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I got my first fan made cover for Obsession! Yay! ? Thank you Coglione_!

I love and appreciate all my readers and fans, so I get so excited when you all send me stuff ☺! Though I know not everyone has the same tastes, be respectful please!

Love you all!!




  • Rue

    Hey, I found you through Wattpad and would love to read your books in order so came here hoping obsession would be here in full but it’s only the first 5 chapters, I noticed you haven’t been on wattpad for a while so I hope everything is ok your end especially cause of the pandemic and all that, do you think you’ll ever publish the rest of obsession? The first 5 chaps already have me hooked! Really really hope your ok cause your writing is so good it would be such a shame to loose a talent like yours xx

    • Blu

      I am working on uploading. It will take me longer here than on Wattpad, but I plan to work faster to get it uploaded.

  • Susan Mitchell

    Are these fan made covers the last part of this official first book? Or because of watt pad guidlines did you have to pst the rest somewhere else?

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