Chapter 5: Sick Feeling

**Warning: This story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (i.e., incestuous relations, dubious consent). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**


Bailey sat in the truck, head back against the seat, eyes closed, willing himself to calm down, but the image of his brother, pumping into Mitchell, body gleaming… He never considered himself gay. He never got hard watching Tyler dig into another guy’s ass. But something about the shower…their hard bodies…was it a fetish?

Bailey barely registered the door opening and closing. He sat in silence wishing he could be somewhere else. Anywhere else, but in the same vehicle with the bane of his existence. Tyler never spoke, never moved, just sat quietly with Bailey, but he felt those eyes watching him. Those gold eyes that nearly matched his own. While Tyler’s eyes were alluring, with soft gold and long thick lashes, Bailey’s were hard, piercing, and often intimidating. Girls seemed to like how he stared at them for the first few weeks, but soon they found his stare uncomfortable, as if he could see all of their flaws. And while some girls didn’t mind being seen like that, many of them shied away from him, fearing Bailey might expose whatever it is they thought he saw.

The silence continued letting what little twilight remained, fade away. He needed to go home, cook dinner, make sure Matt was good. Of course he was, Matt was always good.

“Bay?” Tyler called out to him. His voice inches from his ear.

“Hmmmm.” Was all Bailey could manage.

“You need me to drive?”

Hot breath fanned over Bailey’s neck and he grunted hating how he liked the feel. He kept his eyes closed, as his cock throbbed. What was happening?


He swore he felt his brother’s lips feathering his skin.

He didn’t breathe, didn’t move. So wrong… Before his mind comprehended, he was out of the SUV and vomiting.

“Bailey?” He heard his brother call him, but Bailey just shook his head.

I’m a sick, sick, bitch. He opened his eyes finally and let the tears fill his vision. Why? Why wouldn’t those thoughts go away? He’s my brother! My brother!

And all he could see was that skin, the way his body moved, pistoned and…

His stomach lurched again in revulsion.


He barely remembered his brother cleaning him up. Or the ride home. He didn’t remember Matt helping him to his room, or putting him to bed.

What he did remember was the sound of their mother’s voice as she entered his room that night. She checked his temperature and looked him over. She was a copper skin beauty with exotic features that made her look younger than she was.

“Good evening, Dr. Radford.” He smiled weakly to his mother who kissed him on the forehead.

“Good evening, MVP. How are you feeling?”

“A little sore.”

“Vomiting can do that. Plus you have a fever. Any other symptoms I should know about.”

“It came on suddenly.”

“Maybe a virus…or stressed induced.”

He groaned knowing what was coming next.

“You’ve been pushing yourself too hard again, haven’t you? I told you if things get too heavy for you to call for back-up.” She smoothed the frown from his forehead. “You’re so like your father. Work until you drop.”

“Nothing like you?”

She laughed. “Maybe you have a little of me too. Especially the dimples.” She pinched his cheeks. “Get some sleep. You stay home tomorrow.”


“No exercise, no running, no football, no practice. No. No. No,” she said everytime he opened his mouth the protest. “You need your rest. Doctor’s orders. Matthew made you some soup. I’ll get him to bring it in to make sure you eat it.”

“It’s late, Matt should be sleep.”

She sighed. “I know, but your brothers are worried and it was all I could do to make them stay outside for a minute. Now be sweet and let them help you.”

“Not Tyler.”

His mother’s thin eyebrows lowered into a frown.

“Why not?”

He quickly grabbed for an excuse. “He needs to sleep, he studies too late and-“

“You’re such a mom.” She laughed getting off the bed.

As soon as she left and the door closed, he dropped his head back and groaned. Maybe she was right. Too much stress. If he got more sleep, he wouldn’t fantasize about that.

A soft knock on the door came before it opened.


“And Tyler.” Matt warned.


The two padded in on barefeet, Tyler sitting at the foot of the bed looking at him with worried eyes and Matt sitting beside him with a tray of soup.

“Come on, sit up so you can eat, or I’ll ask Tyler to feed you.” Well wasn’t that motivation.

Tyler didn’t seem to flinch from the obvious dig as Bailey quickly sat up.

For a moment the room spun. Bailey fought to find his equilibrium.

“You good?” Matt asked watching him.

Bailey nodded taking the tray and setting it in his lap.

“Mayo called mom. I don’t think she’ll be able to stay long.”

“That’s fine.” He began eating the chicken noodle soup. It was a little saltier than he liked, but it filled him. If the Mayo clinic called his mom, that meant she would be leaving town. Usually their mother worked wherever called. As an internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon, his mother was in high demand. And because she went from city to city, state to state, country to country, she rarely came home for more than a few days.

“She said we can stay home with you tomorrow,” Matt said laying beside him.

“You don’t both need to stay home,” Bailey said pointedly looking at Tyler.

Tyler nodded in agreement. “I’ll go. Matt can have the first day.”

“First day?” Bailey lowered the spoon.

“Mom wants you to rest for a couple of days.” Matt added.

“I have a game Friday.”

“That gives you three days. You better rest well.” Matt pointed to the bowl. “Now eat.”

After finishing his soup, Matt took the tray and left, leaving him alone with Tyler.

“You should get some sleep.” He told his younger brother.

Tyler nodded so compliant that it annoyed Bailey. “Be at school on time tomorrow, please.”

“Ok. Can I sleep here tonight?”

He should want nothing to do with Tyler. He should kick his brother out. But the concern in Tyler’s face and the need to ease his brother won. “On the floor.” He allowed.

Like a happy puppy, Tyler ran out the room and came stumbling back in with blankets and pillows. Bailey watched fascinated as the guy made a bed on the floor.

“Night.” He told Tyler laying back on his bed.

“Night,” came Tyler’s muffled reply.  

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