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Masters!! My Merciful Gracious Masters!!!

I thank you all for being patient with me. I know I am the worse author ever for not replying to comments on time. I said I was going to do better…

But it might not change much. I’ve been pulling overtime at work, so I’m a little tired. That doesn’t mean the writing will stop!! So, if you can bare with my slow responses, thank you! If not, I understand.

For those who’ve asked me questions, the answers are as follows:

1. When Are You Going to Publish?

That’s the first thing on my agenda! I’m going to try to have Obsession published by December/January. Fingers crossed. I have a publisher in mind, one of my wonderful masters recommended Eden as a publisher, so I’m going to give them a try and let you know how it goes. Give it a looksy and let me know what you think.

2. When is Wicked Going to Be Posted?

Khalid and Ivan’s story. It’s going to be dark, twisted, and the sex will not be gentle. Just warning. I have only written a few chapters and I am throwing caution to the wind. If you have any triggers, you may not want to read it. Think whips and chains ⛓️ ?

3. Are You Going to Write Any New Stuff?

Definitely!! I have so many ideas. I have decided to scrap Reckless and Wretched completely.

Second, I’m outlining a new story. I got the idea after a friend of mine bought me the audiobook of The Magicians cause he’s a die hard fan and wanted me to be too… Conclusion? I am not. And no I have not seen the TV show, and after reading the book, I don’t wanna…

Anyway, if you like magic and magic school type stories, you might like it. It’s my spin on the magic college genre. All characters will be over 18 so don’t worry! It won’t cross any moral lines, but it will have a touch of darkness cause… magic. And it will definitely be kinky ? I will posted on Inkitt when I finish. And maybe Wattpad if I go back.

4. Will You Ever Go Back to Wattpad?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this. And the answer is possibly, but it won’t have The Wrong Type posted because of Wattpad’s rules. And I may not keep the same username because I’m already on Wattpad’s naughty list. But I’ll keep you informed if I do.

5. Have You Given Up on Discord?

LOL! No. I’m going to start taking it a little at a time because trying to divide myself between work, writing, social media stuff, and other stuff is not easy. I want to be everywhere and do everything, but only two hands and one brain. Miss the days I was still in school and had more free time…

I’m going to try to put myself on a schedule, maybe log in at least twice a week and set a schedule to answer questions and check comments so that I’m not so far behind. Right now I’m looking at Tuesdays and Thursdays to check Facebook, Twitter, and Discord.

Ok, that’s it for now. Give me a couple of months before I post Wicked. I want to get Obsession published first and at least half of Wicked written.

Love u all!

Blu ???


  • Clare

    i’m so glad i found you again. you were one of my favorite authors on wattpad and i almost had a heart attack when i couldn’t find you work. i am now dedicating myself to read all the glory again on this webpage. thank you ?

  • Jessinique Finley

    Hey Blu. Man glad I found you. I finished all your books now. Still looking forward to you publishing. I still want to buy all your books. I been a fan since you started the wrong type series. Looking forward to more your work

  • Salmah Dougherty

    You’re my BESTEST author!! Thank you and you’ve answered all our questions. Life happens. We’ll still be here, how can we not?! Thank you for all your hard work. We so appreciate it. I look forward when u cone back. Just don’t take down any stories here…its my monthly sustenance…??????❤❤

  • Sandra Mon

    Blu, you are the best author for me. We all have our own life and our own shit but you make time for us. You are the little paradise for me. You are the best,Blu. Take good care of yourself and be safe. Love you,Blu…??.

  • H

    Sorry for the questions, you’re probably really busy but I was wondering if Ivan and Khalid’s relation will be monogamous and also if it will include a HEA like jerry and Philip?

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