Chapter 1: Wake-Up Call

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At the kitchen island beside his daily bowl of sliced fruit, Bailey added “eggs” to the shopping list he would leave for the housekeeper. With Bailey taking care of his brothers, football, and homework after school, his mother hired a housekeeper to keep the house clean and do general chores. Bailey was grateful because that was one less thing he needed to concentrate on. His studies would have been the main thing to suffer otherwise because no way was he ignoring his football practice or his youngest brother. That middle child could blow in the breeze for all Bailey cared.

Thoughts of Tyler invoked a frown and grunt.

He looked up to see his little brother Matthew seated at the kitchen table, eating his scrambled eggs, and giggling at something on his phone.

“Hey Matt-“

“Tyler’s hasn’t come down yet.” The fourteen year old answered without looking up. Freaky how the kid did that. Or was Bailey that damned predictable?

Bailey dropped his pen beside the pad and walked out the kitchen. Before the swinging door closed good he was jogging up the steps to the bedrooms. The five bedroom house wasn’t the biggest on the block but it was big enough to accommodate five people and a guest on occasion. Each brother has his own room, Bailey’s was the first room on the hallway to the right. The second room on the left, was Tyler’s. Matt’s room sat right next to Bailey’s and their parents bedroom stood at the end of the hall.

Bailey stopped in front of Tyler’s closed door and knocked. “Ty!” He yelled before turning the handle and walking in. Normally Bailey respected his brothers’ privacy but not when it jeopardized his schedule. He was already late to class one day this month and if he missed anymore teach would start counting. The guy was anal about attendance. And morning practice was gone because of his brother’s sluggishness

Bailey walked into the dark room and straight for the window. He opened up the curtain, pulled up the blinds and let the full force of nature’s glory rain down on his highness.

“Ty!” He snapped slapping the barefoot hanging over the edge of the bed.

After a few grumbling curses, Tyler rolled over and tucked his long naked body under the sheets to hid.

It was almost cute. But not cute enough. Bailey grabbed the sheet and yanked it off the bed. Then he went for the pillow and tossed it on the floor.

“You know what comes next.” Bailey raised his hand.

Laying bare ass naked face down, Tyler turned his head slightly to let a sleepy wicked grin play across his face. “Aim for my ass this time,” he said arching his back pushing said ass into the air.

Ignoring the blatant sexual position and the nice round ass before him, Bailey smacked his brother across the head.

“Get up, or I’m leaving you here.” Bailey popped his head again, this time using his knuckles.

“Shit!” Tyler’s long lean body slid away from Bailey’s like a snake. He rolled and shifted until he stood groggy on the other side of the bed. Even his brother’s dick stood half awake. Though his brother stood about the same 6’2 height, his build was slightly leaner and his face masculine perfection.

Bailey might actually understand why men and women threw themselves at Tyler if not for the fact that Bailey loved women and had a hard time ignoring Tyler’s twisted personality.

“I’d tell you to handle that…” He pointed to Tyler’s rising package. “…in the bathroom, but we don’t have time. Meet me in the V in fifteen or get left. Your choice.”

Back in the kitchen, Bailey walked in to see Matt putting on his backpack. His bus would be arriving soon. The kid was so independent Bailey didn’t have to wake him, tell him to go to school, or even take him to school. His fourteen year old brother was everything Tyler was not– decent and responsible. Scratch that, decent and responsible at home. In front of the world, Tyler was as perfect as his beautiful face, gold eyes, and curly brown hair that tempted people to run their hands through because it looked so soft and playful. And it was. Bailey hated to admit, but he used to ruffle his brother’s hair just to feel the silken texture. That was when Tyler was young and followed Bailey around like a happy puppy.

Oh, how he missed that innocent Tyler. If he could trade the older pain in the ass for the younger obedient version, he’d do it without batting an eye.

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