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A Few Things Before You Read


I am about to edit the first chapter to post tonight!

However, before I do, be warned that I do not write about current events. So do not expect there to be mention of COVID or the war in Ukraine…though the war did not start until after I wrote this story.

As many of you know, Ivan, one of the main charatcers in my story is Russian, so anyone who has hard feelings about Russia right now, think twice before you read because there is some mention of the government.

Keep in mind all my writing is fiction. Except for a few places like cities or countries, or some factual knowledge, most everything written is imagination. I do not write about nonfiction because fiction is my stress release from everything going on in the world.

You may have noticed that I try not to preach religion or spout political stuff in my writings, though I do have views on both that may shock you and make you doubt life ? Anyway, I say this because there is mention of Catholicism and Islam, and delves a bit into Islamic customs. I did a bit of research, however, I am not Islamic so if I get anything wrong please let me know so I can correct it.

With that said, my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones from war, sickness, gun violence, or any other reason.

I will post the first chapter shortly.

Love you,



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