The Wrong Type Of Obsession Ch. 1-5

Hi Wonderful Masters,

I’ve been trying to work hard to give you all that I’ve promised. Alas, I’ve been busy elsewhere so its taking me some time, but I’m getting it all out to you little by little.

With that said, the first five chapter of The Wrong Type of Obsession is posted. This is for all those who haven’t read it on Wattpad and want to. And also who have already read it on Wattpad and want to read it again.

I will post the rest as I get time. Kisses!



For those who haven’t already read the book and can’t wait for the next chapter head over to and find me @blu_fate

**Warning Before You Continue: The story contains sex, graphic language, violence, and content which can be considered controversial (i.e., incestuous relations, dubious consent). If any of the aforementioned bothers you, don’t read and don’t comment.**

The Wrong Type Of Obsession


2 thoughts on “The Wrong Type Of Obsession Ch. 1-5

  1. Omg I love your stories ??, please don’t stop and continue writing. I can’t wait to read more of your stories.

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