The Wrong Type of Affair

7 Rumor


7: Rumor

It was almost a week before Mitchell had the guts to say anything to Mr. Schultz about their situation. Mitchell lay bent over the teacher’s desk as the man pumped feverishly in and out of his ass. Mitchell held onto the sides of the desk, one leg propped on top to give his teacher better access.

Grunting with each thrust, Mitchell felt like that thin cock was claiming him with each sensitive stroke.

“You’re so sexy…fuck!” The man’s hand came down, slapping Mitchell’s ass cheek while the man continued to thrust, fucking him for the third time that night. Mitchell’s cock wept, leaking nearly nonstop. “Oh, fuck… So tight…hot…”

Mitchell’s balls drew up. He threw his head back and groaned a sigh when his release washed over him, spilling on the desk.

The man over him, stilled and Mitchell knew what was coming. He memorized the pattern by now. He grunted feeling his insides accept the filled condom. As was his habit, Mr. Schultz fell on top of Mitchell and kissed his neck and back, hands roaming over his body as if it was the best thing the man ever felt.

“I love you so much…”

Mitchell sighed and found the courage to finally asked. “Really? Then where are we going with this?” He rolled.

Mr. Schultz lifted up allowing Mitchell to sit-up. “Going?” the man asked tilting his head to the side.

Mitchell got up and grabbed his shirt off the ground, feeling he should be clothed for their “talk”. “Yeah. Is this just a fling or is there more? Just sex? Or…what?” Mitchell tried to look the guy in his eyes but landed on his neck instead.

“What more do you want? Do you want a real relationship?”

Mitchell’s heart thudded still wondering himself. “Maybe…a little more than just sex.”


Did the guy have no ideas of his own? “I don’t know…more than this.”

“Like a commitment…” The guy frowned for a moment and then nodded. “Okay. I’ll have to make arrangements. But… I’ll see what I can do? Whatever makes you happy.” His smiled stepping up to Mitchell before leaning in to kiss him. “I want to stay with you no matter what.”

“Then stay with me tonight. My mother isn’t home for the next couple of days. Business trip as usual. We could-“

“I can’t just drop everything and leave. It doesn’t work like that. I have to get my kids up in the morning for school.”

Mitchell nodded as a memory struck him like lightning. Twelve year old Dorian raging and crying in Mitchell’s bedroom. Seventh grade. Middle school. And the boy’s father left both Dorian and his mother. There was no warning. Dorian was devastated. “I hate him!” Dorian had screamed in Mitchell’s arms.

No child should go through that pain. Even though his own father and mother split up, his father never cheated on his mother while they were married, and didn’t leave to go far. Mitchell could drop in on the guy anytime. But Dorian’s father’s new wife didn’t want Dorian around and his father didn’t fight her rules. So that put another strain on their already fractured bond.

Mr. Schultz dropped him off at his house and put the car in park. He leaned over toward Mitchell. But Mitchell didn’t linger in the car for a goodbye kiss, he got out and found himself hating the feeling in his chest. Did he want the man? Did he want more than sex? Could he do that to those kids? Shit, what am I doing?

He closed the door to the house and pulled his phone from his bag.

He didn’t know what he said into the phone, but five minutes later he opened the door to his best friend.

He didn’t cry, or gush his heart out, he just stared at his friend.

“Can you stay the night?”

“Yep,” Dorian said, not asking questions as the guy pushed past him into the house.

They lay on his bed watching movies until Mitchell fell asleep.

The next morning, Mitchell woke to find Dorian’s arm over his chest and his legs spread hogging the bed.

Mitchell laughed rolling until he hit the floor. He forgot the guy was a wild sleeper.

“Dude, get up, we’ll be late for school.” He picked up a pillow and bashed Dorian with it.

Dorian yelped. “I’m up!”

Dorian washed in the downstairs bathroom while Mitchell washed upstairs. They ate breakfast on the road, stopping by Dorian’s house to grab him some fresh clothes. While Dorian could wear Mitchell’s shirts, he couldn’t wear his pants, they were a bit too short.

When they got to school, Dorian sat in the car and looked over at Mitchell. “Mitch, I’m sorry, Bro. I wish I never-“

“Shut up. I’m good.” He lied.

