The Wrong Type of Forever

Chapter 1.10



“You do realize that people all over the world see those photos.” Mitchell got off Dorian once he calmed down and let the other sit up straight. They sat together on the hospital room floor.

“Don’t remind me.” Dorian folded his arms over his chest, turned his face away indignantly and pouted. So cute.

“So, I’m his favorite… You jealous?” Mitchell leaned into Dorian’s neck and kissed there.

“You know I’m not jealous of that.”

“I know.”

“I don’t think you do.” Dorian huffed. “That man has the power and means to take you away from me by force. He could lock you up, pin you down, and forcible do all the kinky depraved salacious things I can only dream about!”

“Lock up? Pin down? Force? You dream about kidnapping and raping me, Bats?” Mitchell asked suspiciously. Is that what Dorian was jealous of?

“Huh? What?” Dorian gasped, eyes widening. “What are you talking about Mitchell Pearson? Whoa! Look at the time. We need to go check in with the queen!”

“Uh huh…” Mitchell stood up. “No locking up or kidnapping me.”

“Yes, sir…” He sounded so dejected. “Actually, I’m glad Old Ivo’s willing to help and that the price is so low.” Dorian blew out his breath. Then his phone chimed.

Mitchell made his way to the door when he heard his phone chime as well. He pulled it out and read it. Then he looked back at his best friend’s darkening expression.

“That slimy stinky bitch wants more pics.” Dorian gritted his teeth.

“Send him the one you took this morning. The one you said you didn’t take while I was brushing my teeth.”

Dorian whined. “But that has your sexy back in-“

“So, you did take that photo!” Mitchell growled. “Liar!”

Dorian darted out of the room. “But it was a perfect shot. So sexy…”

They quieted down when they saw Matt sitting in the waiting area playing with Val’s hair while the woman spoke on the phone with a serious face. The handsome young man looked completely at easy teasing the woman’s ear.

Neither Dorian nor Mitchell said anything as they stared stupefied. They were so openly affectionate even knowing their true familial relationship. Amazing.

“I think knowing about your cousin Jerry made this easy to swallow,” Mitchell murmured.


“But still…Is it just me or-“

“Freakin’ mind blown.” Dorian finished making an exploding sound.

“Does this count as being woke?” Mitchell asked.

“No clue…but it makes my crazy psycho uncle less…psycho.”

“I think this tops your crazy.” Mitchell nodded.

Dorian nodded with him. “I know, right?”

“Is it the horny guy in me or do you think it’s-“

“Fucking hot.”

“I mean it might be different if they were some back woods hillbillies with teeth missing, but they’re like-“

“Porn stars.”

“I’d definitely download that shit if it was for sale.”

“And we’d watch it together and fuck like bunnies to it. Repeatedly.”


They fist bumped.

Matt stood with Val when the doctor approached them. Matt’s large hand slid from Val’s waist down over her nice ass then back up.

“Best view in the house.” Dorian whispered.

“Amen, Brother.” Mitchell agreed before he stiffened at the word brother.

They both looked at each other, snorting to keep from laughing.


They turned to see Bailey’s curly hair flopping up and down as he ran.

He finally arrived. “Sup.” Mitchell clapped hands with him, pulling him into a brotherly embrace.

“How is she?” Bailey asked, voice heavy with worry.

“Val and Matt are talking to the doctor now. They got her stabilized. They allow intermittent visits, but nothing long. Last time I talked to her… She’s scared but trying to hide it.” Mitchell admitted.

Bailey closed his eyes before nodding his head. Fear etched his brow.

“Bailey.” Matt walked over looking relieved.

“You guys have been here awhile, so I know you’re tired.” Bailey spoke to Mitchell and Dorian. “Thank you for staying with her! You didn’t have to.”

“What the hell man, she’s our friend, too.” Mitchell punched him in the arm. “But we’ll back up now and let you take care of your family. We’ll be around so don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything.”

“Right. As long as its not a booty call.” Dorian added.

“Shut up, Bats.” Mitchell said, putting him in a headlock. “We’ll go grab something to eat and come back. Want anything?” He looked at Bailey, then Matt.

Both declined, but Val asked them to bring back food anyway, just in case.

On their way out the hospital, Dorian whispered. “Can I change my mind about the underwater theme for our wedding?”

“That’d be awesome.” Mitchell felt some relief.

“I’m thinking more of a Brady Bunch theme where you’d dress up as Greg and I’m Peter.”

“Oh, please no…” Mitchell was now preferring the underwater theme.

“What? You’d prefer I dressed up as Marcia? Ooooo…I’d bet I’d be pretty in a dress!”

(Part 1 End)

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