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Discord: The Wrong Type of People

My Beautiful Masters!

Because I got a lot a feedback about Discord, I have created the server! And yes, its called The Wrong Type of People. Thank you, Elena!

I’ve never created a server before so… this should be interesting ??

Though I don’t know how many people will join, I might need a moderator or two since I can’t be on Discord all the time. If you’re interested please join the server and send me a private message. Right now, the only thing I would like the moderator to do is make sure the chats follow the rules.

Masters, I just set it up so don’t expect too much…?

To kick things off, I’ll try to answer questions and comments under the #q-and-a channel for the next few hours while I edit and post Forever.

I posed some questions in some of the other channels to get some convos started. Or if you want to start your own conversation in one of the channels, be my guess.

Ok, without further babbling, join!


Blu ?


    • DeysiNomra

      I’m so glad I found your books. Your books were among a few that I would periodically come back to read. When I wasn’t able to find your books or your account I was super frustrated but then I did a Google search for the title of the first book in the series and BAM – there you were. I’ve reread the entire series this past week and your work is still the most amazing read!

  • trice02

    The fact that wattpad took your books down its a shame and their loss anyways ??‍♀️You are a genius author your books are a masterpiece perfect i can say . I have read alot of books but yours are something else am soo glad i got to know you . We love you?

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