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TWTOO Update and Tyler’s POV

Happy New Year My Sexy Masters,

I know some of you want to know what the heck I’ve been up to, but during the holidays I’ve been with my family, hanging with my parents and siblings. Couldn’t very well ignore them while I go write smut… ?. Though it was tempting, I couldn’t expose my superhero alter-ego!?

But now I’m back and ready to get back to work! ?

For those waiting on my new story, I want to apologize. I completely put it on hold so that I can totally devote my time to getting The Wrong Type of Obsession (TWTOO) published. For those who already know, I faced an incident of someone plagiarizing my work. The incident broke my heart to how real and devastating it can be. It also opened my eyes to how important it is to having my book published and properly copyright protected. *sigh* So much to do…my to-do list is growing…?

As some of you who keep up with me know, I had already started working on  publishing, so I should be finishing up the edits and have the final manuscript soon (within a couple of weeks). Then I’m looking to have a cover made. Hopefully by the end of January, all who wanted to buy a copy, I’ll let you know when it will become available. WOOHOO! ?

Thank everyone of you who gave me advice on what to do to help protect my work!! Love you!

I'm in the process of making changes to my website to help safeguard against theft before I start posting TWTOO there

I’m in the process of making changes to my website to help safeguard against theft before I start posting TWTOO there. Of course, nothing is foolproof (evil proof), but hopefully it will help. I’ve looked into posting it on Facebook, but I’ve never been a fan so I’m still thinking it over.

As for what to expect from the published version, hopefully all the grammar and errors will be smoothed out. ALSO, I added some of Tyler’s POV for the published version. That’s why the edits of the book is taking so long. See below for an sample.

LOVE YOU ALL and HAPPY 2019!!!



I recently found a song that I think pairs well with the below scene if you want to listen while you read: Waking Up by MJ Cole and Freya Ridings ?



The below part is Tyler’s POV and will come at the end of Chapter 5: Sick Feeling (TWTOO)



When he was certain Bailey slept sound, hearing the deep breathing that came from the bed, Tyler slowly stood on his blankets. He breathed in the scent of his brother’s room — woodsy musk, with a hint of sweaty sports gear. He inhaled again, deeply.

Though the room was dark, a sliver of light came through the cracks of the window. One of those tiny beams slid across Bailey enough to allow Tyler to see that strong beautiful masculine figure. Tyler watched the steady rise and fall of Bailey’s chest. Up. Down. Inhale. Exhale. So rhythmic, so powerful.

One of Bailey’s hand lay on his chest while the other disappeared somewhere under the covers.

Temptation urged Tyler to slip into Bailey’s bed, pull back the sheets, and… Tyler groaned as his cock thickened with the thought of just touching that skin.

He wasn’t stupid enough to believe Bailey was actually sick from an illness. Even while Tyler worried for his Bay, inwardly he nodded from the knowledge his brother had finally reacted to him. So many possibilities were opening in front of him making Tyler bite his bottom lip to restrain his urges.

He approached the bed and cautiously reached out until his palm touched the soft sheet covering that muscular form. You’ll be mine soon, he thought smoothing his touch over the sheet like a lover’s caress. He imagined licking every inch of Bailey’s bare skin from toe to head. His wandering hand finally stopped its journey at his smooth shaven chin. Tyler’s fingers lightly touched Bailey’s lips. 

Suddenly, he jerked his hand back when his Bay moaned, licking his lips, and turning his head slightly. As if enslaved, hypnotized by the sight of that pink tongue peeking out at him, Tyler stared a few more minutes, fingering himself to alleviate the aching bulge in his boxer briefs absently.

His breathing picked up, excitement making him anxious. No… I just need to have a little patience and persistence. That’s all…

Tyler lay back down on his blankets and breathed in the absolute satisfaction of soon claiming his prize. The thought calmed his pulse. 

No way was he letting Bailey forget that feeling, that knowing. He couldn’t. There was no going back for him…both of them.


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