Chapter 3: Bleachers

**Warning: This story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (i.e., incestuous relations, dubious consent). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**


During lunch and after eating, Bailey and Felicia walked to the soccer field, hand in hand.

“I’m not seeing anyone other than you.” He reassured her, leaning against a goal post. “But I will say that I’m annoyed you think I’d do something like that.”

“I know…” She sighed. “I’m sorry,” she said leaning her head on his chest. She gripped his shirt and clung to him. He rubbed her back while she continued to talk. “I feel like…I’m last in your life. I want to be more… more than track, more than football, more than your family. I’m greedy.”

And there it was. The reason none of his girlfriends lasted. “If it makes you feel better, you’re more than my homework or my classes.”

She groaned. “I’m serious here.” She looked up at him and froze.

He knew she saw it. The truth. He was being serious, too.

Shaking her head, she just said, “I won’t give up.” Her words we low but loud enough for him to hear.

Then he laughed. “So I’m not a total lost cause.”

“No.” She smiled that smile he loved. “Your drive and determination is what made me pay attention to you.”

“You mean it wasn’t the dimples and this body.” He gave her a cocky smirk.

She ran her hands over his t-shirt covered abs. “They help.”

He leaned down and kissed her, enjoying her warmth. His tongue darted out to caress the slight part in her lips. She opened for him.

“Hey lovebirds!” Someone yelled. His eyes lifted from the smooth tan skin of Felicia’s face to the small group of students coming onto the field. None of them were from the soccer team. Sophomores…just like his brother.

“Need to use the field?” Bailey asked, wrapping his arms around Felicia.

“Please, your highness.” One of the guys bowed before another began to laugh.

“Cut that out, before he kicks your ass.”

“Yeah, and we don’t want him ruining those golden legs of his on your ugly face.”

They began to banter back and forth as Felicia pulled him off the field kissing his chin, then his neck.

“You have your keys on you?” She asked breathlessly.

“In my locker.”

She cursed but didn’t stop sucking on the skin of his neck until they were both in the shadows of the bleachers. The soccer bleachers nestled closely beside the athletic locker room and provided just the right amount of privacy. Shade and shadows concealed them. If only she had been wearing a skirt. He’d hick it up to her waist and test his rising cock in her warmth just to see how wet she was at that moment. Then again, he didn’t need his dick to test. His hand unbuttoned the front of her jeans.

She gasped, back hitting the brick wall of the building behind her. “Bailey…” She pushed his hand away. “No…we’re outside.”

“In the shadows, away from prying eyes,” his said, voice heavy with lust. His large hand slipped down the front of her jeans, past soft panties and warm flesh until his long middle finger found folds of wet heat. She moaned when he slipped inside. His thumb found her button and rubbed. She whimpered. He alternated his attention from rubbing her clit to pumping his finger inside enjoying her mewls and moans.

“Stop…What if…no, yes…”

In and out. He loved the feel of her clenching around his finger. Her breathing quickened. Sweat beaded on her forehead.

“Bai-Bailey,” She panted his name. “Bai-…I can’t…here…”

With her mouth parted, breathing heavy, her hands gripped his arms to stay upright. When her legs began to give, he knew it was only a matter of time before… Her body shook and hitching breaths escaped. His mouth covered hers to hid the rather loud moan.

So lost in each other’s lips and slick tongues, neither one of them had noticed the time. The bell rang to signal the end of lunch.

“Shit!” He growled, realizing he would have to go to class hard as hell.

Her hands covered her face with embarrassment. “I can’t believe we just-“

“Go to class, I’ll handle it in the bathroom…and hopefully teach won’t ding me for taking a shit.”

She laughed and kissed him. “I owe you after your football practice.”

He smirked zipping up her pants. “I look forward to it.”

After she ran off with one last kiss, he dropped his head to the brick wall and tried to still the ache. He wanted release so bad, he couldn’t even walk. He cursed. Then cursed again when none of his thoughts allowed him to calm down.

“Need a hand?”

Bailey jumped at the voice coming from above him. And he didn’t have to look up through the cracks in the bleachers to know that deep voice slightly huskier than his own. “Tyler. How long have you been up there?”

“Long enough to notice that girlfriend got off and left my big bro high and dry.”

He’d been watching? Shit, the damn peeping pervert. “I told her to go to class. You go too.”

“Unlike your girl…” He heard footfalls on each metal step. “…I can’t stand the idea of you unfulfilled.”

“Go to class.” Bailey commanded not wanting to deal with his brother’s bullshit. Confronting Tyler seemed to dim the pain and Bailey found himself straightening up. He was about to walk out from behind the bleachers when his brother blocked the way.

Bailey had an advantage over his younger brother in height and muscle mass, not to mention his football skills of tackling added an edge. So it would be nothing to move Tyler out of the way. But he needed to know something first.

“Why?” He asked watching those gold eyes sparkle with amusement.

“You should really let your hair grow out. Girls love the curl.” Tyler reached up to touch his crew cut, but Bailey smacked his hand away.

“Why are you sending your minions after Felicia?”

He shrugged dropping his hands to his side, with a wounded look on his face. “Don’t know what you mean?”

No emotions flicked in his chest from the sad puppy look. Bailey was one of two who didn’t fall for Tyler’s tricks. Matt was the other.

“Cut the shit. Leave Felicia alone,” he said moving to push past his brother.

Tyler’s hand on Bailey’s chest stopped him. “Are you threatening me, brother?” Tyler leaned in, his face inches from Bailey’s. “Why would you do that? Do you like hurting me so much? Did you enjoy putting me in the hospital?” His words sounded far more seductive than what they implied.

“I didn’t put you in the hospital, Ty.” Bailey pushed Tyler, but his brother didn’t budge. “I gave you bruises and dad took you to the hospital to make sure nothing was broken. The fact that nothing was, proves I have restraint.”

“Your restraint means nothing to me.” Tyler’s hand slid down his chest in a caress that Bailey didn’t appreciate. The sensation made his semi-erect cock twitch and grow as the hand moved lower.

Bailey stepped back. “Go to class, Ty.”

Tyler stepped forward. “And if I don’t.” The words left his lips in a alluring whisper that really pissed Bailey off.

Everything was a game to Tyler. Playing people, trying to find the edge. Matt once said that Bailey was the only one who could reign in Tyler’s antics. But sometimes, Bailey didn’t think so.

Standing his ground, balling his fist ready to strike his brother he simply said, “Tyler.”

“I’m going.” Tyler turned on his heel and sauntered off like he had nowhere to go, no time soon. He was such a bitch.  

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