The Wrong Type of Affair

11 Negotiation


11: Negotiation

That evening, when Dorian drove them home, they stopped to grab some burgers and fries. They ate and talked on the way about school, avoiding the topic of Mr. Schultz.

After pulling up to Mitchell’s house, he grabbed his bags inviting his friend to come in to finish his food. They ate in the kitchen, watching the television over the frig. Their bags of food quickly disappeared, savaged by their appetite.

When Dorian finished, he leaned back in his chair and rubbed his stomach sighing satisfaction.

“Bats, can I ask you something?” Mitchell asked sitting in the chair next to him watching the guy.

“Of course, dude.”

“Would you try sex with a guy?”

Dorian’s hand stilled on his stomach and he dropped his head a bit looking at the table. “Um…maybe… I… It… ah…ah… depends I guess?”

“Okay.” Mitchell held back his amusement at tongue tying his friend. That rarely happened. “Then let me rephrase. Would you have sex with me?

Dorian’s eyes glanced at him before darting away. His hand reached back and rubbed the back of his neck as he said, “Geez, Bro, can’t you be a bit more…”

“Bats, we’ve never done subtle, why start now? We’ve always been upfront and honest with one another. So tell me upfront and honest like the friend you are. What do you want? I know what I want. But what do you want?” Mitchell stretched his legs out in front of him, relaxing in his chair even as he held his breath.

“I’ve never been with a guy, Mitch. I mean.. Yeah I was flirting with you… I wanted to help you forget… I… I don’t even…” Dorian cleared his throat, took in a deep breath, and lifted his head to stare those baby blues into Mitchell’s brown. “Open honesty?”

“Fucking brutal honesty.”

Dorian slammed his hands on the table startling Mitchell. His friend stood. “I’m not attracted to guys. Plural. I’m fucking in love with one. Singular. And it pisses me the hell off that I don’t have the balls to admit it. It damn near shames me to pretend to be supportive while he goes and fucks someone else and I sit by and keep my mouth shut because I’m a coward. I…” He walked to the counter head hung. “I fucking hate that you were in love with Bailey when I was always there.” Dorian kicked at the kitchen counter before bracing his hands on it. “And then I cursed myself for thinking you would only fuck that damn teacher once. Once! I could deal with once, thinking maybe you would get Bailey out of your system and maybe I would get the courage to say something. Shit!


“No. Let me finish. I felt like shit, when you kept seeing that cheating son of a bitch. I felt like…like you did when you were drooling over Bailey. And I knew, if he took you from me, I’d die a little inside. You mean so much to me, Mitchell.”

Mitchell stood from his seat and walked to the counter standing behind Dorian.

“Look at me, Bats.”

“I can’t.”

“Dorian. Look at me.”

Dorian shook his shaggy head.

Mitchell laughed at his friend’s stubbornness. I guess it’s up to me.

He grabbed Dorian’s arm and pulled him across the kitchen, into the living room, until he had the guy slammed against the wall in front of the stairs. Dorian’s eyes grew wide in shock.

Mitchell took the guy’s chin in hand and slowly brought it to his own face. “This is what’s going to happen.” Mitchell kissed Dorian’s lips lightly and his heart twitched with excitement at the contact. He pulled back just enough that his lips moved freely to speak. “I’m going to either fuck you or you’re going to fuck me. Then you tell me if you like it. If you like it we keep that in our relationship. The kisses are definitely not negotiable. I’m going to kiss the shit out of you. And you’re going to kiss me. Got it?”

Dorian nodded dumbly.

“Hugs, touching, holding each other, is going to happen. Not negotiable. Got it?”

Dorian swallowed. “Uh huh.”

“Brutal honesty. Loyalty. And friendship is a must. Not negotiable. Clear?”

“Crystal. Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Dorian leaned in and kissed him. It was soft, slow and magic to Mitchell’s soul. Dorian’s lips brushed over Mitchell’s tentatively, as if he’d never kissed before.

Mitchell chuckled. “Bats, I won’t break.”

“But I might,” Dorian said breathlessly.

“I won’t let you. I have you and I’m not letting you go.” Ever. His hands snaked around Dorian’s neck and he pulled the guy into a searing kiss. Dorian moaned melting into Mitchell’s body. Their lips parted at the same time, tongues sliding together in a mutual meeting, sealing the heat between them.

