Chapter 2: Natalie

**Warning: This story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (i.e., incestuous relations, dubious consent). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**


One minute.

That was all Tyler had before Bailey pulled off in the SUV. At exactly one minute before he left, the pain in the ass waltzed out of the house, leisurely dropped his soccer gear in the back, and slunk into the V like he had all the time in the world

Settled inside the passenger, his brother soon began to snooze while Bailey drove. His brother probably stayed up late to finish his homework. One good thing he could say about the guy, his grades were amazing. Tyler didn’t have to study to get good grades, he only had to study to get perfect grades. And Tyler had the highest average, top of the class. Bailey was damned proud of him for that.

Bailey parked in his designated spot in the senior parking lot and was about to get out when a small group of guys from the football team came up and began rocking the car. Bailey laughed when Tyler jumped awake.

“What the fuck guys!” He snapped opening the door and tumbling out.

“Wakey wakey, Tyler, baby!” They all sang as George, a giant of a defensive linebacker, and Bailey’s closest friend, picked Tyler up and tossed the guy over his shoulders like a feather boa. Bailey’s jaw slacked in utter shock. He and Tyler were above average in both height and build, yet the guy picked Tyler up like it was nothing. He knew his friend George was a heavy lifter but damn.

“You missed morning practice because of Tyler again didn’t you, MVP? You know what that means,” George said twirling around so that Bailey got a hilarious look of Tyler’s irritated face.

“Big brother!” One of the players jokingly hugged Bailey in a tight bear hug. “You don’t mind us giving Sir Genius a little punishment do you?”

Bailey eyed Tyler who glared right at Mitchell, the hugger and Bailey’s running back.

Just be prepared for the repercussions, Bailey thought knowing they would never see it coming and never know who did it.

Last week, one of the girls Tyler had slept with tried to get jealous and embarrass him in front of his friends. The next day, that same girl came back crying and begging for his forgiveness. Of course he accepted. And was so gracious about it. But Bailey knew from the slight glint in the guy’s eye that he planned the whole thing.

“Let go.” Bailey told the hugger. Mitchell released him immediately stepping back as if scalded. The guy stood an inch shorter than Bailey but had a broad build. “Look guys,” he called to his team. “No bruises or scars on him. No life altering humiliation. And nothing illegal. Make sure he gets to class on time.” He ordered before shutting the car door and pressing the key remote to lock it. He slung his bag over his shoulder and trekked to class.

“Yes boss.” One of them yelled before laughing. He heard a smack.

“Dude, watch yourself and show respect,” another said.

“I thought I was.” He heard a whine.

“Didn’t like your tone.” Another voice emerged.

Bailey ignored the rest of the exchange continuing for the main building. Once he was inside a flurry of activity zoomed around him as his peers prepared for the day. Girls kissing their boyfriends goodbye and guys yelling down the hall at friends along with the shy girl trying to duck into class before the first bell. Bailey spoke to everyone who greeted him on his way to Spanish. Down two corridors, he exited the main building and entered the senior studies building. He turned left and took the first set of steps. He stopped up the second set when a leggy raven haired beauty glanced up from her notebook and gave him the cutest crooked smile. He jogged up a few more steps just until they were eye to eye.

“Hello Beautiful.” He leaned forward and Felicia met him halfway, kissing him.

“You are almost late.” She spoke against his lips just as the first bell rang.

“Sorry, my brother is a sleepy head.”

She hummed kissing him again before pulling back. He helped her gather her things and they both headed to Spanish.

“You always blame him. Is he really the reason?”

Huh? He frowned looking down beside him where she walked clutching her books. “You don’t believe me?”

“No, it’s just… I don’t know it seems to be a convenient excuse. I mean you use it all the time.”

“Ok,” he said ending the conversation. He didn’t know where that was coming from and he didn’t care. Sometimes Felicia could be a little insecure and he didn’t like fanning her worries with more words.

“Just ok?” She stopped outside the class and looked up at him.

