The Wrong Type of Affair

Warning: This story has sex, graphic language, violence, and same sex relations. If any of the former bothers you, don’t read.

Mitchell has never had a problem with being distracted before. It always came so easily. However, after suffering a painful unrequited love and losing the big football championship, Mitchell finds he only focuses on defeat.

So to get his mind off of the pain, his best friends offers a solution to pull his life together. A distraction that comes in the package of forbidden fruit — his married eleventh grade history teacher, Mr. Schultz, whose eyes just so happens to follow his every move…

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and purely for your reading enjoyment. Any similarities to your own experiences is coincidental. I don’t recommend trying anything illegal, dangerous, or culturally unexceptionable in this story, but what you do in your private life is your business (just be prepared for the consequences).

Table Of Contents


  • Sandra Mon

    Thank you very much for uploading this even though it takes times for you. Blu, wherever you go I will follow you..haha now i sound like a stalker. Nope i am a stalker for your beautiful stories. Love you Blu💙🤍.

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