The Wrong Type of Possessive

Book 3 of The Wrong Type Series

The Wrong Type of Possessive

Cody Lynn Delarosa is unearthly beautiful, a curse that has haunted her all of her life. She still carries scars from her childhood because of her appearance. Scars that make her fearful and cling to the safety of the life her cold-hearted father provides. Now with the forbidden feelings she has started to develop for the man, she knows soon she will have to abandoned everything in order to protect all she cares about.

However, when her troubling past surfaces and lures her in a dangerous trap of men and women who could crush her without a thought, the only one who can save her is the one man with the money, means, and power to free her. Gabriel Walthour, a cold and merciless business man, is known for many things, none of which are fatherly. And his help comes with a staggering priceā€¦

**Warning Before You Continue: The story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (e.g., incestuous relations, dubious consent, etc). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**

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