The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 2.2



Tyler strolled through the hospital corridors listening to the quiet that the early morning hours brought. He had worked all night to keep his finger on the pulse of the company while Mr. Walthour lay in slumber land thanks to his favorite sister in the world. Of course, the man would be pissed to learn Val drugged him and Tyler assumed temporary control of his company. But it saved everyone the pain in the ass he would’ve been.

When he got to the private nursery that the little rodents where being kept, he stared through the window and narrowed his eyes. They really did look like rodents. Or like that hairless cat — the sphynx. Ugly creatures. But these damn things were far more diabolical. They had the potential to fuck everything up. There was supposed to be only one of those things, but instead, two. Two to take Bailey away from him.

His chest tightened. Anxiety slowly creeping over his nerves. Taking deep breaths, Tyler tried to control the panic threatening his mind. He knew the diagnosis of what was affecting him, but he couldn’t control his fears. They’re going to take Bay.

“You have nothing to worry about.” A smooth deep voice slid into his ear, irritating him. But thankfully that irritation broke through his panic.

He looked over to see Matt step up beside him. Wearing black slacks and a plan grey tee, he hated that the little brother was actually taller than him. If Tyler had an arch-enemy, it would be this younger brother. No matter what Tyler did or how he covered up his tracks, Matt always seemed to see through him. Damn annoying.

“Val hired plenty of help for Bailey, so you don’t have to worry about sharing him too much,” Matt said.

“I already have to share with that runt,” he said of Val’s pest.

“Be nice to that runt, he’s my son and he might be able to help raise those…our niece and nephew like Bailey raised us. Which gives you more time with Bailey.”

Tyler nodded in agreement. So that Christophe was useful after all…

“And you know Bailey only hangs out with Christophe when you’re busy with work. It will be the same with the babies. And we have a line of family ready to help pitch in because we know how crazy you are.”

Tyler just stared at his brother knowing the guy worked to get in his head and reason with him. And it was working. “Fine.”

“You could always help raise them?” Matt lifted an eyebrow.

“Staying out of their way will be the most help I give them.” Otherwise, he might accidentally drop one.

Matt chuckled bumping his arm against Tyler’s shoulder. “You’re no fun.”

“Fun later. Point me to Bay, I need him.”

“The hospital set-up some guest rooms for Bailey since he said he’s not leaving until the babies do.”

“Of course.” Tyler ground his teeth. It had already started.

“Tyler, why did you allow Cody to have Bailey’s babies if you knew you wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

Because he didn’t want Bailey to ever regret being with him. Not for a moment. And he knew Bailey. His older brother wanted kids. Now he had two. Two… “I’ll give Bailey anything he wants…except a separation.” Tyler explained.

Matt snorted. “Go console him. He’s upset about Cody.”

“She’ll be okay,” Tyler said, knowing she didn’t have a choice. He planned to live a long life with Bailey so she had to stay healthy and alive so they didn’t have to go toe to toe with Walthour. But since the man was already unconscious, it would only take a little more sedative to put him under permanently. Val really was brilliant, second to himself of course.

He began his search down the corridor for Bailey but stopped part way down the empty hall. “What room is she in?” He asked looking back over his shoulder at Matt.

His younger brother nodded his head to follow before going into a room that Tyler had already passed.

Walking past the computer station outside the room, he quickly hacked into the patient records and found Cody’s info.

Matt poked his head out the door. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure the doctor’s worth what he’s paid.” He read over the diagnosis and treatment. Then he proceeded into the room, shoving Matt aside.

“Rude.” Matt snapped.

“Rude is better than useless. However, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself and become something more useful. Now, stand guard outside,” he said waving for the little nuisance to go away.

“Pretentious shit.” Matt muttered, leaving Tyler alone with their friend.

Tyler looked over the gorgeous specimen of human genetics. Her usually vibrant honey skin was now pale. Her usual baggy clothes or semi-business casual attire was replaced with a light blue gown that looked more paper than cloth. She looked carefully tucked into bed waiting to wake up any moment. He read the blood pressure machine’s latest readings and then double checked all her vitals and the IV drip. His mind went over the diagnosis and treatment.

Cody was statistically taller than the average women, yet the doctor used a medicine dosage that would fit an average woman’s height and weight. Did the clinical pharmacist recommend this? Or did they recommend the correct dosage and the doctor was too arrogant to listen…

Tyler knew that no harm would come to Cody based on the medicine, but her coma would take longer for her to wake from. He rethought his earlier assumption.

No, not arrogance — fear. The doctor was probably scared shitless of the Walthour wrath therefore became overly cautious. Unfortunately, being overly cautious could be just as damaging as being overly daring. If Cody stayed into a coma too long, the brain could be affected. Fortunately, the doctor had a genius watching his back. If he wasn’t worried about Bailey scolding him for hacking into the hospital records, he’d hunt down the OBGYN and allow the MD to bask in his knowledge.

He got up to leave. But before he exited the door, he looked back at Sleeping Beauty. “You never follow instructions. I told you not to tell Molly about me and Bailey. You tell Molly. I told you one damn spawn, you pop out two. Are you still punishing me for that Paul incident? Fine, you win this round… But I got you the guy. Therefore, I win. Period. Now hurry up and wake up before I have to kill that man of yours to keep Bay safe.”

The moment his stepped outside the room, Matt thumped him on the forehead. “Can’t you just say thank you and not be a dick?”

“Allowing her to have Bailey’s babies is a privilege I bestowed on her. Therefore, the gratitude should be on her end, not mine.”

“I swear, you’re got to be the biggest asshole. Do you know what she’s been through these months? The least you can say is thank you!” Matt balled up his fist.

Tyler stepped out of range, knowing his brother was close to hitting him. And if anything happened to Matt’s precious hands, Bailey would be pissed — at Tyler. Frustrating how those two hands seem to be more important than Tyler’s wellbeing. His brain was worth more than all of Matt’s talent. “Fine, I’ll thank her later. But how can I frustrate her if I’m nice to her?”

“So, this is your way of hoping she’ll be pissed enough to wake up and kick your sorry ass?”

Tyler just shrugged, slipped his hands into his trouser pockets. “Now tell me the latest drama between those two.”

“No. Way.” Matt said, “The last time you got involved you nearly got Cody killed and sold off. So just stay out of it.”

Tyler hummed in thought. A month ago, Cody and Gabriel had a fight because of the pregnancy. Cody had been depressed since. And Gabriel was a walking time bomb. The only reason Tyler didn’t get involved was because Bailey threatened celibacy.

Normally, Tyler cared less about other people’s misery. However, when it came to the people Bailey cared about, Tyler knew that their pain affected his oldest brother. In conclusion, if they were happy, Bailey wouldn’t worry. He hated when Bailey worried about anyone other than Tyler.

And Bailey’s current fear orbited that long legged beauty. So, without permission as usual, Tyler made plans.


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