The Wrong Type of Affair

9 Curious


9: Curious

The next day while studying in the library during lunch Mitchell found himself staring into space remembering rough thrusts and-

“Shit!” Mitchell jolted when something popped his ear.

Dorian sat down in the seat across from him. His backpack clunked on the table. “I saw that look. It had hot teacher sex all over it.”

“What the-“

“As your best besty it is my job and honor to inflict pain and suffering whenever your mind goes off into places beyond the here and now and whatnot. So to live up to my title…” He pulled out a wad of rubber bands from his bag and dropped his haul onto the table. He pulled a long fat one from the pile, held it up, and grinned wickedly.

“Can I fire you?” Mitchell groaned, rubbing the sore skin.

“It’s a voluntary position so… No.”

“This isn’t fair. That’s torture only. Shouldn’t there be a reward system in place when I do good too?”

Dorian thought for a moment before saying. “I’ll think of something.”

For the next few days, Mitchell focused on his studies. It took considerable practice to not think about anything else, but Dorian’s sick brand of punishment helped. Every time Mitchell’s brain drifted to forbidden sex or utter defeat, Dorian snapped him with a rubber band, or thumped him on the ear, or even worse, gave him a mother fucking wedgy.

But when Mitchell stayed focus, laughed and joked, Dorian…hugged him. At first it was awkward. Yeah, he and Dorian often hugged or draped an arm over each other’s shoulders, but nothing that felt like the long hugs Dorian started dishing out. Soon Mitchell found himself grinning like an idiot every time the guy grabbed him and said, “I love you, Bro!”

Each day he rode to school with Dorian and studied in the library while Dorian was at practice. They rode home together after practice often stopping to get something to eat at each other’s homes or at a fast food restaurant.

Over the weekends they studied together, played video games, or watched movies, but at night, Mitchell never stayed over his buddy’s house or allowed the guy to stay at his. He needed to make sure he didn’t make any more mistakes. And with Dorian, he saw the potential to slip up.

The more Mitchell noticed things about his friend, the more he found himself thinking of the of possibility of deepening their relationship. Yeah, the guy was straight. But those hugs seemed to get longer, and the guy draped over him more often than seemed necessary.

During history class, whenever Mitchell and Mr. Schultz locked eyes too long, Dorian would of course shoot him with a rubber band. But when Mitchell turned to look at Dorian annoyed, there was always an expression of genuine hurt that made Mitchell feel guilty as hell.

One night, as he watched television at Dorian’s house, stretched out on the floor in front of the couch Dorian did the oddest thing ever even for batshit crazy. He got on the floor right beside Mitchell and curled into him like a big baby wanting attention.

“Bats? What the hell?” He said to the wiggling length of flesh and bones.

Dorian leaned into Mitchell getting comfortable. “Hold me.” He whined.

Mitchell laughed and punched the guy in the shoulder. “What’s going on, crazy?”

Dorian grinned up at Mitchell and opened his arms. “Hug me. I’ve gotten addicted to your hugs. They’re all warm and safe and…okay, it sounds weird.” He began to roll away, but Mitchell grabbed the guy’s shoulders, pulling him into his body. Though Dorian was taller and Mitchell was broader, they seemed to fit together.

Mitchell tried to ignore his pounding heart as he pretended to watch television. But all he could feel was the strong body in his arms and the heat radiating off his friend. He smelled like the pitas they made earlier with a hint of musk that was Dorian’s scent. After a while, Mitchell chuckled.

“Okay, this is awkward.” He leaned back to look his friend in the face, but found the guy sound asleep. He looked so relaxed, Mitchell hated pulling away and disturbing him. So he didn’t.

He watched his best friend sleep. Soon drool leaked from his mouth making Mitchell chuckle. He put his finger to the guy’s mouth to clean it off. Those lips were soft, pretty, and tempting.

Sighing, Mitchell brushed thick hair from the guy’s face. The strands were so fluffy he began playing with it, twisting locks around his pinky, or finger combing a part in it. When fatigue set in and he found himself falling asleep, he tried to get up to go home.

The moment he budged though, Dorian groaned a sound of protest and huddled closer trapping him against the couch. “Bats?” The guy’s lips rested right against his collarbone. You’re killing me. Mitchell groaned feeling the boner in his pants grow hard for the first time for Dorian. Shit.


Dorian moaned and snuggled closer.

“That wasn’t an invitation.” Mitchell shook the guy.

“Ten more…” He never finished as he went back to sleep.

Mitchell growled and laid back for a long uncomfortable night. Yeah, he could have shoved Dorian away, but…he wouldn’t.

When he woke the next morning, he found himself on his back and a weight pressing on his chest.

Dorian was spread across his chest using him as a body pillow.