Dorian’s hands reached for Mitchell’s shirt, slipping under the material and running his hands up Mitchell’s sides to slide up his back. “Your skin is so warm,” Dorian said pulling away from him and leaning his forehead on Mitchell’s.

“What do you want, Bats?”

“I…shit…I’m…trembling…” And he was. “Terrified of what I want.”

Mitchell kissed down his jawline to reassure him. “And that is?”

“All of you. All…of this…gloriousness-ness.” Dorian’s hands ran along Mitchell’s rib cage.

“Do you want me? All of me?” Mitchell kissed his bottom lip, sucking on it lightly.

Dorian whined. “Hell, yes…yes, yes, yes…”

“Then I’m yours, not negotiable.” Mitchell’s hands went to his friend’s shirt and pulled the fabric up and over his head.

While Mitchell was more bulk, Dorian was long lean muscle. He leaned down and kissed one of Dorian’s nipples before giving it a flick with his tongue.

“Shit, that when right to my crotch,” Dorian said in that bluntness that Mitchell craved.

Mitchell flicked it again before going to Dorian’s other nipple. His teeth nipped the nub.

Dorian stamped his foot. “Cut that out before I cum in my pants.”

Mitchell chuckled and nipped again.

Dorian growled, grabbed him by the arm, and pulled him up the stairs to Mitchell’s bedroom. “Fuck, it’s like you’re trying to torture me.” He slammed Mitchell onto the full size bed and leaned over him hands braced on both sides of Mitchell’s head. “Hella hotness and holy sex godliness, how am I supposed to resist you?”

“You’re not.” Mitchell ground his hips into the hard lump pressed into his groin. “I want you to hurry up and fuck me.”

Dorian snorted nuzzling Mitchell’s neck. “No way in hell am I fucking you like that mother fucking teacher. I’m going to make loooove to you.”

Mitchell laughed. “Bats, have you ever made love to anyone?”

Dorian lifted his head and twisted his lips in thought before shaking his thick hair. “No, but I can do it if I put my mind to it. I’m awesome like that.”

Lifting his legs so that Dorian was wedged between them and his bulge lined perfectly with his asshole, Mitchell said, “Are you sure? It might be hard to look at my dick making love, if you’ve never done a guy.”

Dorian snorted. “How many times have we showered in the locker room together? I’ve seen your cock. It doesn’t intimidate me.”

“Does it turn you on?”

Dorian blushed. “Maybe.”

“Ever think of sucking it?”

Dorian licked his lips, eyes traveling to Mitchell’s crotch. “Maybe.” Dorian lifted off Mitchell and gripped Mitchell’s ankles to pry them from his waist.

Mitchell hands went to his zipper and slowly undid his pants. With his back on the bed and legs in the air supported by Dorian’s strength, he began to wiggle his ass pushing the jean fabric up his legs.

Dorian’s mouth hung open, watching, nearly drooling. He was actually enjoying the sight, despite the fact he never slept with a man.

“How many times did you watch gay porn?” Mitchell asked curiously

Dorian let go of Mitchell’s legs to help pull the pants and boxers off. “A few times. Mostly research, because it didn’t make me hard until I imagined it was you.”

Mitchell’s heart pounded at the thought. Dorian only got hard for one guy… “That’s kind of….You better not be fucking with me Batshit, or I’ll kick your ass.”

Dorian undid his own pants and pushed them down before kicking them off. “Nope. All honestly remember?” Then he pointed to the hard mound in his boxer briefs. “All honesty.”

“Right. Get the lube.” He pointed to the top drawer of his dresser. Dorian moved quickly, rummaged in the exact sport Mitchell kept it, because the guy knew everything about Mitchell. Dorian came back to slick up Mitchell’s cock.

“Nope.” Mitchell pushed Dorian’s hand away when he reached for his aching cock. “I’ll go first. And show you how its done. Then you can go if you still want to.”

Dorian frowned at first looking a little disappointed. “But-“

“Slick yourself up, Bats. Please.” He moaned, licking his lips while Dorian watched mesmerized. “I want…need you inside.”

