The Wrong Type of Affair

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3: Tutor

“He what?” Dorian tugged on Mitchell’s arm when they were headed for the parking lot to go home that evening. “Are you telling me, you would rather go home with me then go get a freebie? Though flattered, that there is sex! Dude. Go!” Dorian ordered.

“Did I not mention he’s married and a teacher?”

“Did I not mention it’s sex!


“Mitch. Bro! Seeeeex!” Dorian sang the word like a tenor sings opera.

Mitchell laughed and then turned to look at Dorian who’s face slouched into a serious expression.

“Look, Bro, since you started flirting with that guy, you’re performance on the field is phenomenal. And I guarantee its because you’re not thinking about other shit.”

Mitchell had to agree. Lately all he could think about was how to next unnerve the guy.

“So…just try it. One good rump. Think of it like a new hamburger, or dessert, or something that only comes once a season.”

“I don’t know…”

“I do. I’m leaving you here. You need to study.” Dorian punched him in the arm and ran for the car. “You’ll thank me later.”

Mitchell closed his eyes and hoped he wasn’t making a colossal mistake. He turned and strolled back to the sports complex. He clutched his bag’s straps as he neared the building. His eyes roved over the one story structure that stretched wide. The sports building was the home of all the sports departments. The locker rooms, health classrooms, gyms, and sports equipment were all held in the complex. It was the only place in the school that stayed opened most of the night because of the after school training, practices, and tutors.

When Mitchell walked into the small classroom, S21, he found Mr. Schultz with his head down on the teacher’s desk, sleep.

Mitchell chuckled and dropped his bag by the door with a loud thud.

The guy’s head shot up and his eyes blinked several times before he focused on Mitchell.

“Uh… oh…” The guy swallowed hard.

“Oh? Did you think I wouldn’t show?” Because Mitchell sure didn’t think so. Mitchell unzipped his dark blue down coat and shrugged it off. It crumpled to the floor next to his bag.

Mr. Schultz just watched Mitchell. He swallowed visibly. Seeing the guy shaken, gave Mitchell nerve and empowered him to be bold. His dick twitched with excitement.

“Were you hoping I would?” Mitchell kept his back to the doorway as he reached for it, closing it behind him. He knew how secluded the building was after school, so whatever happened between them would stay between them unless one of them told.

Mr. Schultz licked his lips.

Mitchell pulled his shirt off of his head and dropped it by the door. “Are you sure you want this, Mr. Schultz?”

Those brown eyes stared dead at his rock hard chest. That hot gaze traveled to ripped abs before they nearly devoured his hardening jean covered crotch. The man’s ogling was like hands touching him, sensitizing him. Mitchell’s cock throbbed.

“Let me know if I’m harassing you.” Mitchell teased holding out his bare arms to make sure the man got a good view. Mitchell knew he was good looking, but he didn’t usually flaunt it so brazenly. He didn’t need to. At six feet, with well defined muscles, a handsome mug, and brown “bedroom eyes” as Dorian called them, Mitchell didn’t have to find sex, it usually found him.

Mr. Schultz closed his eyes and shook his head before he said, “I’m…married… and…”

“It’s just sex,” he said mimicking Dorian’s words. “But if it makes you feel better.” Mitchell reached for the lights. With a click they were in partial darkness. Only the lights from the hallway and the lights from the school’s outdoor lamps slightly illuminated the class. Shadows stretched around them.

Mitchell made his way to the desk, while unhooking his jeans. He stopped halfway, pushing down his pants.

“Have you ever been with a man before, Mr. Schultz?” Mitchell asked.

“No. Have you?”

“Yes.” Mitchell reached into the pocket of his pants and pulled out a packet of lube and a condom. “Do you know how it works?” He began walking again.

“Yes.” Mr. Schultz sounded breathy. “Will I be…um…”

“I can do either, but since I’m your first, I’ll make it good.” Mitchell reached the desk and stood in front of his teacher who stared down at the bulge in Mitchell’s gray boxer briefs. “Do you see how hard I am for you, teach?” Mitchell kept his voice low and even so not to scare his prey.

