The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 2.4



Tyler watched Bailey eat his moo shu like eating a taco — head turned, mouth opened. He could easily imagine that mouth taking in his cock. Imagining that scene, Tyler grew hard nearly feeling the hot breath and wet tongue bathing his-

“Eat, Ty.” His brother ordered.

Breaking away from his fantasy, Tyler refocused on the resident room that the hospital usually rented out to patients’ families who could afford it. As the man in line to take over the Walthour throne, Tyler donated a large amount to the hospital, so naturally he didn’t need to afford anything. He just needed to stay in the private room. The enclosure wasn’t big, the size of an average hotel room with two queen beds. 

Just last night, he had stayed in a much more luxurious suite at one of the Walthour hotels in Toronto. That trip was supposed to center around a project that would allow the company to grow further into the sports industry. Tyler’s aim was to buy a pro hockey team or create one.

This project came about when several months ago Mr. Walthour had entertained the thought of renaming the company Walthour & Delarosa . Most people would only think it was because Tyler’s last name was Delarosa and because Walthour had official adopted them into his family. But only he knew that he named it after his lover Cody. 

Speaking of the she-demon, Tyler looked down at his phone at the text that Matt sent. “Cody’s vitals are good and the doctor says she should wake up at any time,” Tyler reported before pocketing his phone.

Bailey smiled looking relieved. Those gold eyes looked up at Tyler with tenderness. “She’s tough, of course this won’t stop her.”

Tyler just nodded in agreement knowing that his worrywart of a brother would still be fearful.

“You okay?” Bailey asked before licking his fingers.

Tyler watched wishing those fingers were his own. “I’m hard.” He finally answered drumming his fingers on table next to his plate full of fried rice and General Tso’s.

Bailey paused his licking. Then a sly smile curled at the corner of his lips. “I know. I was wondering how long it was going to take you to speak up. I figured you were going to sulk the whole night. But I can’t fuck you with your clothes on.”

Tyler didn’t need any more invitation. He stood up so fast the chair crashed behind him. He nearly tripped over his feet trying to get his pants off. His body trembled with the need now screaming inside of him to be extinguished. Just the thought of Bailey’s cock inside of him had his fingers missing buttons as he kicked clumsily at his pants. He was about to tear the fabric away, when Bailey approached him.

Tyler’s movements paused looking up at his favorite person. Bailey took Tyler’s shirt in his hands and continued to unbutton the shirt carefully so not to harm the fabric.

“Be careful. This is an expensive suit.” That voice commanded all Tyler’s attention. The gentleness in his brother’s face was so sexy, Tyler felt the precum soaking into his boxers.

“Do you know how proud I am of you?” He kissed Tyler’s cheek, then his lips, softly.

More. Tyler leaned in, but Bailey moved his head.

“You were willing to swallow a little of your selfishness to give me such a wonderful present.” When the shirt was opened, Bailey slowly peeled it off Tyler’s shoulders, kissing his neck slowly descending to his shoulder, his arm. Those soft lips brushed over his chest. “Thank you, Ty.”

Tyler moaned, shivering feeling those lips close over his nipple and suck. “Bay…” His fingers found Bailey’s hair and combed through the curls.His breathing hitched.

Large rough hands skimmed over Tyler’s hips tucking down into the hem of his boxers before squeezing his ass. The sensation made Tyler waver, tremble, and his dick leaked more. He could feel the kneading of flesh, rough and yet gentle. Parting his cheeks, the gesture promised what Tyler wanted right that moment. His breathing increased along with the anticipation.

“You’ll always be my number one, Ty. You’ll always be my life. Val has made sure that we have a night nanny so that our time will never be disturbed.”

Tyler trembled when he felt teeth nip at the other nipple. His body bucked when a finger dipped into his entrance. Tyler had hoped that dinner would lead to sex so he prepared himself as soon as they reached the room. Then again, as long as Bailey was within a hundred-mile distance of him, Tyler was always prepared. Down to the tiniest molecule of Tyler’s being belonged to Bay, so he’d never deny this man what was his.

“Fuck me, Bay,” Tyler begged.

Bailey’s head lowered further, trailing soft kisses on his abs, teeth nipping his boxers to drag the material just past Tyler’s hips. Then that tongue licked along one side of his sensitive V until…

Tyler moaned when those lips kissed the head of his cock through the fabric of his boxers. “Bay.”

Teeth grazed the length and Tyler sucked in air, hissing at the feel. His cock quivered. Bailey slowly pushed down the cloth to let skin meet tongue. A long leisurely lick of his cock sent Tyler’s nerves on edge. More cum leaked from his dick, dribbling on Bailey’s lips.

But the man just licked them clean before opening wide and descending Tyler’s shafted. The wet heat nearly sent Tyler to his knees. A finger snaked up his back entrance while Bailey nursed his front.

Tyler felt like he was going to crumble. “Oh…Bay…yes…yes…

The suction descended Tyler into a mindless ecstasy. He rocked his hips unsure if he wanted more in his ass or more friction on his dick. It wasn’t enough, but it was too much. When Bailey’s long finger reached deeper, stroking his inner flesh, Tyler gasped, “Fuck…me…” He jerked. His dick exploded. Legs quivered. Pleasure shot through nerves he forgot he had as he thrust deep into Bailey’s throat.

Bailey took it all, swallowing Tyler’s load.

As Tyler caught his breath, he glanced to see Bailey standing up with a wicked smile. “Now that I’ve had my dessert, it’s time to feed my baby.”