“What excuse would you like me to use?” He asked standing close to her leaning into those pretty lips.

“The truth, Bailey.”

He chuckled. “But I gave you the truth and you didn’t like it.”

“What about Natalie?”

His head snapped back. “Who?”

Felicia tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and narrowed her brown-green eyes. “The girl you were with yesterday morning.”

Completely stumped, Bailey just stared at her confused. Yesterday morning was the same routine as always: Four AM run, five o’clock shower, breakfast ready by six, make sure Matt was up and gone before seven, raise sleeping beauty the best way possible and be out of the house before seven thirty. He never had time for deviation, and his morning run was never allowed to be disturbed by anyone.

And plus, “Who the hell is Natalie?”

She flinched at the sound of his voice. “The girl you run with in the morning?” She whispered as if fearing he might yell at her.

He quirked an eyebrow. “I run alone.” He had since Tyler stopped running with him three years ago.He didn’t question it and chalked it up to puberty or high school fame. Whatever.

Bailey shook his head confused, walked around her, and took a seat inside the classroom before the second bell rang to make them tardy. Felicia sat at the desk in front of him and spun around.

“There is a rumor that you started running with Natalie from track. I heard it while I was at my locker. Evidently it’s going around school.”

Natalie from track? He knew all the girls on the track team and he didn’t know a Natal…Natalia! One of Tyler’s regulars. He snorted.

The girl had tried to crawl into his bed late one night after being thoroughly laid by Tyler. Of course Tyler put her up to it and she was more than willing to sucked Bailey’s dick. That willingness woke him right up before he kicked her out of the house. He warned Tyler not to bring the girl around again. What if she had tried to do that shit with Matt?

So far, he hadn’t seen Natalia anywhere but school.

“I’m not running with any Natalie,” he said pulling his notebook from his bag. “And I have no intentions of ever running with anyone other than the football team this afternoon.”

“What if I wanted to come running with you?”

He took a deep breath to keep from laughing at her. Felecia was pretty but as athletically gifted as a slug. She’d slow him down and piss him off. That was break up city waiting to happen.

“I see the ‘no’ on your face.”

“I run alone for a reason.” He murmured just as the bell sounded. Other than for football and track, Bailey ran to keep his mind clear. It was freeing.

“We’ll finish this at lunch,” she smiled wearily and Bailey groaned inwardly to make himself stop from saying what he wanted no, we won’t finish because there is nothing to finish.

Bailey tried to focus on his classes but the nagging feeling that Tyler was involved in those rumors kept churning in his head.

Natalia happened months before he dated Felicia. But it didn’t help that he had been dating Laura at the time. And of course Natalia bragged to some girl about his package. And that some girl went and told Laura. Laura was so angry she confided in his devious brother instead of asking him directly. Bailey wasn’t sure how his brother did it, but Tyler got Laura all twisted around his finger like a ribbon and the next thing he knew, he had walked in on them fucking their brains out in Tyler’s bedroom. She didn’t even have the decency to break up with him first. And after he beat the shit out of Tyler, Laura ran for her life crying and apologizing. His mother called their father who had to come home, handle the doctor bills and take care of Matt while Bailey took anger management counseling. Fun.

Tyler never showed any shred of remorse for any of it. Oh, he played the role of wounded party at school. When he got finished spinning his web, the school thought Laura was a lying, cheating whore who seduced both brothers and pitted one brother against the other. And students in the school wanted blood. How dare she try to ruin the superstar athlete and the school sex god genius?

Just thinking about it made Bailey guilty all over again.

Poor Laura had to move to another school in another county. And while Bailey wanted to stand up for her, he couldn’t. Because every time he saw her, he saw her betrayal. Why didn’t she come to him first? Why didn’t she ask him about the truth, confide in him?

Was Felicia, Laura all over again?

At least Felicia confided in him first. Yes, there was hope. Now if only he could keep his conniving brother away from her.  

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