The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 2.5



After the two ate some real food and got a shower, Bailey went down the hall to Cody’s room with Tyler following. According to Matt, Molly’s flight had arrived so she’d be on her way.

Two guards stood outside of Cody’s room when Bailey got there. Just earlier, they had been patrolling up and down the hall. So why were they standing post outside the room now?

“Do you know what’s going on?” Bailey asked looking back at his brother.

Tyler just shrugged as if he didn’t care. “Maybe it has something to do with the reporters outside.”

Bailey paused and looked at Tyler. Those words didn’t sound right. Tyler usually always knew what was going on. He narrowed his eyes. “Ty?”

“Val’s the muscle. Ask her,” Tyler said almost looking innocent. Almost. 

Maybe it was something related to the Walthours and Tyler couldn’t tell Bailey. So instead of harping on it, Bailey walked into the room to find Val sitting next to the bed where Cody slept. “Hey.”

“Hello.” She grinned then those eyes traveled behind him to focus on Tyler, but he couldn’t read anything from her expression. “You’re probably wondering about the guards. I wanted to make sure that not even a mouse could sneak into this room,” she said attention focusing back onto Bailey.

Bailey turned back to Tyler. “Something I should know?”

Tyler just shrugged as if clueless.

“Val…” He took a deep breath as a bad feeling crept up his neck. “Tyler isn’t involved in anything I should know about…right?”

“Cody’s fingers moved a moment ago,” she spoke without answering him. “But I think it will be a while before she comes to full consciousness.” She uncrossing her legs then stood to her feet. “I’ll let you sit with her. I’m going to go get me some tea. Want anything?”

“A brother who isn’t always scheming…” Bailey gritted his teeth.

Val just chuckled patting him on the arm before she left the room.

Once she was gone, Bailey rounded on his little brother. “What did you do?”

“I didn’t-“

“Lie to me, again. I dare you.” Every muscle in Bailey’s body turned murderous.

“It’s not what you think.”

“Really?” Bailey loomed closer until Tyler’s back hit the door. “What am I thinking? You tell me.”


The door knob turned, and pushed open making Tyler move aside. “Bailey?” Molly stuck her pretty head into the room looking confused.

“Hey,” Bailey walked to her and hugged her, ignoring his urge to kill Tyler. The same Tyler who took that moment to sneak out the room. He’s definitely up to something…

“Matt told me she’s still out.” Molly held him tight. “So scary.”

“Yeah.” He let her go and they both went to the bed.

“Hey, sis!”

Like a champ, Molly walked to the bed in her heels, perfect hair, and fashionable outfit that was probably brand name – wide-leg black pants and skin tight peach colored blouse, fully accessorized. She put her purse on the hospital table and took a seat on the bed beside her sister. “You better wake up or I’m going to give you a whole new makeover like I’ve been dying to do all year.”

Bailey laughed and went to the chair Val left him. He took a seat and watched Molly take Cody’s hand.

“Remember, you promised to kick daddy’s ass after you delivered Bailey’s babies. I even shined you up some pink steel toe boots because I know how much you hate that color.” Molly wiped away her tears but she still sounded cheery as she continued, “I even got the latest phone so I could make sure I recorded the butt kicking in HD. So wake up, because I’m going to be all kinds of bratty if I don’t get to see a good beating.”

Bailey grinned, watching the older sister tease the younger one.

Molly let go of Cody’s hand and fanned her face with both hands. “Look at me. Still so impatient.” She sniffed.

“We all are.”

She chuckled, crossed her legs and said, “Now tell me, why did you look like you were about to kill your brother?” Molly asked, looking like she was settling in for some good gossip. “Please tell me he wasn’t in here trying to grope my sister in her sleep, because I might have to help you kill him if that’s the case.”

Bailey groaned. “Tyler’s depraved, but not that depraved.”

She nodded as if she knew. “Then what?”

“Not sure yet. But he’s up to something. What it is exactly? I’m going to find out.”

“Heaven help us all…” Molly just shook her head. “So, the babies?” Her eyes lit up.

Bailey nodded and began to tell her about how small they were and their names. When Matt came into the room, Bailey took Molly to see them.

“Oh wow! They are tiny. And wrinkly.” She grinned from ear to ear. “I’m an aunt!” She squealed. “Gram’s going to spoil them rotten. Because she was in Portugal when she got the news, she won’t get here until tomorrow. She flew out as soon as she could. But I’m told her private jet had a run in with the government there before take-off.”

“Do I want to know?” Bailey tensed knowing Donya Walthour wasn’t exactly in a legal profession.

Molly only chuckled and said, “Even I don’t want to know.” Then her face grew serious. “Val… Is your sister?”

“You’ve met her I heard.”

Molly nodded. “Yeah, grammy introduced us as my new aunt. But then Val told me she was actually your sister.”

Bailey groaned. “We didn’t realize it until a couple of months ago.”

“Yeah, she told me that too. What I’m trying to understand is… Matt?”

Bailey groaned again.

“I have no room to point fingers since my sister and daddy and… Are you ready to explain this all to your kids?” Then she leaned close. “And what if its genetic? Will you be able to handle it if your kids decide they-“

Bailey’s head leaned against the observation window glass. “Mom mentioned the same thing. She told me to prepare myself for anything. Because even if it’s not genetic, it could be learned behavior. Psychological.”

“Whoa. You might have to lie to them.”

Bailey shook his head. “I’m not lying. I’ll tell them everything. Even the hard stuff about societal norms, the laws, and the affects it could have on babies born. I’ll let them make their own decisions just like I did.”

“Awww… You’re going to be a great dad, again. Better than my George who thinks if I get pregnant whether it’s a boy or girl, he’s teaching them football.” She rolled her eyes.

“You want kids?” He asked looking over at her shocked. Molly was the epitome of a modern woman — children were not her priority.

“Still undecided. But I’m telling you now, if I have a girl, no way in hell is she getting near a football. I’m raising a diva, not a quarterback.”

“Then hurry up and bring on the little diva so she can play with my little diva.”

Molly shrugged. “No rush.” She tapped on the glass and wiggled her finger at his son and daughter. “I want to savor being an aunt first, maybe learn some pointers before I fully commit. Unlike you, I didn’t get to raise my sister. Pity. I could’ve made her Princess Molly number two.”

Bailey laughed. “Cody would hate you forever if you called her that.”

Molly gasped. “She would, wouldn’t she?” Then she turned and clopped back toward the hospital room almost in a run in her high heels. “You’re a genius, Bailey! If that doesn’t wake her up, nothing will. Cody, this is for all the times you called me princess!”

Shocked, Bailey watched the girl who seemed to be injected with new life. Umm… Is Cody going to kill me? Crap.

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