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Th Wrong Type of Seduction has been completely posted so you know what that means….

The Wrong Type of Redemption is next! I know that many of you have been looking forward to Jerry and Phil because I have gotten a lot of inquires about when its being posted. SOON! Like maybe tomorrow…hopefully.

Now for some other stuff! I get a lot of questions about various things from my writing style, genre, where I’ll post next, and when I’ll publish, so I’m going to answer a few of them here.

Question 1: Will Blu ever go back to Wattpad?

Answer: After they kicked me out, my ass is still sore. In other words, I’m a little hurt from how things were done over there. I would have preferred them just take down my work instead of deleting my whole account… But their site, their rules. Maybe one day I’ll go back and start a new account. And maybe I’ll post some safer stories there, but not right now.

Question 2: Will Blu post anywhere else other than her website?

Answer: I’ve been looking into it. AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUGGESTIONS!!! I’ve been flirting with a couple of ideas. Because of a plagiarism incident a couple of years ago I’ve been picky and hesitant to put my work just anywhere. Though there is no guarantee my work won’t be copied, I like making it hard for the thieves! So while AO3 is a tempting sight as well as many other suggestions, I have not fully committed to post there. Even though my site isn’t perfect and far from pretty, it lets me have a good level of control without worrying about rule changes. If you have more suggestions on where I can post, I’m all ears. Right now the top two suggestions are AO3 and Wixx.

Question 3: The Wrong Type of Forever! Where is it?!

Answer: I’ll start posting it after Redemption.

Question 4: When are you going to publish your books?

Answer: I want to say soon, but my timetables are NEVER accurate. So depressing. But I’m working on it. And I will let you all know.

Question 5: When are you going to post on Inkitt?

Answer: I’m rewriting Reckless and Wretched and… The story has lost its purpose. It was originally a violent, bloody, and highly sexual paranormal adventure where some sex scenes that could be considered dark and offensive to others. Now its not. And the whole story doesn’t feel right so I’m on pause. I’ll probably pull it from Inkitt unless I can find the motivation to continue the re-write.

HOWEVER!! That doesn’t mean I can only write taboo! (which is an answer to a question many ask)

With that said, I’m actually in the middle of outlining a story that I’ve been thinking about during this COVID pandemic because its slightly inspired by it. And it isn’t taboo at all. Still erotic. Still romance. And it will not be banned from any website… I don’t think. However, its only in the outline phase.

Okay. I’m done for the night. I have some clean up on my website to do before I call it a night.




  • Taph

    Hi Blu, I’m so glad I found you again , I was really sad when I saw wattpad deleted your account . I am so excited for the stories you are going to post later on and very happy and grateful for the one’s you’ve posted here, I was wondering though are you going to write a story on Khalid and Ivan and post it on here? , I remember you mentioned it in wattpad. Anyways I’m a huuuggee fan of your works and Love ya Blu and hope to read many more of your books.

    • Blu

      Hi! I haven’t forgotten Ivan and Khalid’s story. I’ll most likely post it here. Not finished with it so it may take a little time. THANK YOU!!

  • Val but not Val

    Thanks for an update on my favorite books….. I cant wait for the rest of the updates. Love you and have a wonderful week. ❤️

  • Thetinysnowflake

    I absolutely love how hard you work for us readers to let us read your amazing books! But um, you said something about PUBLISHING them. Publishing as in traditional way publishing? If so, I’ll go to hell and back to purchase them and gaze at all of them lovingly all day from my bed. And if not, well, I’ll still gaze at them lovingly, only through my phone.
    That said, a huge fan of your works!

    • Blu

      Aww, thank you!! I am looking at publishing. It might just be ebook, but if I find a pub that prints smut I would definitely do a paperback version! I’ll keep you updated! 💙💙💙

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