Dorian nodded and pushed down his boxers. His meat stood tall and proud, nearly as long as a certain teachers, but thicker. Squirting some of the clear lube onto his dick, Dorian winced. “Cold.”

“That’s why you rub it in your hands first, crazy.” Mitchell laughed.

Dorian grinned as he began to massaging his long thick cock slowly as he just stared into Mitchell’s eyes. “Your eyes are so sexy. All like come hither.” He stroked that beautiful muscle slowly showing off every inch. His chest rose and fell as if trying to control his own need. It was hot as fuck.

“Then come hither and slick me up,” Mitchell lifted his legs, opening wide, and holding his ankles.

“Whoa, look at that hole.” Dorian looked fearful as he looked from his dick to Mitchell’s ass. “Are you sure you don’t want to fuck me first? I don’t think it will-“

“Damn that, slick me up, Bats. Nice and easy.”

Dorian nodded and reached out to place his fingers at the entrance.

“One at a time.”

The first finger rimmed him, slowly, maddeningly slow before slipping hesitantly into the ring of muscle. Mitchell groaned. He closed his eyes at the feel of his best friend finger fucking him with agonizing patience. It was like Mitchell was a precious experiment and Dorian was the mad scientist determined to take his time to get the right results.

His eyes popped wide when he felt moist heat lick his cock. His head lifted to see Dorian trailing his tongue up the length of Mitchell’s dick. When he did it again, and stopped at the tip, circling the mushroom head with that rough pink appendage, Mitchell bucked his hips involuntarily, as if electricity took over him.

“Oh, damn!” Mitchell panted. “Where the fuck did you learn that?”

“This girl I fucked did it to me once. I liked it so I kept it in my memory,” Dorian said before adding another finger and stretching the muscle.

Mitchell hissed a breath at the stretching sensation making beads of cream leak from his cock.

“I was hoping I’d get to use it on you, and I did,” Dorian said wickedly and kissed his cock. “Now…where was I?”

When Dorian’s fingertip brushed against Mitchell’s spot, his hips pushed down onto long fingers and his back arched. “Oh, fuck…”

“Hoho! That’s damn hot. Again!” He stroked sensitive nerves and Mitchell slammed his fist onto the mattress trying to still the trembling of his body. “I think I’m going to cum just watching you.”

Dorian’s lips wrapped around Mitchell’s hard pole and began sucking while his fingers stroked that sensitive spot. Stars danced in Mitchell’s eyes and jolts sparked up and down his cock and balls before he found air. He groped for Dorian’s head wanting him to stop or go faster. He wasn’t sure which, but the patient rhythm was killing Mitchell. “Oh fuck yeah…Bats…”

Dorain sucked hard, finger lightly pressing his prostate and Mitchell growled like a beast as he came, eyes rolling to the back of his head. His back landed on the bed, body boneless.

“Oh shit, I’ve never come so hard without touching myself,” Dorian said with his lips against Mitchell’s thigh. He began kissing and licking the area…cleaning him.

“Are you…licking…?”

“Not really bad tasting…kind of exotic…” Dorian said between licks. “Like jalapeno ice cream…just not as spicy or sweet or cold…Not really spicy…more salty…salted caramel…that’s warm…and-“

“Dude. Stop.” Mitchell panted not remembering ever coming that hard. He’d never had his dick sucked while his prostate massaged. It was pure sin.

Dorian got up on the bed and lay over Mitchell’s body, kissing him. Their tongues teasing and mingling. Mitchell tasted himself on Dorian and found the taste not exactly as Dorian described it, but the deep tongue slicking kisses overpowered the flavor. Mitchell wrapped his arms around his friend’s back stroking, enjoying the feeling of hot sweaty flesh. Hands roamed over Mitchell’s shirt, before the material lifted and disappeared over the side of the bed.

Skin to skin, Dorian lay on top, kissing Mitchell robbing him of breath. Mitchell fell in love with those kisses. They were patient and exploring…wet and hot…claiming and soul deep.

When his best friend broke the kiss and smiled, Mitchell found his heart stolen. “Sex,” Dorian whispered, licking his lips as if finishing a delicious meal. “It’s going to happen. It’s not negotiable. Ever. Got it?”

Mitchell quirked a smile. “Got it.”


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