Mitchell chuckled. Of all the times they ever fell asleep together, they never ended up in this position.

“Bats!” Mitchell called to the guy shaking him.

His best friend jerked his head up and frowned at Mitchell. “What?”

“Get off so I can go home.”

“Nah uh…” Dorian lay his head back down. “I wanna keep you. Best sleep ever.”

“And I wanna relieve my morning wood. You gonna help me with that?”

Dorian’s lazy gaze found Mitchell’s again and just looked at him as if…was he actually considering it? Those baby blues were half asleep so maybe it was taking him awhile to process what Mitchell just offered.

“Come on, Bats, get up or I’m tempted to fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”

Dorian’s eyebrows rose in shock. “Awww, you think my mouth is pretty,” he said like a giddy girl.

“Really? Is that what you got out of that statement?”

Dorian snorted and slid up Mitchell until they were face to face. Mitchell’s cock twitched at the feel of those hard muscles caressing his body.

His gaze trained on Dorian’s lips when the guy said, “If you go home, I’m going with you.” He remembered last night and how soft those lips felt on his finger. His cock began to ache. Dorian rolled off him. “So you might as well stay here.”

“What? Why?” Mitchell sat up to sit next to him.

“I gotta keep my eyes on you,” Dorian said. “Can’t trust that handsy teacher. So get used to me hanging around.” He winked lazily. Almost a flirting…noooo.

“Fine, I need food.” Mitchell got to his feet and began to the kitchen. “So what’s for breakfast…” He looked back to find Dorian’s eyes on his ass. Holy shit!

“What?” Dorian shook his head as if waking up.

Mitchell slowly answered. “Breakfast?”

“Right.” He bounced onto his feet and brushed past Mitchell.

Mitchell stood stunned. “Bats… did you just touch my ass?” He snapped only to hear Dorian chuckle low.

What the fuck?

All weekend long Dorian’s touches, his glances, were…suggestive. Though few enough to leave doubt, the exchanges left Mitchell baffled and yet hopeful. Did Dorian want to be more than friends? Or was he just trying to distract Mitchell from the teacher?

There was only one way to find out, but first, Mitchell needed to understand what he wanted. He couldn’t ruin his friendship over wavering feelings. He wouldn’t lose Dorian to a fling. He needed to be sure.

The following week, he was back at practice giving it his all, making sure he didn’t screw up his chances again. He didn’t want to let the team down next year, or himself. The odd thing was, the teasing Dorian had started that weekend, didn’t stop. In front of the whole team, Dorian draped his arm across Mitchell’s shoulders possessively. Or when they were talking low to one another, he found the guy got closer than normal, invading what little personal space they used to keep. The guys on the football team didn’t seem to care, chalking it up to Dorian’s normally weird behavior. But George noticed.

“So…you and Dorian?” George asked as Mitchell unlaced his cleats watching his best friend disappear into the shower room.

“Me and Dorian, what?”


“Dorian’s always clingy.”

“True, but I mean clingier than usual. So are you fucking him…or is he-“

“Neither. He’s just keeping an eye on me and making sure I don’t relapse.” Mitchell looked up at the giant sitting next to him.

“Right. Relapse.” George nodded as if agreeing and then he shook his head. “Hell no. Not stupid. If that’s what you want to tell yourself, so be it. But I see.” George grinned a cheesy expression. “Just know, that since he’s been tracking your ass like a bitch in heat, that kid is gold on the field. I can almost see him taking MVP from you next year.”

Mitchell’s back straightened in shock. “Really?”

“It won’t happen, but he can give it a good shot.” George patted him on the back. “Tomorrow after school, me and some of the team are going out to eat. You come to, and don’t forget to drag your puppy with you.” George chuckled walking off.

Mitchell nodded as he looked up to find Dorian bare ass naked and snapping a towel at one of his team members.

“Dorian! I will beat the shit out of you!”

Dorian squealed, running toward Mitchell and diving over the bench to duck behind him.

The other player slid to a halt in front of Mitchell and cursed.

“You won’t let me kick his ass will you?” The guy grumped.

Mitchell shook his head ‘no’ before he said, “Bats. Apologize.”


“Or I’m catching a ride with George.”

“Fine. I’m sorry,” Dorian said leaning his chin on Mitchell’s shoulder with a cute pout.

“We good?” Mitchell asked the other guy who just laughed nodding. He walked back to the showers.

“Thanks, Bro. You saved my ass. It’s too pretty for footprints.” He kissed Mitchell’s cheek and ran back to the showers.

Mitchell turned to finish dressing when he noticed George by the locker room entrance smirking.

“What?” He asked pretending Dorian’s behavior was normal… and not overly affectionate.


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