumbled rethinking his strategy.

“He is. He called me to talk you out of it, instead of Bailey who would chastise you. That’s very trustworthy.”

“But now the secrets out and Bailey’s suspicious. Anyway, are you going to help me?” With his free hand, Tyler reached up to the cloth at the V of Val’s shirt, right were the tops of her breast began.

She took his hand in hers, threading their fingers. “You think I want to get involved?”

“You especially. Since you know what postpartum depression feels like.”

Val nodded. “I do. But I don’t think hiding her away is smart seeing as Lloyd is already in kill mode. You already have too many past events against you.”

“Hmmmm…” He hummed as he brought their joined fingers to his lips. Like a fish in water, she slipped from his grasp before he could kiss those knuckles. Too predictable. “Are you sure you understand my plan?”

“Are you saying I misunderstood?” She leaned in close and whispered into his ear making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. “Enlighten me.”

So he did.

She looked slightly impressed. “I see… I really did misunderstand. That…might actually work.”

“Of course it will.”

“However, let me handle it. I can make your plan cleaner and safer to keep you and everyone you involve from being implicated and killed.”

Before he could argue, the door to the room opened, making Val stumble backward and Tyler fall when he lost his hold on the door.

Matt caught Val pulled her away, letting Tyler continue to the floor. He landed on his hands and knees, and groaned against the abrupt impact.

“Val…” Matt’s normally soothing voice sounded dark. “Are you trying to make me jealous again? Cause it’s working.”

She sighed. “We’re just having a discussion about life.”

“Doubtful. Go say bye to Bailey. We’re leaving.” Matt ordered.

“Yes, Puppy,” Val said then strutted off like the royalty she was.

Tyler, about to stand to his feet, quickly found his face meeting tile when Matt kicked his hands out from under him.

His little brother didn’t say anything before walking off like nothing ever happened. 

And people say Matt was the innocent one.

Tyler groaned rolling over onto his back and rubbing his sore chin. One day, he would pull that lying mask from his brother’s face…

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