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Blu is Blue…

So it looks like Wattpad and Inkitt locked me out. Not sure why yet. Contacted them both to find out.

On another note, this motivates me to update my site. Which will take awhile ?

So for those who are patient bare with me. I’m squeezing it in where I can find the time.

As for looking for other platforms… Discouraged ?



  • Charlie

    Omg yay Blu! I’m so glad you didn’t quit writing or something. Also for the wattpad deleting you account and thing…maybe try Tapas? They allow for both novels and mangas, and they’re just better imo.

  • Bihlov

    I was so scared when I couldn’t read the wrong type of obsession on wattpad ? I started panicking like noooo!!!! My favorite series is gone!!!!

    • Blu

      I know! Even I was shocked when they deleted my account. I’m trying to get them uploaded here, but it takes a little more time.

  • Airrin

    Blu!!! I’m happy you are okay. Damn we have missed you alot. I’m glad to see update from you. I heard wattpad have some new rules and 18+ story is getting deleted. Some of your story got deleted and finally they removed your account too. Take your time updating them here. Please let us know if you are updating in new platforms. Till then def going to miss all of your story.

    • Blu

      THANK YOU! Yeah, they changed drastically. I’m a bit sad, but maybe this is a good thing… silver lining right? Its stretching me a bit, but I thank you for your support! It motivates me to keep going despite.

      • Haru

        Hey, Thank God You’re not gone.Its quite disappointing that reading apps are deleting mildly erotic account stories which have a good storyline,but trashy ones are allowed to stay.
        Don’t worry Blu, we’re with You.

    • Nica

      Hey, I am an avid fan of yours and I love all your works. Idk if you’ve read the new policies and all that on Wattpad, that will be removing super mature contents blah blah since Wattpad was already bought by Naver. Sad that this happened but pleaaaaaaaase pleaaaaaaase never lose your passion on writing cos I really, really, really love all of your works. Xoxo!

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