The guy nodded, barely, staring.

“Touch it.”

The man’s hand rose up slowly, shaking.

“Gently. Treat it as if it was yours.”

The first touch made Mitchell smile it was light, but exciting. The second stroke, slide up the cloth covered length of his erection tentatively sending jolts through him. “More.” Mitchell encouraged pressing forward into the touch. His teacher’s hands smoothed over the material as if amazed.

“Can I…can…”

“Yes.” Mitchell gave him privilege to do more.

Those big warm hands dipped into the fabric of his boxer briefs and slide down the underside of his cock. Mitchell groaned from the sensation.

“You like that.” Mr. Schultz’s hoarse tone added heat to their session.

“Yes. More.” Mitchell demanded huskily.

Those rough hands began to stroke slowly. Mitchell rocked into the touch.

“Oh, yeah…” Mitchell groaned when his teacher massaged his balls.

“You’re so beautiful…skin so rich…” His free hand began exploring Mitchell’s abs, smoothing over creamy coffee colored skin.

“You like?”

“Yes…” Mr. Schultz’s hand began to pump faster and Mitchell moaned. “Can I taste you?”

Mitchell only grunted a response. That pink tongue slithered out and licked at his torso. At first tentatively, one stroke, two, three. By the fourth, that tongue drew a long wet path up to Mitchell’s nipple where he wrapped his lips around the nub and sucked. Mitchell came from just the sight of it.

Mitchell chuckled. “That was fucking hot.”

Mr. Schultz stared shocked at the hand still down Mitchell’s boxer briefs.

The man looked conflicted as he slowly pulled out and gazed at the fluid coating his fingers.

“Enough for one day, Mr. Schultz?” Mitchell stepped into the guy’s space and slowly lowered to his knees. “Or would you like more?” He asked before unzipping the guy’s fly. He felt the mound pressing through, glad the guy was still turned on. He began kneading the hardness.

“Easy,” he coaxed, when Mr. Schultz bucked his hips. He folded back the flaps of the teacher’s khaki pants and reached into the folds of the guy’s boxers to bring forward his prize. The smell was musky and strong. Pre-cum already smeared the tip.

“Now I’ll show you how it’s really done.” Mitchell grinned before licking up the full length of the long thin cock from base to head.

Mr. Schultz groaned, “Fuck…

“Such a naughty word for a teacher.” Mitchell chuckled before licking again. Long leisurely strokes lavished the steel rod. He occasionally paused to nibble the flesh with his teeth. Mr. Schultz rocked in his seat, holding onto the sides of the chair as if they could save him. When Mitchell’s lips pulled at the skin of his teacher’s balls, Mr. Schultz whimpered a delicious sound that had Mitchell hard again. He licked back up the hard hot muscle and then wrapped his lips around the head. He began nursing the tip like it was a bottle, sucking and licking at the slit.

Shit! Shit!” The man chanted and Mitchell continued to suckle while his hands worked the lubricant packet open.

When his mouth opened wider and slowly descended the stiff dick, he began to glaze his fingers with lube.

“So good…” Mr. Schultz whined letting go of the chair and grabbing a hold of Mitchell’s head. The man began thrusting forward, hitting the back of Mitchell’s throat. If Mitchell hadn’t done it before, the thing would have choked him. Mitchell relaxed his throat, letting the guy do the work, flexing his hips and driving forward to enjoy the feel of a warm mouth. Mitchell’s hands worked to add lube to his own hole.

When the guy came, Mitchell swallowed it all, enjoying the slightly sweet meaty taste.

Finished, he leaned back and licked his lips. “Not bad.”

The teacher’s eyebrows rose in shock even as he slumped in his chair. “Oh shit,” the guy mouthed.

“Yeah…” Mitchell laughed wrapping his hand around his own hard dick and began to pump. The guy watched in awe. Mitchell stroked with one hand while working his boxers down the rest of his legs with the other hand. Once off he reached to the floor, picked up the condom, and tossed it the man. Mitchell rolled onto his back and opened his legs. “Do you think you can handle it?” He asked looking down at the guy’s cock slowly reawakening.