Tyler’s heart sped up again. His baby… That’s right, I’m Bailey’s baby. Even if those brats are here, I’ll always be Bailey’s baby.

Without hesitation, Tyler dropped to his knees, unzipped his man’s fly and then carefully, reverently, pulled out Bailey’s manhood. Inhaling the hard length, taking in the heady musk, Tyler’s mind calmed. The uncertainty of the future faded away. His mouth kissed along the flesh before opening his jaws taking in his brother. His nostrils flared as his throat relaxed and constricted around that girth. Tyler’s head began to move taking in the whole length that wanted to dominate him. And Tyler would let it. As long as it please Bailey, he would willingly die.

Since the day he understood that his parents didn’t give a fuck about him, Tyler felt an invisible noose around his neck. It was as if he knew from the moment he was born, that he would die unnaturally. Yet, it was Bailey who seemed to make that feeling go away. It was Bailey that pushed the nightmares away. It was Bailey who could keep that hateful man of a father away from him until he was old enough to plot against that bastard.

If Val hadn’t done the job of killing their father, Tyler would have. Even if he had to see Bailey’s bitter disappointment, he’d destroy any threat to his and Bailey’s future.

Tyler sucked, licked, and took more of his favorite man stick before Bailey pulled out of his mouth abruptly.

Tyler didn’t have to think to know what his Bay wanted. It was instinctual. Tyler immediately turned over on hands and feet, ass in the air. Rough hands parted his cheeks before that hard cock slid deep inside slowly at first. Then Bailey gripped his hips painfully, and Tyler braced himself knowing what came next.

Without disappointing him, Bailey pulled back and thrust so deep, that Tyler shouted an unintelligible sound.

That muscular pelvis slapped against Tyler’s ass over and over. The smack, smack, was a wet rhythmic sound that heightened the sex, making Tyler’s dick harder. He inhaled the harsh smell of their fucking. His dick grew even more painful. Every nerve in his body sparked each time the head of Bailey’s dick drilled his prostate. His brother teased that button inside Tyler mercilessly. And Tyler savored every single mind-numbing moment. His body swayed, barely able to keep up.

“Bay…” Tyler whined. “You promised…to feed me.”

“Fuck!” Bailey shouted plowing that cock deep in Tyler’s channel as if he wanted to impregnate him. 

Tyler felt the heat explode inside of him and his own dick shot all over his chest and the carpet. “Bay…” He whined in protest.

Panting, Bailey chuckled. “I didn’t say which mouth I’d feed.”

Those hands rubbed over his sensitive ass. The rough skin of Bailey’s thick fingers against his sweaty flesh made all of Tyler’s body twitch. He felt his cock coming alive again. “But Bay, I’m still hungry.”

Bailey pulled out of him and left him feeling the air on his ass. “Then finish your dinner like I told you. It’s probably cold. I’ll warm it in the microwave.”

Tyler stood up on wobbly legs. He watched his brother take his plate and walk with jeans low on his hips.

Tyler licked his lips eagerly. Fuck the food.

With two long strides, Tyler was on Bailey, pushing those pants off his hips.

Bailey only turned, still holding the plate, arm out guarding against Tyler like he was one of his teammates. “I thought you were hungry?” A smirk curled Bailey’s lips.

“For you.” Tyler mouthed reaching for his cock. “Always hungry for you.” His breathy words must have been the trigger to drop Bailey’s guard, because he grabbed Tyler’s neck and smashed their lips together. Hot breath and lips melted into a long hot wet kiss that had Tyler moaning.

He barely noticed Bailey putting the plate down, or leading Tyler backward until they were on the bed. He helped Bailey pull off his shirt. Next the pants.

Bailey leaned into him when Tyler lifted his knees inviting him inside. Bailey’s hands scooted under Tyler’s ass and lifted before slowly entering.

He felt each inch sliding home, rubbing against his inner most wall. “Oh, Bay…”

Bailey didn’t move rough, but slow short thrusts as he leaned down and kissed Tyler. Leisurely, taking his time, clearly in no rush.

Tyler felt loved. Needed. Wanted. He felt like every short thrust like it was targeting this soul. He treasured every kiss like it was mercy. Bailey’s tongue took away his breath, making his mind stop working for a short time. So sweet.

Tyler tangled with that tongue swirling slowly in his mouth. He could barely breath. A rush of sensation washed over him. His balls drew up. His cock strained. When Bailey’s hand wrapped around his cock, his body bucked, back arching. He groaned through the orgasmic rush, cumming on his brother’s fingers.

Bailey continued to thrust into him, kissing his cheek, his nose, his chin, until he paused, mouth open, eyes half lidded. Tyler returned the kisses as Bailey’s came inside of him, body trembling in a beautiful sight.

Tyler felt the heat rush into his depths. He wrapped his legs around Bailey’s waist not letting his brother escape. Bailey sucked in a breath of air, leaning his sweaty forehead against Tyler’s lips that continued to kiss.

They crawled further onto the bed, holding each other, listening to each other breathe.

“You’re going back tonight, aren’t you?” Tyler asked running his hands through Bailey’s curls.

“Yeah.” His brother smiled, head leaned on Tyler’s shoulder. He slowly opened his sleepy eyes. “I want to be there when Cody awakens. And Molly should be here soon. If I’m not there to welcome her I’ll catch hell.”

“I’ll go with you.” Because he needed to be with this brother as much as possible.

“Thank you,” Bailey said, before kissing him deeply.

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