Dorian called him on it. “Such shit, but you will be. You need a boyfriend. No more late night quickies for you. I’ll find you a good guy. Unattached and totally hot for you.”

“Will you now?”

“I may have already.”

Mitchell frowned and turned to Dorian. He noticed the smile on Dorian’s lips those eyes gleamed mischievously turning a wicked blue.

Before Mitchell could process that look, Dorian was out of the car and pounding on the hood. “Let’s go, Bro!”

Batshit Crazy was up to something…

Dorian shared most of his classes with Mitchell, so it was hard not to keep glancing at the guy throughout the day wondering what he was up to. Though the guy was fucking nuts, Mitchell prided himself in predicting his unpredictability. Yet that look threw him off. And he couldn’t help but remember their last weekend together. His mind always went back to their talk, Dorian’s anger, his blush, and the reaction Mitchell thought he glimpsed in the guy’s pants.

During history class, for the first time in weeks, he stared out the window. But not at that empty seat in the next door building. This time his focus was on nothing as his mind tried to sort out his fucking life.

During practice, he dropped the ball so many times George called him to the side.

“What’s going on?” The guy asked running hands over the arms of his coat to stay warm in the freezing cold.

“Sorry. I’ll get the next one.”

“That’s not what I asked you. What’s going on? In here?” George lightly tapped on Mitchell’s forehead with his big middle finger.

From the corner of his eyes he saw Dorian shooting the shit with some of the team. Was one of the guys from the team who Dorian was trying to hook him up with?

“You don’t want to hear my drama.”

“You and Dorian are this school’s trump card to get to the championship next year. You need to be prepared. And lately your heart doesn’t seem to be in it. Today was the worst. I’m thinking you don’t want to do this anymore. Am I wrong?”

“No! I want to play.”


But… “It’s relationship shit, captain, but I won’t let it affect-“

“Too late.” George motioned for him to follow so Mitchell did.

They walked to the bleachers out of earshot of everyone. “I didn’t want to mention your poor performance because that would mean mentioning that I knew why.”

Fear crawled up Mitchell’s spine. “W-what do you mean?”

“I know about you and a certain teacher.”

Mitchell cursed. “How? I thought… Shit!”

“No, worries, Mitchell. I’m not judging.” George chuckled, blushing. His whole body seemed to turn red. “I was…with my girlfriend a week back. We were leaving the locker room when we heard… sounds…”

Mitchell groaned covering his face. He hunched down feeling like a fool. “Cap, I-“

“Mitchell, I said I’m not judging. And I am no Saint. I mean did you not understand what I was saying – me and my girlfriend left the guy’s locker room. But I want to know if you can balance it? You are tired. I see the fatigue in you. And I doubt it’s all physical. Mentally, emotionally, how are you holding up sleeping with a man who has a wife and children. A man who is-“

“A teacher. I know this. I know… I know…” Mitchell ducked his head in the circle of his arms that rested on his bent knees. He balanced on the balls of his feet wishing he wasn’t having this conversation. “I needed a distraction… I needed to stop thinking about my fucking failure. And Bailey.” Mitchell confessed. George’s silence made Mitchell look up at the guy. He knew the guy knew. George knew nearly all the gossip in the school. Hell, George was the rumor-mill.

“Did…did it work?” George asked running his free hand over the back of his neck.

“Yeah, but now I’m more confused than ever.”


“Do I want this teacher? Do I want more? What do I want? And is he in a position to give it to me? Do I really want to take him from his kids?”

George’s shoulders slumped. “I wish I knew what to tell you. I can tell you this, I heard that Mr. Schultz had a run in with another teacher last year. A brief fling. But it’s just hearsay.”

Mitchell’s brain began to connect the dots. No wonder the fucker wasn’t losing sleep…

“What I want you to do is take some time off. A few days to rest and figure things out. No football, no sex, just rest.”


“Mitch, this team needs you at your best next year. Can you honestly say you’re ready?”

Mitchell shook his head.

“If you still plan to take MVP, your team needs you to be ready.”

“I understand.”

“I don’t think you do. Commitment is not an easy word. It means sacrifice. Bailey taught me that.” George stepped into his space and looked down at him with hard eyes. “Commitment. Means. Sacrifice.” George walked past him, leaving Mitchell in his thoughts.


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