“I…I’m married…”

Yet he just let himself be sucked off. And had the nerve to stare at Mitchell like he was some juicy steak…the hell…?

Mitchell urged the man with a crock of his finger. That was all it took. Mr. Schultz nodded and tore the wrapper off the condom. He tossed the wrapper on the floor then rolled the rubber on his cock like a pro. He slowly crawled down on the floor with Mitchell and positioned his cock’s tip at Mitchell’s eager twitching hole. Mitchell reached down and slicked lube on the long dick. “Go slow first.”

The guy nodded again. He nudged his way inside. Mitchell held back a groan at the stretching burn. He didn’t want to scare the guy off. The inching push became faster as the guy’s eagerness started to show.

Mitchell gasped when the last inch was shoved in.

“So hot!” His teacher said, pulling back slowly. He wasn’t halfway out before he speared forward. “So good!”

Mitchell grunted against the pain. “Wait-“

But the man was lost, shoving in and out as if Mitchell was nothing more than a hole.

“I can’t…stop. Fuck... Spit flew from the man’s curse. His teacher’s hips bucked, fucking Mitchell so hard that the friction was painful, yet a mounting pleasure made Mitchell leak over and over. His back squeaked against the school tile, sliding him with each thrust.

When the man hit his spot Mitchell moaned.

“You like that? That…was… Your prostate. AaaaahYes!” The guy continued thrusting forward and pulling back. Forward. Back. Sawing his dick over Mitchell’s prostate until he was shaking in release. But his teacher wasn’t done. Even as the guy released, he continued pumping, cursing. He held Mitchell’s knee’s apart and snapped his hips, dick punishing inside of Mitchell with quick jabs targeting the deepest depths.

Mitchell found himself crying out each time the man thrust. He became so sensitive every touch shot flashes in his vision. His mind couldn’t decipher the difference between pleasure and pain.

“I can’t…get…enough. More…” The man grunted, sweat pour over his face drenching his dress shirt.

Mitchell didn’t count how many times the man came or how many times he released himself, but by the time Mr. Schultz finally collapsed on him, they both panted and huffed like they ran a decathlon. And those were hell.

When his mind finally descended from the high, shame replaced all other sensations. Was he so determined to get over his loss that he needed sex from a married man? What the fuck is wrong with me? He had sex with others, but it didn’t wipe away the thoughts… Yet being fucked mindlessly just then took away some of the edge, replacing it with guilt. He wiped his face of sweat. His gut and ass clenched in pain. His back felt rubbed raw. And again he asked himself, what the fuck is wrong with me?

Remembering he had to call Dorian to get a ride home, he struggled out from under Mr. Schultz. But the guy grabbed him and pulled him back to him, kissing him on the lips.

Shocked, Mitchell froze. He didn’t expect intimacy, just sex. But the guy’s lips insisted so Mitchell allowed himself to open. Their lips melted together. Their tongues tasted and Mitchell found the kiss claiming.

When he pulled back he laughed. “Don’t go getting sentimental, Mr. Schultz. It’s just sex.”

“What if I want more…of you?”

“More?” Mitchell frowned shaking his head, not sure he understood.

“Meet me here tomorrow.”

“If I can walk tomorrow.” Mitchell laughed.

Mr. Schultz’s hands traveled up Mitchell’s abs and explored his chest muscles. “Please.” The man pleaded and Mitchell’s chest tightened even as guilt wormed around in his head. This was just supposed to be once…

But the sex was mind numbing. He fucking needed mind numbing.

“I’ll think about it.” He pulled away and got to his feet.

He began to gather his clothes when arms wrapped around his waist. A hand gripped his cock and the guy’s head pressed against his buttocks.

“I’ll make it good for you. I’ll do better next time.”

Any better and Mitchell would be a blubbering mess. When the guy’s hand began stroking Mitchell’s sensitive cock, he groaned shocked he could still get hard.

After a few pumps, Mitchell was coming again, legs trembling.


Mitchell nodded, breathing. “Okay. But you have to clean up the class… and take me home.”


The ride home offered nothing more than silence.


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