The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 2.10



“Sir, we have a problem with the acquisition,” The project manager said over the phone.

Sitting in the limo in the condo’s parking garage, Tyler listened to the man tell him all the issues they were having with the negotiations for the new hockey team. Finally, Tyler cut in. “I never said I was planning to establish the team in Canada, I just wanted the initial research to start there. Did you talk to the other groups about this? I need you all to coordinate. The poll mentioned Washington state being out best probable location for setup. I’ve already got the land survey results. I’ve sent them to you.”

“But I was told Mr. Walthour didn’t know anything about this project.”

“No. He doesn’t but he trusts me not to run this company into the ground and make it more successful. Therefore, whatever I do, I already have his approval. With that said, you only need to do your job or I’ll find someone more capable,” Tyler said, before yawning.

“Yes, sir. I’ll get on it.”

“Good. Call me with the updates.” Then Tyler hung up and exited the car tired from his busy day. Because he was younger than all the executive in the company, he often got push back from some of the older more experienced managers. But Tyler didn’t mind proving to them that experience didn’t mean a thing if there was a better way to do things. He liked making those who thought they were better, feel like ants under his heel once he imparted a tiny bit of knowledge on them. So, satisfying.

He walked into the quiet condo to find food waiting for him on the stove. He put his laptop bag away, washed up, and then warmed up the food that Bailey saved for him. It was late and Bailey would already be asleep so Tyler microwaved the food and ate silently. The food didn’t have much flavor when he ate without Bailey, but he consumed it anyway since Bailey would be upset if he missed his meals.

The night nanny came through at that time holding the wide-awake Shaw. This brat was a night owl. During the day he slept like the dead but at night he liked to cause trouble crying and whining.

The nanny greeted Tyler before putting the little thing in a carrier. She then went to the fridge and brought out a bottle. As she put a pot on the stove to warm the milk, Tyler looked over at the critter who was looking back at him silently.

Tyler tried not to think a baby could be challenging him, but those eyes weren’t innocent guileless eyes. Those were the eyes of a predator. The kid might not even realize what he was, but Tyler sensed a kindred spirit, just like he sensed it in Matt and Val. Sabrina was the sweet innocent one, the one that would take after Cody and Bailey. That little girl would win hearts with her cluelessness. But this little boy, he was going to be the one to watch.

After dinner was finished, Tyler cleaned up his plate. He then paused when he passed by the baby carrier. He looked down at the thing looking up at him. “I guess we need to have a talk.” He reached down and lifted the baby, supporting the head like how Bailey did.

It was the first time he ever held something so fragile and squishy. Walking slowly around the living room, he said, “I don’t care how smart and cunning you become. I don’t care what you do in your life…” Tyler said low and close to that tiny head, murmuring so only the little ears heard. “You better not give Bailey a hard time. Don’t you break his heart or I will break you. You don’t have to respect me. You don’t even have to like me. But you will respect Bailey. And you will treat him well. Or… I will destroy you.” He lifted his head to look at the little face looking back at him. “Don’t worry. We’ll have this talk again.” Even if he had to brainwash this kid, he wouldn’t let him hurt Bailey. Shaw could hate the world, but he wasn’t allowed to disrespect his father.

Tyler walked back to the kitchen holding the future problem only to find Bailey standing sleepily with the other brat on his chest, hand supporting her back and head.

“Hey…” He seemed surprised when he saw Tyler holding Shaw. But then it would be weird if his brother wasn’t shocked. Tyler had made it clear he didn’t want to raise the brats.

“We were just having a chat.” Tyler answered the unspoken questions.

“Oh…” Bailey clearly wanted to know. He carefully put Sabrina in the carrier. “You’re not harassing them already, are you?”

“If you mean by harass, harm him. Then no,” Tyler said. “Just a chat.”

“Uh, huh… Why do I feel like I should interrogate you to make sure you’re not teaching him anything bad?” Bailey frowned.

“Don’t worry. Nothing bad.” Before Tyler could deposit his load into the carrier, Bailey held out a bottle. “What?”

“Feed him.” Bailey ordered.

Tyler frowned at the bottle, then looked down at the kid whose eyes never left his face. He took the bottle knowing his brother wasn’t requesting.

“Be gentle.”

Tyler watched as Bailey fed Sabrina and Tyler mirrored his actions to feed Shaw. Though those eyes never left his face, he sucked on the bottle eagerly.

After the baby sucked out every drop of liquid, Tyler followed the nanny’s instructions on how to burp him. While he patted the little back, he looked up to see Bailey grinning down at the empty bottle.

“What?” Tyler asked.

“Shaw never finishes his bottle. I think I’ll have you feed him from now on.” Bailey smirked.

Tyler stilled. Then he looked down at the demon pawn. You did that shit on purpose didn’t you? Already plotting…

As if noticing Tyler’s horrified face, Bailey chuckled. “Oh, come on, Tyler. It’s not that bad. Shaw evidently likes you. He hasn’t taken his eyes off you. Which is rare. He doesn’t show much interest in anything. I’m glad he’s not totally apathetic. You and Shaw should get along more in the future. You’re also their dad, so you should get used to them.”

Tyler gritted his teeth. He didn’t know how much intelligence this Shaw had, but he already felt that this was a setup. “I should’ve never picked you up.” Tyler grumbled.

Bailey laughed harder, clearly happy. And that made Tyler ease his disappointment. If Bailey liked him taking care of Shaw…then he would. In fact, it was a good plan. With Shaw close to him, he could brainwash him easier.

Bailey passed by Tyler kissing him on the cheek. “You’re going to be a great dad.”

Tyler only nodded as his brother walked away. When Bailey was a good distance away, Tyler leaned down and whispered in that little ear. “Just remember, he’s mine.”

(Part 2 End)

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