The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 2.3



Bailey sat by the incubator where both his little ones lay sleeping. Tiny. So fragile. He wanted to tap on the clear surface to welcome them to his family…again. But when he looked up to see Val chuckling at him, he lowered his fingers and tapped on his knee instead. His gaze shifted to the observation window where Tyler was staring at him. Eyes emotionless.

Where had he been? He heard that Tyler was somewhere in the hospital an hour ago, so why is he just showing up now? Must be work related.

And look at that face. Bailey knew that face of unhappiness well… He could almost see the pout. Bailey smiled and waved for his brother to come inside.

Tyler didn’t budge.

“I’m going to have to haul him in here aren’t I?” Bailey gritted his teeth. If he didn’t have to scrub down and gown up just to enter the room he’d rush out the room, knock his brother upside the head, kiss him, then drag him to see their son and daughter.

“Sometimes you’re such a brute. A little finesse also has its charms.” Val patted the hair bonnet she wore as if fluffing her hair. Then she pulled the medical gown around her body tighter, before she sauntered over to Bailey.

Even with all the medical coverings, Val was a sexy woman.

“Lean back, I’ll get him in here faster,” she said.

Bailey unconsciously listened to his big sister’s sultry voice before she planted herself on his lap. Then she…snuggled. Bailey’s jaw nearly came undone.

Val had never flirted with him to this extent. She flirted with Tyler shamelessly. And he knew she was a natural flirt, but she also knew how to be respectful of other’s boundaries. However, this time…why was she leaning closer?

Bailey swallowed the shock, remembering who Val was. His sister. His big sister. Who liked to fuck with people just like his brother did.

Val hooked her arms around his neck, fingers playing along the sensitive line where his medical gown met his neck. Shivers vibrated under his skin.

“You know he’s going to try to kill you, right?” Bailey told her even as she leaned into his face. He smelled the wine on her breath and the soft heady scent of her fragrance.

“He can try. But I’ll have him disarmed and panting for mercy before his diabolical mind can fathom that he’s not the only genius in the family.” She kissed Bailey on the nose.

That’s when they both heard the inner door of the nursery open. Both turned their heads innocently to look at the gowned-up Tyler walking in while snapping on his latex gloves.

“See. Finesse.” Val giggled a girly sound that Bailey had never heard before from her. And he probably wouldn’t have heard it either if he hadn’t been so close to her. “Hey, sweetie. You need something?” She asked Tyler who approached with narrowed eyes.

“You win, whore. Now move.” Tyler snarled.

Val grinned triumphantly and stood, darting around the medical equipment elegantly like she was dancing… Wait, she was dancing!

“Really, Val?” Bailey groaned.

“It’s not every day I get that inhumane lover of yours to say I win. I’m savoring it.” She swayed her hips as she left the nursery.

Tyler plopped down on Bailey’s lap without warning making him grunt. Unfortunately, Tyler was a lot heavier than Val.

“Are you staying the night?” Tyler asked as if he wasn’t concerned, looking at the far wall.

“Don’t you want to know their names?”

“Sabrina and Shaw.” Tyler answered.

Bailey frowned, confused. Only he and Val had spoken of the names.

“I… persuaded the nurse outside to let me see their records.” He shrugged. He probably meant he charmed the pants of the woman without touching her.

“Don’t you want to know why I chose those names?”

“Val’s mother’s maternal family that was wiped out by our father was named Sabine. And the father who raised her with more love than our father could pretend to have was called Shawn before he had to change his name when they fled from the bastard. Easy to figure out.”

Really? Easy? Bailey just looked at the brain sitting on his lap. Then he chuckled. “Are you hungry? Want to go grab something to eat?”

“Can you dare to leave these two homewreckers for a minute?”

“For you.” He kissed Tyler’s chin. “Yes.”

Tyler’s face softened finally. “Okay.” He got up from Bailey’s lap. “Too bad we’re not home. I want you to cook.” He smiled a seductively sweet expression that almost looked shy, a slight blush tinting his cheeks. “Your meals are the best.”

Bailey nodded and sighed inwardly knowing his brother was just biased. But it was nice to hear.

“We’ll grab some Chinese… Oh, and Tyler…”

“Yes, Bay,” He asked sounding lighthearted.

“Don’t call your sister a whore.”




Bailey smacked him on the side of his head. “Show some respect to your sister.”

“I might respect her more if we fucked her. Just once.”

“This again… We’re not sleeping with Val. Do you want Matt to kill you?”


“Then behave. And no more lewd thoughts about her.”

Tyler’s shoulders slumped. “Yes, Bay.”

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