Chapter 4: Football Practice

**Warning: This story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (i.e., incestuous relations, dubious consent). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**


After school, during football practice, Bailey concentrated on his drills blocking his brother and Felicia from his mind. All that mattered was his hands on the ball and speed. He loved to run. And he did, up and down the field, until coach called time.

He ran to the sidelines and met Coach Baker, a shorter man with a muscular build. The salt-and-pepper-haired coach stood talking to an unknown man about the same average height with an orange cap pulled over his head.

“This is William Nixon from Miami, he’s scouting,” Coach Baker said as if spitting out a bad taste. Coach hated scouts when they came to his practices. The coach would always say, if they want to see you play they can buy a ticket to the game just like everyone else.

“Hi, Bailey.” Mr. Orange Cap stuck his hand out and Bailey shook it. He was so used to the song and dance by now it was boring.

“Forgive me, Mr. Nixon, I can’t stay I have plans. Can you make this quick?”

Mr. Nixon just stared at Bailey in shock. Then he laughed.

“The rumors about you are true. Too grown to be an eighteen year old. You helped raise both your siblings and you run track.”

He scowled at the nosy bastard.

“How do you have time for all this and your siblings too?” Mr. Nixon asked.

“My siblings have their own affairs.” Matt was a pianist. Really good too. So good, his piano teacher took him under her wing and pitches in to keep an eye on the fourteen year old for Bailey. Tyler was the genius in the family and he also played soccer. So while Bailey was doing his favorite thing, his brothers did theirs.

Mr. Nixon rubbed his narrow chin. “I see. You don’t talk much.”

“Mr. Nixon, I’ll be frank. Miami is too far from Michigan. My family is here and Michigan State has already offered me what I need to keep an eye on my brothers.”

“I get it. Regardless, here is my card if you change your mind.”

“Send him an offer letter anyway,” Coach Baker snapped. “Let’s see if you can do better than the rest of the bunch.”

Nixon nodded. “I’m sure I can. And Bailey, I like seriousness, it shows how dedicated you are to your passion. Keep it up and I’m sure we’ll be seeing you in the NFL in the long run.”

“First, you’ll see him win the nationals again.”

Bailey rolled his eyes. As if he won the whole game by himself… His team helped. And the running back that was instrumental at nationals last year, graduated last year, leaving behind a protege too busy chasing girls’ asses to take the game seriously. While Mitchell was good, he needed more drive. They would be lucky if the guy lasted until nationals.

“I look forward to seeing you there MVP.” Mr. Nixon nodded.

After the guy left, Baker just shook his head. “Bailey, I hope you’re ready. This is your last year. And while they already have MVP on their lips, I don’t want that going to your head.”

Mr. Baker kept droning on and on about duty and responsibility as the clock wound down and he knew his time with Felicia wasn’t happening today. When the man finally patted him on the back, releasing him from the lecture, Bailey headed to the locker room and to his gear.

The sound of water hitting tile, caught his attention. Was someone in the shower?

He frowned. Most of the guys should have already left.

He peeled off his shirt, before he took his soap and towel to the shower room. The unexpected sight before his left him stupefied. Bent over huffing like a man desperate for air was Mitchell, the player who had hugged him that morning — his running back. With his hands braced on the wall, his feet planted on the wet tiled floor, and his powerful legs spread Mitchell give full access to the boy behind him, who pump in and out with sure easy thrusts.


Mitchell held himself up, even as his large dark cock leaked and his grunts grew louder with obvious pleasure. That cock was impressive, curved slightly toward his stomach, bobbing with each thrust. But the sight that was more astonishing was Tyler. Wet sinewy muscle flexed with each thrust making him look far too captivating than Bailey wanted to admit, yet he couldn’t help but watch. Both seemed oblivious to his presence but Bailey knew better. Tyler knew Bailey’s stuff was still around and knew when he would be leaving. His younger brother was putting on another show.

While he had walked in on Tyler fucking guys and girls before, this was the first time he caught a shower scene. The wet, slick, sheen of both sculpted bodies moving, grunting, and panting made Bailey curse at his own physical response.

Evidently he cursed out loud because Mitchell’s head rose in shock. His hands slipped from the tile, body falling forward as Tyler continued driving into him now in a punishing rhythm that sent them both to the floor. Mitchell on hands and knees while Tyler mounted him and worked him so hard that Bailey swore he heard the other guy cry.

Bailey’s jaw tightened. He made eye contact with Tyler. “You’re hurting him. Get off.”

Tyler nodded before he pulled out, spraying the guy’s back with his seed.

Where the fuck was Tyler’s condom? He was about to scold his brother, when Tyler reached for Mitchell’s backside and pulled out the half-filled rubber.

Mitchell lay immobile for a moment before looking up at Bailey with a mix of guilt and pleading.

“It’s not mine to tell, Mitchell. Get yourself cleaned up and go home. Tyler, be in the V in ten minutes or you walk home.”

He turned to leave, grateful he kept his pants on before going to the showers. His little friend was hard and ready and he didn’t want his brother seeing that. For some reason he knew his brother would use that to his own advantage.  

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